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  2. Any one know the racial breakdown of the total employee number of the USPS? I've heard something that will be discussed later when/if we find the numbers.
  4. He is not! He couldn't even beat the worst President in modern history. That's a pure walk of shame. He had Ronald Reagan's playbook on how to beat a horrible sitting President and wouldn't use it!
  5. You are welcome. Always glad to help you and Budrick out with any understanding!
  7. Oh, I didn't realised you didn't understand my 1st and 2nd sentences when you asked the question. Let me help you and Budrick out. 1st sentence translation: No, I am not a coach. 2nd sentence translation: what I state is my opinion. 2nd sentence backs up the 1st. Always glad to help!
  8. Biden would consider Robert O’Rourke as VP because he is Latino! From the article: "“Yes, I would. I’d consider either or both of them (the other being Julian Castro),” he replied before delving into a discussion about having Latinos in his White House."
  9. The reason they cancelled the Friday meeting was because Tyler ISD and Briles' agent have not been able to come to an acceptable agreement yet! (Grin)
  10. I never once stated on this forum that I was a coach. I try as often as I can to say that what I state is my opinion. But, your buddy Buddy stated that he "knows" real football unlike others here. So, just wanted to know if he was a coach that would qualify him to make such a statement. And by his silence, he answered it.
  11. Well, actually -- you just answered it. Thanks!
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