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  1. It was over 145 rushing yards with 118 negative rushing plays figured in from the 9 mishandled snaps. lost 15 to 20 yards per snap through the hands of Q. Yes they lost so I understand the struggle. Q was knocked out of the game in 1st half. so total yardage before mistakes was well over 400. Hughes Springs rank is from last season. Hughes Springs is no average 3A team. Big, fast, physical Slot T Team. SO comparing that game to is irrelevant to EC style. This should be a good game to watch.
  2. You must not have seen the game. There was not much of a struggle. Hughes Springs is a multi-round deep team most years. They are good. Trick play scored and one big run early in game. H-F had 465 total yard Offense with countless fumbled snaps or bad snaps inside the 10. A lot of penalties as well. All early season stuff to clean up is all. 3 TD win is very hopeful. We will find out soon enough.
  3. Nobody wants to talk this one up or down this season. Both sides must be a little nervous heading into Friday.
  4. Big game for each team. Who you got? Both teams can score, H-F with the edge on Defense. H-F 34 EC 28
  5. It is a spread Offense and ran a lot out of the I formation. I thought they looked good in it. They have enough skill guys to be dangerous. Speed did not look to be an issue.
  6. Live half H-F did not give up a TD. Defense looks very good. Secondary is fast and the D-Line is mean. H-F made a big goalline stand 1st and goal from the 3 yard line. H-F scored once and moved the ball very well. QB for H-F can run and throw. Very fast and hard to tackle. Have several good looking running backs. Fumbles killed a few drives. BC is running a spread Offense and look good doing it. BC has a lot of speed on offense. QB i think is young but good. He will be very good in the near future. He missed a few throws but like I said H-F Defense looked dominant. They had him on the run often. BC backs are big and fast. The big fullback is hard to bring down. Defenses will need to gang tackle the big guy. Both teams should do well in district.
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