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  1. Who is the last “good Port Arthur kid” that went to Nederland?
  2. One player and some averages guys. One player gets controlled, whether you yell “refs” or a obvious game plan to stop Jackson, the dogs have a lot of small players that can’t score
  3. Maybe, but Nederland has 1 player. So if it was defense then Jackson was stopped. And PN doesn’t have a scorer to lock down
  4. It’s like 8th grade girls score...Jackson must not be getting to do what he wants. A coach that knows what Nederland has obviously planned accordingly
  5. Did 1 player have 35 of the 52 total points? Hope those guards can do stuff if Jackson goes down or gets in foul trouble
  6. Ned being exposed from weak early schedule. When is last time they didn’t make playoffs? It’s tough to contend with poor guard play and 1 scorer. The greatest coach to ever live can’t win when his team has a marked gap in talent to other teams. And a team full of “dribble dribble pass” or “dribble turn over” role players...the early record masked the true identity of this team apparently
  7. 1 player and a bunch of average players, not role players, just average players. They haven’t even got to Crosby yet
  8. I think everyone knew/knows how good BU is. I think the hard pill to swallow is admitting Nederland was overhyped. They graduated 9 kids or something last year, one playing at A&M (playing solid minutes) this year. They lost all of their speed and ball handlers. They have a player in Jackson and a streaky shooter in Gipson. And then a bunch of average players. Probably finish 3-4 place in district. BU is talented and will make a run at the title but glaring point from this game is Ned being exposed as average team. Nice wins over WB and an odd game for HJ, that’s about it.
  9. Kid should have more touches...never goes backwards and never brought down on first contact. Reminiscent of Alstott
  10. Still not sure who you are referring to from there a kid that wasn’t in basketball last year that will be a key player this year from football?
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