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  1. Breaking!
  2. Boneyard, my friend, between Jasper and Vidor, which one do you feel has the better coach?
  3. Why won't Plugs release his list?
  4. Reagan


    The facts are that those that are burning down cites and shooting sheriffs in the face are the hate mongers that support Biden. Since you do also -- these are your people. But Trump is the problem, right?! Apparently fact tend to bore you!
  5. Carthage has the elite coach. Advantage Carthage!
  7. We want a judge that follows the Constitution! RBG followed her feelings!
  8. Reagan


    The devil is Bernie Sanders and AOC! Biden has aligned himself with their communist platforms. How do you explain this?
  9. Between the two -- a better coach! This is why PNG will win!
  10. Another excellent move!
  11. What RBG said about filling Supreme Court vacancies!
  12. Then Abbott can install Rick Perry as the new Senator!
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