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  1. That reminds me. I've already heard people making George Floyd jokes here in Silsbee. Was tempted to speak up, but it would have been 3 against 1, and you never know how it would have went down after that. Of course, most of the people like that live just outside the Silsbee city limits. We all know that attitude wouldn't be tolerated in most parts of town.
  2. Silsbee could have around 12 freshman and sophomores on varsity next year. Only two kids I can think of off the top of my head (Gilder, Baltrip) will be seniors coming back. They'll still win district, I think. Won't be serious contenders for state or region though. Actually if the region is weak this upcoming year like it was this season, they might have an outside shot at Huntsville. Depends on how fast our young cats can grow and adapt over the year.
  3. The Silsbee/West Orange football game is still up from this year on Texan Live. It's a pretty good re-watch if you're a Silsbee fan.
  4. That's crazy. They actually beat Silsbee the first time they played.
  5. I'm saddened by this for two reasons: 1. No more good entertainment during Mustang b-ball games 2. WOS might be an actual threat in basketball next year I did notice their JV coach had the team playing well from when I saw them play. Kids seemed to respond really well to him, as opposed to the kids on the varsity squad who always looked like they were at a funeral.
  6. They were pretty small last year and won it all. When you have a communications program that rivals Yates, student population doesn't matter as much. Wonder how Cedar Hill is doing in basketball these days since Faith Family became a power 🤔 Should be some entertaining games to watch. It's crazy how bigger these schools are from just a few years ago. Lancaster is probably bigger than some NBA teams.
  7. Wow. Look at the size of Faith Family. Three 6`7 kids and a 6 `10. Not to mention three "little" 6`5 guys to go along with that. Gonna be one game where Yates won't have a size advantage.
  8. Willie Jones Jr. Can't help but think what Silsbee would have been like if he played all 4 years for Silsbee. Really think the Tigers might have more than two state titles if that happened. He was a big reason Silsbee won their first title after Devon got suspended.
  9. I don't think some people realize how little Coach Sigler had to work with this year and still made it to Huntsville. There were games this year where I felt like being critical of him was justified, but overall he did a good job.
  10. Sounds like some of the Life players got a little testy over getting beat down. Really want to see a Yates/Argyle game now.
  11. Great season, guys. We did the best we could with what we had this year. Silsbee was pretty much two players surrounded by freshman and a mostly rag tag undersized bunch of kids. The fact that Coach Sigler made it to region with them says a lot. And I know we don't like losing, but lets be real here: If we had played Yates this season, it would have been very ugly. Now it's time to rebuild and for Bush to make some noise at the next level.
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