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  1. Looks like an opportunity maybe to renew UT vs. A&M !!
  2. No way Dallas wins a BIG GAME with Prescott at QB ! Also, no way he should be paid the money as a top 5 QB. He makes way to many mistakes that cost. Granted, this season is not all on Dak, but he is a problem.
  3. Well truthfully........ Neither A&M or my Horns should be crowing about anything they are doing ! Right now they both plain SUCK ! It's embarrasing that the great state of Texas has two schools the size of A&M and Texas with the money they have and field teams that they have had. Sad state of affairs when Baylor and SMU are your best schools ! EMBARRASSING ! Hook'em
  4. Sorriest display of tackling I think I have ever seen, along with the play calling. Don't guess it really matters what play you call if the offensive line decides to take the day off though. Completely man handled by blow U
  5. World of difference between Marino and Prescott. Apples to Oranges.
  6. Insane to pay someone that kind of money that can not complete a pass consistently if its over 15 yards !!!!
  7. Orange Crush Gold will be holding tryouts for the upcoming season this weekend. We will start on Saturday at 9:00 Am at LCM High School. Then we will have another tryout on Sunday at 2:00 PM at LCM High School as well. For more info contact any of the following John Harrell (409) 988-1142 Patrick Toomey (409) 988-3409 Kevin Wiggins (409) 313-2730
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