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  1. You can change the rules but you can't change the way the game's played!
  3. Riddle me this, Batman: From the article: "1.8 Million Mail-in Ballots Were Sent Out in Pennsylvania and 2.5 Million Mail-in Ballots Were Returned?" How exactly does this happen? Maybe some of our liberal friends here can explain this. Is this the new math the public schools are teaching?!
  5. This is what I found: China Spring's coach: Record is 11-13. Only has been a head coach for 2 years. Carthage's coach: Record is 164-28 with 7 State Championships. Although anything is possible on any given game day/night -- the advantage has to go to Carthage.
  6. And the evidence just keep rolling in!
  7. Let me check the coaching records first.
  8. From the article: "This morning we showed absentee votes in Wisconsin that all had the same initials “MLW”. More than 2,000 of these votes were found. We now know that there were at least 2,000 people who signed Wisconsin ballots as “MLW” or there was one individual who signed them all." From individual comments at the bottom of the article: "The ballots signed MLW were found in Dane County, which contains the City of Madison. The City Clerk of Madison is Maribeth L. Witzel-Behl, or MLW. Seems like a good place to start the search. Plus another: I think MLW is just Milwaukee, just
  10. First of all, the GSA doesn't decide who is President. Second, losing in these lower courts is actually good: Quicker to the Supreme Court.
  11. Looks like Rudy and friends made the case!
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