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  1. It was not about setting you straight just informing you and others do not sweat it with what y’all have in place already y’all just need a head coach that’s going to bring the best out in these young men and I can not wait to see Jasper back in power and others trying to keep from playing them. I hope nothing but the best for you and your Bulldog Nation keep it real my friend

    1. Bulldogs92


      Thanks, man. We haven't been feared on a schedule since GW was coaching and we were going toe to toe with just about everyone. Who do you follow?

    2. Darrell


      No body in particular just like to see a team where the community is dedicated and behind get their due and I have been waiting on Jasper for a few years now also waiting on Newton to come back I will try and make a few games up there this next year just to see how the new coach is working out maybe need a year to get rolling 

    3. Bulldogs92


      Yeah. I agree. Newton has been too good for too long to fall off too much. They'll be fine. 

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