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  1. I do know the situation buddy I was just trying to be as nice as possible, and I was told it was season ending. And besides the kid was on the jv b-ball team last year and I saw him play personally he shouldn’t have been playing aau ball period.
  2. Ns qb got exposed last night, he didn’t look very good at all, and with that massive line why not feed the number one back in the country. And whoever the parents or handlers are for shadrach banks need to be slapped. They ruined this kids senior year by allowing him to play Aau basketball and injure himself for the season smh good thing he already committed to a&m.
  3. The kid Zack Simon only got one year in as starter at rob and got a full ride scholarship lol running Backs are a easy plug. And he got to school and quit after the summer session lol typical Crosby athletes
  4. Coker had the nerve to trash Crosby on Twitter last saying he’s happy to be around kids that are actual playmakers and then proceeded to post his stats from a scrimmage lol. The kids from Crosby were furious but were told not to say anything, well I was a parent to a kid on that team and I’m here to say Coker sucked. Baaaadddd lol
  5. Angelton scored a once and Crosby didn’t score at all
  6. Defense will probably be the best in the district, offense looked ok but they have to work on the passing game. Speed all over the field. I love the new coaching staff aggressiveness. Head coach is engaged in every aspect of the game not just on offense. We also have a d 1 kicker that can hit them from 55 yards out.
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