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  1. Cuero was terrible last season. They may have a talent drought there, so Reeves got out now with a good name before lean seasons begin to pile up.
  2. jkbtjc53, did you mean to say 2020 or 2021?
  3. It was hard not to tear up watching that video. What an impact he had on Newton.
  4. The missed call was the ref not flagging the defender for a facemask penalty. It happened before the ball carrier lost control of the ball. Silsbee would have kept possession.
  5. Correct. I watched both games. Silsbee was a tougher opponent for Cuero than PG was. I still say if Silsbee would have play selected more runs to the outside and fewer between the tackles, they had a legitimate chance to win against Cuero. PG was not going to win their game. This year, go win the dang thing! Silsbee, you have what it takes to win this.
  6. They don't. There is no one in 4A close to Whittington's talent this year.
  7. No doubt about that. Wimberley has the big play passing potential that Cuero didn't have, but Wimberley does NOT have as good a defense nor a superstar do everything player like Whittington (but no one does this season). Silsbee looks to be peaking now even with a few injured players. Silsbee...this is your chance. Many great teams and programs never get this far. It's so hard to get here. Make the most of it. You can beat Wimberley. You won't see a defense equal to WO-S the rest of the way. WO-S fans will be rooting for you. I'll be sitting on your side Friday night. Go out there and take it.
  8. Good summary. I agree. Everything that had to go their way DID go their way in the 4th quarter. Amazing chain of events. It was the most improbable way to win, but it happened.
  9. The offensive style is fine. The in-game decisions and play calling needs improvement.
  10. The 48 yd FG, the fake punt, and the WR pass...they converted all three. If any one of those fails, WOS wins. On the fake punt, they shifted two WRs to the strong side, we moved over to cover, and they threw to the other side where the player was uncovered. On the WR pass, the receiver was covered well, but made a good catch in traffic. They made the plays they HAD to make. All of them. The 48 yarder was the biggest play of the game. I don't know if any team has ever scored 18 points on WOS in the 4th Q. Congratulations Silsbee.
  11. Well, Alabama's last five losses have come from teams names the Tigers - Clemson, Auburn, and LSU. I guess Silsbee would do the same. SMH... Silsbee winning playoff games in past years against WO-S has as much significance as Alabama's losses to Tiger teams. If Silsbee wins, it will have everything to do with outplaying the Mustangs. Nothing else. Three things going for WO-S... 1) Silsbee lost to WO-S a few weeks ago. Yeah...head to head match ups mean more than who beat common opponents by a bigger point spread. 2) Silsbee managed only one sustained drive against WO-S the whole game and was held to 7 points (meaningless safety on the game's final snap). The Chain Gang defense is doing it's thing. 3) WO-S' offense has improved since the first game. Finally getting several consecutive games in after weather interruptions and the bye week have lifted the offense's production and helped gain consistency. Some valuable JV call ups have contributed, too. Silsbee manages to beat WO-S only once every ten years. They met their quota last year. WO-S marches on.
  12. That was a disappointing game for WOS fans, even though we won it. Salado was never a threat to win. We shut down their offense, but we should have scored more. I think our players went into that game a little overconfident because we knew we could stop them. Our offense was just flat. Madisonville and Wimberley were both better than Salado.
  13. Yeah, did you see his player intro on tonight's SF vs. Green Bay game? Instead of giving his college affiliation, he pointed two fingers and said, "Emmanuel Sanders, Bellville, Texas" with a big smile. That has to be cool for the home folk.
  14. I noticed that about him in the two times WO-S has played Bellville.
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