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  1. Here is the story
  2. From what I see on KTRE's sight is that the 14 year old that was killed from a hard hit was from Carthage Central High School in NY. I hope there was not one in Carthage Tx also.
  3. Lot I know about it but seems to me that some 7A schools would have to travel hundreds of miles to play district games.
  4. I agree with the fielding teams and not enough kids, however as far as shutting down small schools or consolidating schools should be very rare and not because they can't field a team. Just my opinion.
  5. Wrong at just shutting down small school. They are usually the backbone of the community. Some great kids have come out of small schools.
  6. Rest in peace my friend, gonna miss ya. You sure helped me a lot. Condolences to the family.
  7. Our new coach is a former Leggett standout RaShod Jefferson. Well versed in basketball and baseball. We think he will be good with these kids. Wish him luck
  8. Well we found one but I am not at liberty to name him yet. But he should be a good one
  9. Wow an AD not wanting a board member around that is asinine. JMO
  10. In the late 50s there was a game that was played in the Sam Houston Coliseum that was 2-0 and if memory serves me right it was Lamar and San Jacinto Hi schools. Just can't remember who won but I believe it was Lamar with 2 FTs at end. I am sure I will get corrected if wrong.
  11. Come on guys a bunch of good kids need a good coach. Posting on
  12. We still looking. Anybody interested?
  13. Sean Edwards has accepted the position of assistant coach at Livingston. Wish him all the luck. Will be hard to fill his shoes
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