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  1. West Hardin has had struggling years, but they aren’t too far removed from back to back playoff appearances. What’s happened?
  2. Wasn’t their reasoning because of a hurricane? I could be mistaken.
  3. You’d think there would be something circulating. Other schools around this area would have names from all over applying. Any 2a or 3a coaches around worth taking a shot at?
  4. I was just messing with you. I figured he was at least a part of the football program. What about the hometown boy coaching a little north of town? You think he can do it?
  5. Girls AD? Probably be better to hire your head baseball or basketball coach.
  6. I’m guessing the dc from png didn’t make the list. Haha. Any coordinators or small school head coaches around worth a shot? I guess there’s no really telling. Lumberton seems finicky on who they’d hire.
  7. Is the current one really that bad? They did beat Nederland so there is some sort of hope he knows a little I’d guess. I don’t know. I don’t go to the games. Watching live could be worse than seeing the scores.
  8. I compared last years stats. Gave up just under 22 points per game while averaging 26 on offense The Indians now are giving up close to 40 points per game while scoring an average of 33. Everyone does have an off year here and there. Faircloth has only had one losing season at PNG which was the only year they didn’t make playoffs under him. Maybe it’s just another off year.
  9. I’ve seen his name on here before. We all know his dad was a great coach at lumberton. Does he have what it takes to lead lumberton?
  10. Who around the area could come in and build upon what Babin has done? Small school head coach or a coordinator somewhere? These kids deserve a quality guy like Babin to follow him.
  11. Barrier guy left caney creek as head football and campus AD? To go to Hardin? What was the draw there? Does Hardin have a good group of kids coming in?
  12. Then the % will go up from there. It’s probably closer to 40-45% of them.
  13. Just a rough estimate. Let’s say every team has 35 kids on varsity. 8 team district. 280 kids total. A little over 31% of the kids made all district. Almost a third of the district made it. I don’t understand how that many can be on there. Kind of diminishes the value of it.
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