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  1. EC fan here.. and our secondary has had some MAJOR holes in it. If the defensive line can get heavy pressure often, then it's a close one.. if not, well.. it won't be pretty.
  2. Damn, are you new to this internet thing? It’s called a joke.
  3. I’ve watched every EC game and Woodvilles defense was most impressive out of anybody. And yall run the ball good and have an accurate passer. Don’t underestimate your team. I think they need to give more carries to that scat back vs the bigger back and that will make some difference in your run game.
  4. Good game WV. Hopefully #10 gets healthy and EC can make a run.
  5. Looks like he reaggravated it on that play as well. Hope he just sits until playoffs. He’s got something special when healthy.
  6. Lord he’s fast! I believe that’ll do it. With #10 for EC still banged up, the offense just hasn’t had any momentum.
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