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  1. You are not going to dupe me into bashing player on here. Faircloth is always accused of favoring the offense on here and if he had a kid that was dynamic on offense at any position he would not have them on the bench.
  2. You have topped your own stupidity with this post.
  3. Of course. If a kid playing JV read my comment and got upset they need thicker skin. My 9 year old is mentally tougher than that.
  4. Good Friday morning everyone. Just wanted to say Nederland sucks and everyone have a good day.
  5. If you took my JV part serious then you are the real mental giant. Read some of my posts first before making idiot comments yourself.
  6. Congrats on beating the Freshman B team JV is where board members and athletic boosters kids go for playing time. Inconsequential.
  7. How bad did the freshman get beat by PN-G? Maybe we shouldn't talk about that here.
  8. That is ok. Nederland is too soft to play in the mud. Monty is soft. Players are soft. Ground is soft. Only thing not soft in Nederland is the lousy bleachers.
  9. Way to kill some good nonsensical discussion with more nonsense.
  10. Barbers Hill finally figured out how to use their natural resources to bring in some talent with the new AD. He didn't leave Allen to coach a team of the mounds regulars.
  11. It is reaaly hard to talk trash about teams below the senior level. Most teams are watered down. Look what happens in senior.
  12. Looks like we will not be getting as much rain as Nederland hoped for. Time to call in the NFD to save the day. This might be blasphemy from a PN-G fan but I like the atmosphere at Nederland stadium even if their stands were built for only a 105 pound soccer mom to sit in.
  13. PNG's visitor side is much more accommodating then the joke at Bulldog stadium.
  14. I hear a rumor out here at the plant that a hologram of Neumann would be projected throughout the game in hopes of Faircloth suffering PTSD and then running 6 yard come back routes over and over. To counter that PN-G will have a mashup Ted Ancelet / Scott Young banzai man projected to bring back the days of whipping Neds a...s with no mercy. Makes this game a toss up.
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