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  1. I picked Calallen as my 4AD2 State Champ, they start things right and beat a top tier La Vega team.
  2. I tried to throw out bold predictions but unfortunately some I could not justify. 6AD1- Southlake Carroll 6AD2- Shadow Creek 5AD1- Lancaster 5AD2- WF Rider 4AD1- Calallen 4AD2- Gilmer 3AD1- Brock 3AD2- Eastland 2AD1- Cisco 2AD2- Mart (100% give them the trophy)
  3. If you have a game link post it! Please keep the post on topic so this thread is a resource for all of us to reference.
  4. I know this isn't a typical season but lets say it was. You have friends/family coming in from out of state and they have never seen a txhsfb game and they want to go. Which game and where are you taking them?
  5. Fort Bend Marshall got a QB transfer. Here are his highlights.
  6. Posted this poll on several sites. Here is the combined vote totals. I'm not worried, we will play a full season- 8 We will have a season but there will be some hiccups- 65 Not sure yet, still 50/50- 45 We will try to have a season but it will ultimately not work- 59 There is no hope, go ahead and cancel the season now- 13
  7. The UIL is going to go off what the Governor says. They are going to wait as long as they can before they place guidelines. Literally any of us could do the same job. Sucks when you have a lack of leadership and unwillingness to be transparent with the coaches and fanbase.
  8. I think it is a good sign that WOS did not shut down but instead they just isolated people but will continue workouts.
  9. The problem I have with the news in general and this article in particular is the sensationalism. They mention the word "apocalyptic" several times without really explaining what they mean. We know the fatality rate is not high compared to the number infected but yet apocalyptic gets thrown around. Gtfoh with all that (not you falcon the news lol).
  10. We are about halfway through summer and wanted to see how yall feel about this upcoming season.
  11. That makes sense too. Better meaning than what I thought. I like it.
  12. Forgive my ignorance on the subject, I had no clue WOS had a nickname for their defense. Having seen it now my first impression is chain gang references inmates that work outside a prison. Meaning something along the lines of the WOS defense has some really "bad"(in a good way) dudes that you dont want to mess with. Am I way off on that? What was the initial thought behind the nickname?
  13. What has been the toughest playoff path that your school has had? Also if you want to comment on another schools difficult playoff path that works too. School: Year: Playoff opponents: Reason why:
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