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  1. Why all the sudden was the team limit changed? It was changed last due to Covid which was understandable and now it went right back to what it was after just about all the organization drafted teams. That should have been changed and communicated months ago not 4 weeks before the season starts.
  2. Wow that meeting was crazy last night. How can one organization get 9 waviers and another organization can’t get 2 for one team and two for another team. I don’t understand it.
  3. I couldn’t agreed more and Juan is scared of PA. Wonder why PA runs the ethics committee. Because they are 75% of the ones that have issues week end and week out. I’m sure that’s why Fisher likes being over it too.
  4. Ha the coach and qb got kicked out from my understanding from the referees which would make them ineligible to play this weekend. I did hear he kicked a coach out the game before. So I guess the cops weren’t called either they just showed up for nothing. This is why NO one wants to play PA always causing problems even at your own place. It’s has been this way for years. Maybe the next president will have some balls and not let this crap continue.
  5. LOL so the Peewee game PA vs PA wasn’t called at halftime either? Cliff the head referee and the other to are making it up?
  6. Heard it straight from the referees mouth that were doing the game. He said they had to be escorted out. How does that even happen youth sports? O I forgot it’s not about the kids it’s about the want a be coaches that were studs in their youth league but never made it 🤣. How does that even happen when both PA peewee teams are playing against each other. You can blame the referees all you want. Because that’s ok to just blame someone else for coaches getting kicked out. It was the referees fault right. Great role models y’all are creating over there in PA. Now we see why no teams want to play
  7. So what happened in PA Saturday night in the Peewee game? Heard it got called at halftime police were called parents out on the field cussing at the referees. One of the QB’s was cussing in the referees face. Sounds like PA should be ban from for the super bowl. Coaches and players were ejected. Can’t wait to see this swept under the table like all the other stuff in the STJFL does.
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