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  1. They should do well this year. We play them at Leggett this year.
  2. rupert3

    Phone Scams

    Been getting a few lately one in Spanish
  3. Livingston coach Neel to La Porte. Brazosport coach Calvin Phillips to Livingston.
  4. We have a couple of guys that can do it. One thing they will get the ball more.
  5. OK folks let's don't forget the kids at Leggett. Should be pretty close to the same. And should go deep. Go Pirates
  6. Davaun Perkins of Leggett has committed to East Texas Baptist. Good Luck
  7. Congrats to Davaun Perkins of Leggett. Great year
  8. Congrats to Sells and Perkins of Leggett
  9. We are just going to pick up where we let off if we start back. We are feeding kids that need it. So far under control. We will deal with whatever comes up.
  10. All Polk county schools, as far as I can tell. I know Leggett And Big sandy for sure
  11. I know the kids are almost grown, however it still has to hurt deeply. How can they ever get their hearts fired up for another round or finish?
  12. Just announced on TV that the stat boys tourney was shut down maybe until a later date. Just Wow
  13. Just canceled the Houston Rodeo first time in 80 years Wow
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