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  1. The salient question is: How would a bunch of atheist know?!
  3. Have you, or anyone you know, have ever ask a poor person for a job? Think about it!
  4. Remember -- biden has aligned himself with the platform of sanders and AOC.
  5. Reagan

  6. Again -- back in the day the KKK was the police arm of the Democratic party. I wonder how many blacks voted for the Grand Wizard Robert Byrd through his time in office?
  7. Watch until the end!
  9. I'd vote for Weezy on the Jeffersons!
  10. Never said I didn't care. I'm saying all these radicals need is a opportunity burn, pilfer and loot. You tell me: What does stealing TV's and baby diapers have to do with Floyd's death? Oh, BTW, what state do you live in?
  11. It shows there is no systemic racism is America. His dad is black just like obama's!
  13. The radicals do not care about Floyd. They just needed an opportunity! You think this bunch cared about Floyd?
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