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  1. I have been a part of 2 games and both games the spectators did not practice social distancing, less than 1/4 had masks, coaches had masks and half the time down below their chin, coaches on the field most of the game, just not what I was expecting.
  2. Tarkington looked horrible. Trinity had maybe 24 kids total and played both ways. Personal Foul in the end zone against Tarkington in the 1st half and Trinity looked like a different team. Congrats to Trinity.
  3. With the smaller schools cancelling games and moving schedules around, I sure hate to see what happens when the 5A/6A get cranked up. More students, teachers, players and faculty in these bigger schools, wonder how many cancelled games we have in just week 1?
  5. In your research, did you see where there is NOT a cure or a vaccine for the virus? Don't live in fear but you better respect this virus. We will be reading your story on FB talking about how you wish you would have taken the necessary precautions to try and prevent catching this virus. I hope as a teacher you lead by example and practice social distancing, sanitize and wear your mask..........ESPECIALLY if they allow kids to return to school here in the next few weeks.
  6. Little brother Rant On! Man seems alot of us posting on here if therapeutic! LOL I apologize you have lost $$. Praying for all of you guys and your families recovery.
  7. Sounds great! Please elaborate on how a 2 week lock down will exceed the damage of the virus? We are setting daily records with COVID cases and deaths. I totally get............let me govern themselves. The problem is PEOPLE are not! Instead of wearing s simple mask and practicing social distancing, we have IDIOTS fighting when asked to back the hell up or NO MASK NO SERVICE. Then folk dont wanna wear their mask, call the police, and they cant even enforce it. Lord and if they do, there is 15 stupid a$% cell phone cameras taping every move. So over it!
  8. Inevitable UIL will push football back until Mid October. Just my guesss......... Dont cancel the entire dang season tho!
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