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  1. Harris finished the night with 27 points. Had 23 in the first half. Could have done a lot more damage than that if it was necessary and he played more.
  2. He won't get it unless he does it by the 3rd quarter the way things are currently going. Probably already has 20+ points right now.
  3. Tiger scoring: Harris - 21 Miller - 17 Jackson - 16 Bottley - 15 Dean - 7 Cartwright - 7 Harper - 4 Jones - 3 Elam - 2 After an ice cold first half, Silsbee ended up with ten 3 pointers. Lost the dunk count 1 - 2. Was a close game for just a little bit, but #22 for LCM can't do it all for four quarters.
  4. Yeah, Jackson is #10. Cartwright is #11. Dean is looking more comfortable out there as well.
  5. Freezing in that gym tonight. Maybe that had something to do with Silsbee being so cold from 3 in the first half 🤷‍♂️ Geremiah Jackson really has been coming on strong for Silsbee as of late.
  6. Kinda wish we were flying low like last year. All a ranking does is put a big target on your back. This game might be closer than some think, too. LCM has some talent.
  7. Some people will fight over anything. Watch the news. I can guarantee you a good deal of the violent altercations you see and hear about started over something stupid and minor. Dave Chappelle called it "When keeping it real goes wrong." Can't say I disagree with that.
  8. Also, Silsbee can't just out athlete WOS like they do a lot of other teams.
  9. There was nearly a fight at halftime in Silsbee last year near where you get food and drinks. Police escorted a few people out and everyone else back to their side of the court smh. WOS had better not lose to Lumberton or Bridge City now.
  10. Tiger scoring: Harris -24 Jackson - 21 Miller - 19 Dean - 15 Bottley - 14 Harper - 11 Elam - 6 Jones - 6 Haynes - 5 Brisbane - 2 Silsbee made 19 3 pointers. Dunk count was 2 - 0 Silsbee.
  11. He can also dunk pretty easy. Been working on his jumping ability also.
  12. Was an interesting game if you stopped watching after the first 2 or 3 minutes. Two Silsbee kids did not play tonight. Ashton Cartwright and 6`4 freshman Billy Boulwen suited up but saw no action. Boulwen has been MIA all together till tonight. Hopefully he can get a little playing time under his belt this year.
  13. I imagine Silsbee will call off the dogs if the score isn't very close in the 4th. No sense risking an injury to a starter in a game that's already over.
  14. It's not a broadcast. SISD streams home games on their Youtube channel. Go here tomorrow close to gametime.
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