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  1. That is absolutely insane! Social distancing practices? Kids wearing masks and gloves? Quarantine the kids? I am certain the locker rooms and uniforms are cleaned thoroughly after every practice. Unlike when i was a kid and we wore them nasty son of a guns 3 days in a row if not all week. LOL One kid comes in contact with one person infected, the entire team is going to get it. I miss football as much as anyone and miss sports in general. But man just having a hard time putting kids on the field when there are 300k plus deaths and climbing due to a virus that we have NO idea how to control is spreading like wild fire.
  2. Huffman lost a ton of seniors, most started since their sophomore season. Coming off a 11-1 season and losing that many kids, Huffman struggle. I see Vidor and LCM handling this district and as bad as I hate to say this, Huffman may miss out on the playoffs in 2020. UNLESS the COVID 19 keeps everyone off the field. That would be tragic!
  3. What is the purpose of making rude a$% comments like that? Its not the kids fault the parents don't and haven't supported their kids. People like you should step in the lives of one of these young men for a week and then come back and say something sarcastic! You are probably spoon fed growing up.
  4. Are they really considering putting these boys back on the field this year? My son is a senior and misses playing baseball, but I would not even take a chance at him coming in contact with another player that might be infected. Is it really worth it?
  5. It has been an absolute honor to watch both of my boys grow up in the ranks within the SETX region. I had the privilege of watching my oldest son play football at the next level and now my youngest will get the same opportunity to further his education and baseball career. I was hoping to be able to watch him play baseball his senior year without the stress of what college is looking and offering. The good Lord had different plans with halting baseball due to the crazy COVID-19 virus. I want to wish all of the senior athletes good luck in their endeavors. I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck and if playing at the next level is your next chapter, KUDOS! I am still involved officiating high school football, so I am not going anywhere and will continue to follow some of these young athletes. I hope and pray for everyone's safety during these times. Please protect you and your families and stay away from the public until this virus is under control. One more thing, son you stood in your brothers shadows for many years and when you got your opportunity to step out and make a name for yourself you did. Proud of you boy and looking forward to seeing you swing it next year.
  6. Huffman playing small ball moving runners amd coming up with some key hits with runners on. I think they had 6 sac bunts. This team swings it better than last years too. Also cant believe how many arms they have. Looking forward to a gr8 season.
  7. Huffman had their first scrimmage at CE King. Definitely have a 1/2 combo off the mound. Threw 6-7 kids yesterday and surprisingly a ton of strikes in the early in the season my most of the Huffman arms. Stronger defensively than last year. Have a couple of holes in the lineup to fill from last years team. Might win a few games playing smal ball. The Huffman way....take their lumps early in the year, bring it a together moving towards district and make some sort of run into the playoffs.
  8. DV QB down for the count. North Shore by 3 TD's.
  9. Time is flying and HS baseball is almost here. All giddy inside! lol
  10. Ya Katy does bring large numbers. Well i stand corrected! Thought Atascocita and NS traveled better than that.
  11. yes very nice for a regular season game not for this game. This could have possibly hat 25-30k plus in a bigger stadium. SMH makes no sense.
  12. Why is this game not at a bigger venue? The new Sheldon ISD stadium is nice and all but this game could have had 30-40k people at a larger stadium.
  13. No better time of the year. Good luck to all teams and safe travels. Hopefully this rain will go away and doesn't affect the games. GO FALCONS!
  14. Huffman's D play assignment football and dont give up the big play, they will be fine. Just contain the speedster from Palestine. I dont see this round being an issue at all after viewing video. Pretty lopsided prediction there. Huffman 28 Palestine 17.
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