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  1. That strategy would have helped greatly in the Cuero game last year.
  2. That slant route was a great play call because it was a play action using their best running play formation, then throwing to the opposite side into the slot and it nearly worked, but #40 from WO-S deflected the ball. I'm sure you'll see that one break a few big plays for Ned in future games. In last year's game, both Ned and WO-S looked like average teams IMO. Much improvement for both teams at the starting point this time around. That was a playoff-like quality game.
  3. Agree on all points. WO-S' three turnovers nearly cost us the game, but the way they hung in and came back in the 4th after giving up the lead showed guts. If they had not taken a knee and run out the clock at the end (which was the right thing to do), I think WO-S scores again. Many good signs for the Mustangs going forward. The Chain Gang is back to the level of play that dropped off some last year, our QB showed patience and accuracy, the receiving corps had better hands than what showed in the scrimmages, the O-line shined, and how about the kicking game? Wow. Two of WO-S' rotating tailbacks were not suited up, so Gales (#41) carried a heavy load going both ways and still getting 100+ yards rushing. That young man does not go down easy. Only a sophomore. I expected a hard fought game because after all this was Nederland, it was at their place, and what I saw in their scrimmages impressed me. This was one of the better Nederland teams we've seen in a good while. We've seen Vidor, PNG, and Nederland up close and Nederland looks the best of the three. The running game will carry them and their passing looks decent enough to give them a good balance. Their D was good, as well. I'm glad Ned is getting turf. That field was a sloppy mess before the game even started.
  4. The school board agreed to not have Fedora back without any stated reason. I've wondered if Fedora was willing to walk away without any stink made by him and the community because he saw what was coming through the pipeline. Maybe he knew Navasota would have some weak teams for a few years and he got out while he could with a successful track record intact.
  5. The 112% number is a tribute to the late WO-S QB Reggie Garrett.
  6. Last year was the weakest senior class WO-S has fielded since the '94 season. The Mustangs are at a better starting point now than the same time last season. The players all showed up in shape from the summer and the attitude is much improved. Nederland presents a strong challenge because of the balanced approach of their offense. WO-S faces so many slot-T teams that it's nauseating. This game will better prepare us for future games against Silsbee, Jasper, and teams in the playoffs who like to mix it up.
  7. Did you formerly use the name 89falcon?
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