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  1. TD Lumberton, ughhhhh!!!!!! 20-3 raiders 1153 to go pending the extra point
  2. End of Q3 14-3 Lumberton Third and 5 at the Livingston 8 to start the quarter. A parade of personal foul flags has fueled this drive.
  3. 14-3 Lumberton 305 left in Q3. 36 yard fg for the Lions.
  4. 14-0 Lumberton. End Q2. Very bad offense by the Lions. Livingston gets the ball to start the half. Maybe they'll come out a different team.
  5. 14-0 Lumberton. 328 left. Livingston must take care of the ball. The defense has done its job tonight considering the bad situations it's been put in.
  6. Consecutive possessions that end in in a turnover. Lumberton threatening again. Darn it!
  7. Lumberton breaks through. 6-0 Raiders. 458 left in Q2.
  8. We're all tied at 0 at the end of Q1. Both teams threatened to score but we're stopped in the red zone on outstanding fourth down defense. Lumberton to start at it's 30. First down.
  9. 75 degrees and a slight breeze. Let's see which Lions team shows up tonight. Im expecting the competitive one that plays all four quarters.
  10. There's also a Sakura if you're into sushi. Next to Patrons. Patrons is the place if you want a good margarita. Happy hour ends at 6.
  11. Is this how Lumberton hypes itself up for games; by beating each other up? Y'all are insane.
  12. Splendora is very good but they put the ball on the ground every drive against Livingston and only lost the ball once. So there's a chance for turnovers. Word of advice, use entrance A for parking or else you have to walk all the way around the stadium to get to the visitor side.
  13. West Brook looks fine to me. They're playing schools with 1000-1500 more kids to pull from. Imagine if PNG, Nederland and PAM just combined teams. And they're winning. It's an accomplishment and they'll look better once they play schools closer to their size in the playoffs. They're ranked appropriately and if they keep it close to decent against North Shore they won't fall too far in the rankings. NS makes everyone look bad.
  14. The kids have nothing to do with the non district schedule. Coaches on both sides want competitive games so they look for qualities that will help them come district and hopefully beyond. Sometimes you think it's going to be competitive and you're just a little better than you thought you would be and the other teams are not as good as you thought. Two years ago, the Splendora non district schedule looked competitive but they ended up with the best team in their school history. Their program is on the upswing and I'm happy for them. The only thing that matters is they won their first district game and they move on towards their goal of making a playoff run.
  15. The stadium is not to bad. It's an antique, but it's been maintained, is clean and they made updates to the bathrooms and concessions, which are nice. It's the parking that's bad. It's smack dab in downtown with no big lots nearby. But they have basically saved visitor parking next to the stadium for y'all so there's that. Hit a local happy hour, and enjoy some East Texas hospitality.
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