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  1. I know it was just a scrimmage but Leggett showed them how to play and also showed Kountze a thing or two. Also beat Tarkington last night Nov 12 in a full game scrimmage 52-42
  2. Leggett, Martinsville, Kountze, and Splendora will scrimmage on Saturday November 9 at Leggett time later
  3. Yes, I believe so shoulda coulda woulda won state last year IF we had gotten by Neches with no Lipan in the way. Only lost 1 class A game last year and that was Neches.
  4. We Leggett will scrimmage them on the 9th Nov we'll look at them. BTW Let's not forget Leggett this year. We should be deep. Only lost one and gained several. Shouldn't have to play with only 6 or 7 kids this year. Got a bunch
  5. I got the message to him so give him a few minutes and he should call. BTW His ext is 1013. 936-398-2804
  6. Don't Forget Davaun Perkins-Senior-Leggett Jacolby Sells-Soph-Leggett
  7. Don't know for sure but I'll try to find out.
  8. Leggett new HC is Sean Edwards from Cleveland. Schedule coming soon
  9. That would be great if we had one LOL
  10. Well woke up today, and we still need a coach😲
  11. Exactly what I thought. Be hard to find one now.
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