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  1. Wow Longview And West Brook came into this week as hevery favorites in their matchups and they both went down
  2. I hope everything works out but I'm getting Temple vibes
  3. I'm sorry if I sound kind of harsh....But I refuse to believe that Brook didnt tank. This is a team that's runs through everybody and even showed big play ability against North Shore....There is no way in hell I believe that Deer Park is better than Westbrook....I refuse to believe that they gave up 27 points in the first half and then magically found it easy to hold THAT WESTBROOK OFFENSE scoreless in the 2nd half. #RunFromD1
  4. Great game for the Bruins. Just feel the lights were to bright for a young program. The plays were there to be made on boths sides of the ball for United but the execution was very poor. Lots of lessons need to learned for the coaches and players.....And i just have to say......IN BIGTIME GAMES YOU CANNOT COACH SCARED....YOU CANNOT BE TIMID AND SOFT IN YOUR PLAYCALLING OFFENSE OR DEFENSE....ESPECIALLY IN A PRIMETIME RIVALRY GAME.......lets just say the playcalling really ticked me of...But Brook is the better team and it showed. I just thought United could have done so much more
  5. Same play all game....12 probably has 250 yds recieving
  6. Secondary is not making plays on the ball....the plays are there to be made but the DBs are whiffing.
  7. Im giving Brook they props. They are playing a great half......But the playcalling by BU on both sides of the ball has been questionable
  8. Bjggest Test for the Wolves so far. How both teams play Friday could be a sign of how the rest of the season plays out for either side. United 28-24 Westbrook
  9. Let me guess Dickinson? They have had very MEAN resurgence during the Cougars regression🤔
  10. Wow. Can we talk about the current state LaMarque's program is in??? I remember when they were a force to be reckoned with. Shutting down their school district and folding into Texas City ISD has literally murdered their athletic department
  11. Was told that the officiating was very one-sided and poor by my cousin who was at the game. But they did say the offense did take a step back this week. I know the team has faced some adversity with the storm and all but I feel this is a game they still should have won soundly
  12. How are they looking overall...sounds like they came out of the gate pretty sluggish
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