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    Swine Flu!

    The difference is, is who the was back then. The lame stream media had a vested interest in making a bad President look good as possible!
  3. So -- why all the drama over the Chi-Com Wuhan Flu? Could it be political? The CDC is a United States federal agency, under the Department of Health and Human Services Swine Flu-The CDC estimates that from April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, there were 60.8 million cases, 274,000 hospitalizations, and *12,469 deaths (0.02% fatality rate) in the United States. For context, the CDC also list the below data: Poison/Drug deaths - 62,399 Automobile wrecks - 37,999 Death by fall - 37,455 Gun homicide - 13,958 (includes personal defense, police & murder) Swine Flu deaths - 12,469 Alcohol related deaths 10,220
  4. Post service bankrupted by summer? If it's this bad off -- why not let it and then restructure it into a lean machine that can compete with teh private sector business' like Fed Ex and UPS. Unless -- all it is now is what I've stated it is...
  6. Then I hear in Pelosi's "Caronavirus" bill, that it mandates solar panels on airplanes. Evil is as evil does! Where's UT Alumni and Big Girl when you need them?!
  10. SMH! Just when you think they can't get anymore evil!
  11. Never let a good tragedy go to waste!
  12. The sad part is the ol' Joe may not even know that he's even doing it!
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