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  2. Art Briles wins again! Winnsboro's coach was Mount Vernon's coach last year. Final Winnsboro 28 Mount Vernon 47
  3. Hezbollah is funded by and controlled by iran!
  6. Enough said with the first sentence. Don't need to read any further!
  7. Apparently you know something the rest of us don't. So -- tell us, what exactly was Briles found guilty of?
  10. No hating. But you don't even believe BU will best NS or WB. With 4 teams in the playoffs a team has to be pretty bad to not be in it. But, again, still not convinced.
  11. WOS, don't tease me like that. Would love to have Briles at Nederland. Would not be 0-3 and giving up 1,175 yards in 3 games. Just saying!
  13. Still not sure about BU. They beat three teams that are, at this point, not very good. Let's see what they can do against West Brook and North Shore.
  14. Right now, it kinda looks like the Championship goes through Baytown Lee. With PN-G and Barbers Hill fighting for second place.
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