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  1. I remember in Ozans' heyday, as good as they werre they would do that to teams.
  2. I hated it when LCM did it to Lumberton and I don't want Lumberton resorting to it. That's loser basketball no matter how the score ends.
  3. Without mentioning the score we got a good one going on in Silsbee. Any score in Lumberton yet?
  4. Someone keep the score updated tonight, I'm staying home and watching the girls online. Too cold for this old fart.
  5. I guess I should've said BEFORE you leave the house on your home computer. LOL
  6. Then go online through the schools' website into athletics, you may be able to pay with paypal.
  7. I don't personally know Mitchell but my nephew does as they played together when Kendrick Perkins was at Ozen and both of them always seemed to me to frustrate the hell out of Perkins. I will say he has brought the Lumberton program up to a higher level than in the past whether they are taking down district or getting their butts handed to them. He has them working hard but as everyone knows, sometimes it just doesn't seem to be working out. Lumberton has had several injuries this season and frankly the best defender we've had is the young man with the broken shoulder who plays game in and game out. If we hadn't been working around injuries who knows? Unfotunately you have to work with what you have. Hopefully they will become a spoiler for a couple of teams but if they don't there's always next year.
  8. Orangefield 59 Lumberton 40 well played Orangefield.
  9. Orangefield is having a field day under their basket with rebounds and put backs.
  10. One of the big girls for Orangefield is in foul trouble. Hope there's enough time to take it back. Orangefield 43 Lumberton 22 with 1:40 left in the 3rd.
  11. Lumberton better wake up and tighten up. Orangefield 36 Lumberton 19 at the half.
  12. Number 11 for Lumberton got ran over twice with no call only to get called when going for a loose ball.
  13. The two taller girls on Orangefield are giving Lumberton fits.
  14. JV girls are in a close one 31-26 Lumberton with 2.45 left.
  15. Heard some great news guys! Heard the reason Tom Brady is retiring is so he can come coach the PNG Indians!😂
  16. End of 3rd Lumberton 50 Vidor 39. Both sides getting a little sloppy.
  17. A couple of LeBron worthy flops out there even if the ball was already passed them. 😆 45-29
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