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  1. Ok, I get it. You are aware that Yates and Williams were also Ozen assistants under Boutte, when Rideaux was a player there, before becoming head coaches right? They have VERY similar approaches and have all been effective as head coaches. They did interviews with those guys today, so I guess it won't be long now.
  2. Ok, that's fair enough, but what does "fit the makeup of the school and players" mean, exactly? Just curious.
  3. See, these message boards are designed for cowards to come on here and talk about things they really don’t know and make it public without the repercussions of actually facing that person. And that’s ok, because after all, it’s a part of it, right? What if people could go back in YOUR life and profession and discuss any and everything that they THINK has happened without really KNOWING the facts and tried to make it into a negative light as you were trying to move forward in your career? That would suck, right? Each of these guys have all dealt with different issues during their careers, and t
  4. I'm even MORE amazed that the UNDEFEATED 5A state championship coach is not coach of the year....THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Congrats to David Green from Beaumont United on a perfect season, because its obvious that people in SE Texas think that all you did was roll the balls out and won state! Utterly RIDICULOUS.
  5. That is quite possibly the DUMBEST statement I've seen on here in quite a while. First of all, Lamar was in dire need of a figure that could attract top notch talent AND have the experience to direct the program to greater heights. This was actually the PERFECT hire! Wait...were you wanting Lamar to hire a WHITE, young, assistant? Yeah. That's probably it. When will you people learn? SMH
  6. GREAT MOVE! Could not have happened to a more deserving guy! Wish him well!!
  7. Rest in peace, my friend. Condolences to the Davis family.
  8. Ok, but how do you gauge "more with less" if they are losing anyway? its not horseshoes...You have to be able to coach talent and WIN against other teams with talent once the playoff starts as well. I never understood that "less with more" nonsense. It just seems like an excuse for getting beat.
  9. Cut it out. David Green is CLEARLY COTY alone and with no competition for that honor for 2021. Stop it.
  10. No. he came out in 2007. (Kris Richard)
  11. Come on are you REALLY going to make this a discussion? The 2001 Ozen was definitely the best ever to come out of Beaumont, and its not even close. The Hebert teams in the 80's rank 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, but this years BU team is benefitting from the Covid schedule and from being dropped in classification. They are really good and will probably win the 5A title tomorrow, but if you put this team up against Austin Westlake or Duncanville, they would not be the clear favorite and would likely get beaten convincingly this season being so young. I hope they win it all though!
  12. I think its just program and leadership consistency over the years. Then it just becomes an expectation to achieve at that level. The only thing in SE Texas on the boys side that was even remotely close to that was Port Arthur Lincoln. It was always state or bust. That can be a double edge sword however, but it establishes an expectation of excellence for the kids and coaches.
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