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  1. Then the % will go up from there. It’s probably closer to 40-45% of them.
  2. Just a rough estimate. Let’s say every team has 35 kids on varsity. 8 team district. 280 kids total. A little over 31% of the kids made all district. Almost a third of the district made it. I don’t understand how that many can be on there. Kind of diminishes the value of it.
  3. I pick solendora too. They both lose when they go to 5a d2 haha
  4. Your previous post was talking about points and offense they’ve put up. This year they are 4-4 scoring 182 points and giving up 194. Last year they were 5-3 and scored 207 and gave up 128. One of those wins was a forfeit to Sabine pass. So let’s say they were 4-3. so the points per game was higher. was the community support for day nonexistent from day one?
  5. The woodville of the past has come back. That offense can’t sustain success forever.
  6. There will be no sign of them. Deweyville takes it.
  7. Colmesneil played well. Coach has them playing hard. I think he’s got them going the right way. I’d be worried if I have to play in the rest of the season and years. Keep rollin.
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