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  1. Burkeville 23 Leggett 118 /Final with bench playing a lot
  2. I just don't know, a time out was called, looked up and they were gone. They had good looks took shots, they just couldn't make their shots. They played really hard the first half, lots of hustle. Shots just wouldn't fall
  3. Ok and what does that mean good or bad. Leggett for instance is Class A and has played only 1 Class A school so far this year. How do we read that. Just curious.
  4. Leggett has Davaun Perkins who is averaging 33 in 21 games and one was a forfeit by Groveton in the Colmesneil tourney where he was MVP. He 2 or 3 46+ games and probably be 38 if played all 21 games.
  5. Jan 10 Shepherd at Leggett postponed till Tuesday Jan. 14 after Girls game Vs Spurger
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