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  1. And the former coach beat the tar out of his current team the year prior. West Hardin is one they need to take. Next two closest are deweyville and kountze. Both of them going to be tough.
  2. Prediction for his first year? High island, burkeville, and Sabine pass are on the schedule. Can he beat warren, deweyville, and HD?
  3. Calallen has never won a state championship in football.
  4. If that were true, why doesn’t everyone use this?
  5. Where has Langston coached before? Maybe he’ll bring a few of his former coaching coworkers. Anyone come to mind?
  6. Seems like a pretty good hire for WB! New coordinators coming along too?
  7. Looks like from that same site they scored 152 and gave up 480 on the season.
  8. Buna got their hire. Who’s next? WB or kirbyville? I’m guessing from the posts WB is closer than Kv
  9. Congrats on the new DC! Where’d Nelson go?
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