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  1. Losing the Lumberton game was bad and cost a chance at an easier path to the area round. That kind of result is extremely frustrating. But he seems to get the team to the playoffs. And outside of Livingston and Splendora, everyone you played this year made the playoffs. It was a good schedule. It has been worse on Bear Path. They will never be WOS. But they should be competitive every year. And from the looks of it now, they are. All it takes is a win or two in the playoffs to change the perception of the season.
  2. As head coach, you're responsible for what gets called. At anytime, he can overrule a playcall. The coordinator takes his cues and actions based on his boss's philosophy. The coordinator is doing what the coach wants Your argument doesn't absolve Crouch from being conservative when the situation calls for boldness. That's just who he is. And that's not a problem except for a few plays on a few Fridays in the fall. That said, he's winning games, he's been in the LCM family for a long time and the Bears could do worse, and have, with coaching. One could make the argument they're not getting their money's worth if you want to compare salaries with the outstanding gentleman across town (I hate they publicize teacher salaries, they're doing the Lord's work and and are severely underpaid and unless they're making more than 100k, then it should be public information, but that's another gripe. I consider coaches to be teachers, even the athletic director that just coaches football because he's teaching life lessons), but goal is to get to the playoffs and he does that. Why y'all want to run him off every other year, I don't understand it. You could be like me, going to basketball scrimmages to play against schools without football teams that are in basketball shape while we haven't had a good practice.
  3. Both teams lost games to weather. That's a lot of reps to lose to fine tune things. Maybe this thread is premature because the second round will be against teams that have had the full 10 games to work out the links.
  4. I like Crouch, but he coaches not to lose. If LCM gets down by two scores, it a wrap because he'll call plays to minimize the damage instead of taking the chances needed to get back in the game. That Henderson game a few years ago frustrated me to no end. Not to say that LCM could have come back and won, but his play calling killed any chance of making it interesting. That said, this is probably the best stretch of Bear football since he was on David Williams staff in the 90s. They get to the playoffs somewhat consistently and win every now and then. I wish I could say the same up here in my adopted hometown. Go Bears!
  5. No one is moving to Orange County, or Jefferson County, either. Southeast Texas isn't growing, hasn't grown in my life time. It's a shame, I think its a wonderful place. Probably the best thing that could happen is to combine a couple of cities and gain a stronger voice in the state and federal government. Populations over 40k getter access to funds and it's easier to sell yourself to outside sources. There shouldn't be West Orange, Pinehurst, Little Cypress and Orangefield, they're all Orange. And while we're at it, cut down on all the school districts. No WOS, LCM, Bridge City and Orangefield, just Orange and Prairie View (so Orangefield alums can get behind the new school and a nod to the old name of the area) It's so frustrating up here there are all these little schools with the barest of essentials (Legget, Goodrich and to some extent onalaska and big Sandy) when if there were just one school, there would be better educational opportunities at a better cost.
  6. I thought the falcons had a chance to win the district but they're better than I thought. I take back my slander that Jasper, Silsbee and WOS would dog walk you. I would say it depends on how long you can avoid Carthage. Right now, it's a three way fight for second place in the district of doom. Depending on the.march, maybe y'all make some noise. I wish Huffman only the best.
  7. Livingston is the tallest, most athletic team in district, hands down. They aren't finishing last. Yeah, I know my football prediction fell flat. But this is the first of a group that's going to do great things. They were young last year and they started three sophomores and sometimes a freshman most of the year. They're going to be good.
  8. I heard about this. I'm not opposed to the score being lopsided, but this dude waited until 2 minutes were left in the game to pull his starters. That guy has no business coaching kids. At that age, everyone needs playing time and if you're up big reward your kids who put in just as much practice time but don't get in when the game is close with some field time Your hs team will be better for it. And maybe those kids will stick with the sport a little longer.
  9. This interception is gonna stand. 14-8 BC. Maybe we meet again next season if date will have it have a safe ride back to Orange
  10. Livingston bailed out on a roughing the passer. 14 seconds left at the BC 44
  11. Bc took a safety. 24 seconds Left No blocks in the back on this return.
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