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  1. Barbers Hill by as much as they want!
  2. From the clip: " Former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovich blocked Ukrainian officials from going to the US to deliver EVIDENCE of the obama administration pressuring the Ukrainian government to INTERFERE in the 2016 election!"
  4. Is that what happened here?
  5. Also true! But the original statement seems very plausible. Think about it. What kid wouldn't want to play for an elite coach like Briles? This opportunity doesn't get tossed in ones lap often.
  6. This is from a poster off the forum. Sums it up perfectly: "Here’s another thought. Briles may not have recruited these kids. His name and legacy speak volumes without him saying a word. Who’s to say these kids didn’t just move in to play for this guy and get the best out of their athletic career? Just a thought."
  7. Can someone explain: They were eligible but now they are not?
  9. Seems awful fishy to me. Can't imagine Briles and the Superintendent would, if against the rules, knowingly allow this. Hope it's not sour grapes on someone's part!
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