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  1. I truly wish I could prove you all wrong but let’s kill this one right here. I will no longer post on this message board. For the sake of the person involved, I apologize to him for creating this madness somehow. I never said I was you yet somehow I’m being connected to you and these people are insisting that it’s you. My apologies, brother. I’m off of here for good. Again, I apologize for the confusion.
  2. You’re wrong. Dead wrong, and I have no idea why you insist that I’m him, but ok. Carry on. Please do not pull Walt into this. I assure you he has no clue what’s going on here.
  3. I am a school administrator locally and won’t divulge who, what, or why, but he (Yates) and I are close. I will leave it at that. This is not Walter Yates. I understand the urge to poke at him because you think I am him but I assure you I’m not. He’s a good guy that can actually coach, but had some tough growing pains early on in this coaching business. I think he is better suited as a college coach, but he’s changed quite a bit over the years. I take up for a lot of people on here in case you didn’t notice. lol
  4. Joe Sigler ABSOLUTELY belongs in that top tier of coaches listed. MASSIVE oversight there.
  5. Are you guys seriously not mentioning Coach Boutte ON PURPOSE? LOL
  6. So have you heard of a Coach by the name of Andre Boutte? Has more state titles than anyone on your list and TWICE as many state tournament appearances than many on your list of "best SETX has to offer". And to criticize Joubert by saying all he wins with is talent, is quite possibly the dumbest statement on this thread. I think you should re-think your statement.
  7. There are about 5 GREAT coaches in SE Texas, a few really good ones, and the rest are just guys wearing a whistle. Guys like Green, Sutherland, Boutte, English, and Sigler are proven in this area. Davis and Joubert have done a really good job of maintaining good programs over the years, and Mitchell is up and coming and had better ride last season out into a better job, or he will be a lifer there. Other than THAT? I'm not so certain about beyond those that I mentioned. SE Texas is not as basketball coach rich as one would think.
  8. Do I think he should apply? I'm not sure what he wants to do at this point. I can certainly find out, though. Last I heard, he was exploring going back to the college ranks.
  9. Are the numbers for 4A to LOW in your opinion?
  10. I don't really understand this thread. Are you guys accusing Argyle of being too large for their classification, thus the reason for recent success? I am just trying to understand with all the underlying sarcasm and all, that can also be disguised as hate, (especially with the Houston Yates reference) but maybe I'm missing the point of the thread. Please help.
  11. What the heck are you talking about? I spoke with TWO of the guys that interviewed THAT week is how I knew. I guess my question is, why are you still on this a week later? I'm done with the discussion, and the decision was made, for whatever the reason. Doesn't matter that much to me to discuss it or for that matter prove to you who I am or am NOT for whatever reason, 2Wedge. If that's your REAL name. See how dumb that sounds? No one is revealing their actual names on here, whether it be for privacy purposes or job related purposes, so you can accuse me of being who you want, i am not moved.
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