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  1. Anytime a BH fan decides to step into a PN-G vs Crosby thread and try to take some shots I am going to give it back. It is all in fun. I didn't call out his momma or anything like that. Just their overpaid / underperforming coaches.
  2. Come on man. We are just having fun. I am just messing with the guy. Don't be so sensitive.
  3. Ignorant. Find your spell check. I also opened a new can of worms with your overpaid coaches. So I was coming at you and not rebutting. Go look for an argument on twitter. You are out of your league here.
  4. How does it feel to be some ignorant? Barbers Hill never fails to produce the dumbest fans on the board that spew the dumbest crap. Go to the Nederland thread and discuss how you might get swept by the Mid County suburbs with your cant buy a district championship overpaid coach.
  5. BH will win this game although I will be rotting for us to pull off the win. QB run and having to play single coverage in the secondary kill this team and BH will exploit that.
  6. I have no doubt on that. But he was recruited as a QB and volunteered to play RB and will now likely find himself playing at the next level. So to say he was being recruited out of high school as a RB was not correct.
  7. 🤣 I meant RJ being recruited as RB.
  8. You don't know what you are talking about.
  9. I look for Barrow to pull one out of Neumann's playbook and put his best athlete at QB. Run a lot of zone reads and QB keepers. I can't remember the kid that they did that with years back but it was the difference in the game that year.
  10. I am a little lost on the QB/WR play. These guys thrived in 7 on 7. Yeah pads and all that but teams are loading up the box and daring us to beat them in one on ones. That is no different than 7 on 7 for the most part.
  11. I could be wrong but I don't think PN-G does unless they make the playoffs.
  12. Tomball 24 PNG 17 Our offense just isnt where it needs to be yet.
  13. I have read on it. Still has zero to do with PN-G other than 85 using it to take shots at them. But on to football. I think United wins unless PN-G offense comes to life.
  14. That is his way of calling PN-G fake Indians. Not sure if you knew this but apparently those SFA Eagle kids really had wings and the others had real stingers. They were keeping it real. Shout out to Huntsman (Indorama) for paying off refs when they come to the Rez as 1985 can't see it any other way.
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