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  1. Time is flying and HS baseball is almost here. All giddy inside! lol
  2. Ya Katy does bring large numbers. Well i stand corrected! Thought Atascocita and NS traveled better than that.
  3. yes very nice for a regular season game not for this game. This could have possibly hat 25-30k plus in a bigger stadium. SMH makes no sense.
  4. Why is this game not at a bigger venue? The new Sheldon ISD stadium is nice and all but this game could have had 30-40k people at a larger stadium.
  5. No better time of the year. Good luck to all teams and safe travels. Hopefully this rain will go away and doesn't affect the games. GO FALCONS!
  6. Huffman's D play assignment football and dont give up the big play, they will be fine. Just contain the speedster from Palestine. I dont see this round being an issue at all after viewing video. Pretty lopsided prediction there. Huffman 28 Palestine 17.
  7. Huffman vs Palestine convo here! 😁😁😁😁
  8. I totally agree with you here! GO FALCONS! Hopefully Huffman travels well this week! Last week at the home game, i was disappointed in the support. Maybe weather played a factor.
  9. If they get beat, they are still deserving of the praise for a good season. SMH This game does not dictate a good season or not. Huffman defends the Wing T/Slot T as good as anybody. I see Huffman winning this game big!
  10. I know Huffman competition not the same - whatever. Some notes about the upcoming game Palestine giving up 299 points this season to Huffman's 143 Palestine scoring 337 points to Huffman's 470. I haven't seen Palestine play a down ever so not even sure what to expect here. Looks like both teams had a cake walk in the first playoff game. Congrats to all teams making it to the second round! Lesgo!
  11. Blowout and a running clock in 2nd half!
  12. This was brutal 28 nil in first quarter. Next round not so easy! Running clock in 2nd half and backups all in. No passes thrown in 2nd half. Good luck to all teams tonight. Dress warm!!!!!!!!
  13. Memory serves me correctly, i vaguely remember it being in Lufkin. I had nightmares over the horn going off all night long each time they scored a touchdown like 7-8 times and probably could have been worse!
  14. A round at a time man! Wish the best of luck to everyone in our district! Good luck from Huffman!
  15. LOL 3 weeks and we talk. Bahahaha.
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