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  1. Tiger bench doing all they can to make the score more respectable for Brazosport.
  2. Bush needs to attack the rim if the game gets tight. Actually do it before then with the way the game is being called.
  3. Brazosport looks like a worse version of us. As long as we don't have a disastrous 3rd quarter, we should be headed to round 3 of the playoffs next week.
  4. Braylon went for a put back dunk. Nice try lol. Almost.
  5. Think I do see Jerry Harris on the bench for Silsbee. So we did bring one kid up from JV at least.
  6. Even if we did bring a few up from JV (not sure on that), I doubt they would play. Someone else is gonna have to step up. Maybe Williams or Baltrip. We still have a decent 5 - 7 kids that can play.
  7. I think Silsbee might be starting up a world class cooking school next year. Don't be surprised if most of those kids who attend just happen to be about 7 feet tall and good at basketball. I can assure everyone it'll just be a coincidence. We all believe in coincidences, don't we?
  8. On the bright side, Yates is a senior heavy team this year. We'll see what they look like next year. They were at least beatable these past few seasons up until this one.
  9. Wouldn't nobody here be apologizing for these squads if their teams were the ones that had to deal with it. Hypothetical Super team - 150 Beaumont United - 40 If that something like that happened every year, you know good and well feelings would change. I applaud Coach Davis for speaking the truth after the game.
  10. Jordan Ivy Curry will be Lumberton's main target to stop on offense. Think of him as their Bush, only taller. Raiders need to slow it down and run everything through their big man. Maybe they will have a chance then.
  11. No Rossows on Brazosport this year. Hunter Quick was their big kid, if I remember right. Not sure what they have either. I think they like to play uptempo like Silsbee though.
  12. Won't be no automatic wins for Silsbee from here on out. Hard to say what you're gonna get. If we're shooting the ball well and playing defense like we can, I like our odds. We could win by 5 points or 20 depending on that. Of course if we play really bad, we might be going home.
  13. Raiders got this. Doesn't even sound like it's a contest. This will be their first playoff win ever, if I understand correctly.
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