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  2. State Senator Sonny Borrelli to Arizona Democrats: “Are You Afraid of What We May Find or Are You Afraid of What YOU KNOW We May Find?”
  3. BOOM! From the article: "If the state of Arizona does not come up with the ballots for Joe Biden they won’t have the victory."
  6. Kind of curious about ol' Jessamyn though: If yoga is polluted -- then why is she partaking?!
  7. So, she must actually love America when making this statement. Because isn't hamas and the taliban her peeps?
  8. Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga instructor and “body activist” (what's that?). Jessamyn is making headlines for some reason after blaming white supremacy for polluting yoga. Again -- say WHAT?! LOL!!
  9. no more burger king for me until they change their evil, unbiblical ways! Chick-Fila is pounding the competition. I can understand others wanting to attack in some fashion to become more competitive. But -- to think that siding with the LGBQ-LMNOP movement is the way to go, well, I hope hope they sink to the bottom with all the other devils!
  10. Jobama Dumped Trump’s Cheap Insulin Program On Same Day He Promised 500 MILLION Vaccines For Other Countries!
  12. My thought is that you should not get back more than you have paid in taxes that year.
  14. Then why is your side in a constant panic concerning these election fraud audits?! Would like your opinion!
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