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  1. Should hear something today I assume. Nederland probably good with coin flip, PA might want to try and get that taste out of their mouth from last week 😬 but why risk injury for either team? First round you either run with or control pace of game (Dog style) with Galveston Ball or get Friendswood and depend on making more shots with slower game...second round is where is gets tough Good Luck to both teams. Hopefully this district can make a good playoff run
  2. I hear PA team was there to cheer on the Hill...I hear PA team was gone at half time...also hear Nederland finished with considerable dunk count win...just things I hear
  3. Congrats to PN-G and especially Smith. He seems to have some excitement over there around basketball. He took over a team that lost its 3 top scorers and made some noise.And 3 local teams in playoffs from this district is nice...but I wouldn’t call it a tough district. It’s top heavy with 2 good teams and then a considerable drop’s like Aggie chanting SEC after every game... 21-5A....21-5A...21-5A!!! 😬
  4. SETX came through!! HF won the locker room!!!
  5. 20 4A 22 4A 1. Carthage 1. BC 2. Hudson 2. HJ 3.Center 3. HF 4. Jasper 4. Silsbee
  6. I’ve seen the kid and his “supporting staff”, how is he getting shots off? Hefner wouldn’t have scored 41 on PN-G even if he shot 100% the first game. So I guess add this kid to the growing list of local players that are more athletic than Hef 😬
  7. Is this thing gonna be ignored or is anyone curious WTH happened here? When was Dayton’s last district win? How does PN-G best BH then lose to Vidor and Dayton...while mixing in a 28 point offensive clinic against Cleveland? Did Curtis leave the team and go back to baseball? Just a concerned fan of the game
  8. Doesn’t the new basketball coach at HF have close ties with Big Perk? Seems like a simple connection to get this thing to blow up for the HF kids...a big ESPN guy putting out a plea on twitter or whatever to vote for his buddy’s school. And if anyone else has nice connections, regional or whatever, reach out!!
  9. Weird direction this game thread has taken. There are multiple reasons that Hefner was recruited by and is attending top Big boy basketball schools. Yes he is athletic, yes he is talented, yes he is exceptional at the game and in the classroom, yes he has big time potential with a very high ceiling. That fact that his trajectory has gone the way it has is proof. The fact that many of the same people on here staying “facts” have him in their list of top basketball players in the area...including listed above all players on United outside of Harrison is proof. The fact that he has a high ranking in the State by recruiting “experts”, above ALL players on United except Harrison is proof. So sure, go type away and tell everyone how you dropped the mic with “facts” implying Hefner is overrated. The more likes you get should validate your opinion 🙄 Hefner will be fine and will continue to be the overrated player that EVERY team Nederland plays game plans around. He will get his and put lots of players on posters (or hudl highlights) his remaining HS games. And Hefner doesn’t need to be asked to do so much on the team, he has plenty of experienced teammates that could be used in roles...but that’s another thread 😬
  10. I wouldn’t say settled for 3’s...3-13, but Nederland was only 3-16. Lots of put backs, probably 3:1 offensive boards in favor of PA.
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