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  1. I just received the sponsorship options if anyone is interested !!!
  2. I know this doesn't belong on the football thread but I'm needing this to get around if you don't mind . I will be coaching the 5 year old in the LCM you basketball league and we are needing help for 2 goals this year for the kids. We need 2 6 foot goals they are priced at $600 apiece . I will have sponsorship info tomorrow for any local businesses who would like to help with our efforts also if you just want to donate to the cause that would be great. Thank you to everyone !!! If everyone could message me I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible 👍
  3. I apologize I forgot to mention the goals are $600 apiece
  4. I will be coaching a 5 year old team this year in the LCM youth basketball league. I come to the site in hopes I can help our boys and girls get 2 six foot basketball goals for the upcoming season. I will have sponsorship info tomorrow and will gladly give that to anyone who may own a business or just wants to donate to our cause. I'm not exactly sure of what sponsorship will bring to you but I do believe a banner will be in the gym each Saturday for games again I will have all info tomorrow. If anyone is interested please message me on here . Thank you to everyone let's make it happen for them SETX !!🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍
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