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  1. You are an idiot putting it mildly. I searched Crosby and 15 results came up. I miscount. Still 9 and 3 big boy so take your trash talk elsewhere because you got nothing but bs to spew. PN-G and all there non RJ players have won more games over the mecca then yall over us.
  2. 2000 PN-G 7 Crosby 0 1-0 2001 PN-G 42 Crosby 7 2-0 2003 PN-G 20 Crosby 14 3-0 2006 PN-G 21 Crosby 14 4-0 2007 PN-G 0 Crosby 7 4-1 2008 PN-G 28 Crosby 27 5-1 2009 PN-G 37 Crosby 7 6-1 2010 PN-G 38 Crosby 7 7-1 2011 PN-G 29 Crosby 30 7-2 2013 PN-G 28 Crosby 49 7-3 2017 PN-G 72 Crosby 69 8-3 2018 PN-G 48 Crosby 45 9-3 12 games. 9-3 record. Again, go back to trying to recruit players and bring back that magical run of 1st round playoff losses with a few good seasons mixed in.
  3. It is laughable how the Briles apologists love to turn a blind eye to everything. He got in trouble for steroids at Stephenville. Rape at Baylor and now transfer issues at Mt. Vernon. All coincidence I am sure. Freaking Baylor sheep. There is a reason no college team would let him on the staff and he had to go to Italy to coach.
  4. Jeffrey Epstein was not found guilty. Would you let him around your kids?
  5. He is a cheater and a person who does anything to win. Anyone that supports him is a Baylor diehard
  6. Really showing how dumb you are considering the mecca has beaten PN-G 3 times in the last 20 years. 12-3 in this millennium. Now go back to wishing for a return to the 3 or 4 year glory days you had.
  7. I don't care if he was convicted or not. He is a pos and anyone that defends him is as well. On Thursday, a response to another lawsuit filed by the school into court includes evidence that Briles and his staff were not only aware of but intervened in the discipline of players during his tenure with the Bears. Emails and text messages filed as part of the response (the second libel suit was filed by former director of football operations Colin Shillinglaw) reveal that Briles, Shillinglaw, other assistant coaches and even former athletic director Ian McCaw were all tied to a pattern of covering up wrongdoing by arranging cooperation from authorities and legal representation. A lawsuit filed against Baylor last week alleges that 52 "acts of rape" by 31 Baylor players, including five alleged gang rapes, took place at Baylor between 2011 and 2014. Briles took over the Baylor program in 2008.
  8. What is sick is a high school hiring a man to work around young girls after what he allowed at Baylor. What is even more sick is that some people champion him on this site. I also never said anything about rapes of high school students. Just in general. You went there. Maybe you need to look at yourself.
  9. More likely because people just dont care as much.
  10. Well there is no D in Crosby either. But there is a C for all the crying the last two years.
  11. What will he have more of by end of year. Rape cover ups or wins?
  12. I actually said 2 of the last 3 years in my post so I didn't leave it out. Go collect yourself and come back when you actually have something relevant to say.
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