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  1. Lol y’all got me I’m coming off a 12 hour shift let me make it this time🥴
  2. Very good bro, they’re not loosing much at all and they have debt and more coming thru the pipeline.
  3. I thought everyone said manvel wasnt that good anymore🙄
  4. All of these games are toss ups sterling only loss to manvel by 3.
  5. Yep hes playing on saturdays
  6. Now we have to listen to this after one win against the cougs. crosby has owned bh for years. lol man i wish my son didnt get hurt last year, we would have dropped 60 on every team in the district.
  7. reloaded is what i was thinking before we lost to vidor lol, but bh hasnt played anybody yet so dont get to excited, yall been beatin up on scrubs to. bh lost to the only team they played wit a winning record. 👀
  8. And people used to laugh at Crosby for having trouble with new caney year in and year out for the past 6 years. They have had some special players in Jordan cooper and Zion Childress and a very good coach. With the growth up the 59 corridor they are here to stay.
  9. I told y’all Crosby has a defense but offense is pathetic
  10. Pa will win this one, they just have to shut down the run. zion is not a good passer and pa has the corners to play man and send everyone else to stop the run.
  11. The kid himself posted on twitter that he was cleared.
  12. Crosbys qb was just cleared to play so things should get interesting lol 👀
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