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  1. Don't they ever let you out of the home? Did you happen to run into Elvis, Steve McCarty or maybe Richard Nixon while you were there. After you realized it wasn't a home game did you try to wipe your feet or take off your shoes before you went in the gate. But you don't have to sweat it anymore because starting this year all home games with Bridge City will be played on the Green Ave. Field until if and when the Cards get their first victory against the Stangs. This according to the recently board approved WOOTCA (Worthy Opponent Only Turf Conservation Act).
  2. Good luck to Coach Hickman. WO-S will continue to roll, they got it to do.
  3. House slippers. He needs to come home and make steel toed boots. looks like Coach Hickman, and we're still gonna be ok. I mean, this is WOS.
  4. I will support new coach whoever it is. I'm not the expert some of those folk who sit in these quarterbacking arm chairs are but a new coach needs support. I do wish they would have taken a closer look at Wes Orrin Stark, (no relation), a new up and comer out there.
  5. I don't know, just Orange County was pretty good comp last year.
  6. I think Mr Hickman will do fine if folks give him a chance. The supe is sweating bullets hoping he does or he could be doing a "wanna get away commercial" and Siberia won't touch it. This whole Mustang thing is time tested and did not happen by accident. I hope it continues with maybe even a wrinkle or two thrown in. If not I wouldn't be in this Supers shoes if he threw in the britches. Let's see what happens. .
  7. That may be true, but it wasn't done before Xmas.
  8. Word in the alley is some board members want some dude named Reagan to select the coach but it has to go through a vote. They said he knows everything and they need his expertise. This cannot be verified as fact but for sure the man is known on his entire street for his extensive knowledge and talent. Actually he talks like a man with a wooden neck but it's up to the board. Good luck.
  9. I believe the panel will make a good choice giving all of the candidates a fair shake. On a possible positive note one of the cerebral wonders who didn't like the "Chain Gang" has reportedly moved on and is now the Executive Administrator of the Navigational Orbiter Mechanics Calculations unit at NASA. Aloha.
  10. You seem to have a habit of speaking for everybody. Find a stump to fit your rump and listen. That would be my uncle, he was the real Majestyk long before Charley. Just enjoy the glory and bragging rights of being a West(ern) Orange Countian.
  11. No, I don't think so. Your philosophy is.....If I can dish it out, why take it. FYI......You are actually Western Orange county, which automatically gives you credibility by association.
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