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  1. They are both Seniors this season. Yes, Vaughn is the shorter of the two RB.
  2. We are going to treat this as a college football game for the fans. Memorial will get only one section and the rest will be for the home team at 50% capacity.
  3. Bryce Anderson....The kid is very special. He could literally play any skill position on the field both sides of the ball and win every battle.
  4. He is more like 6'3" or maybe even 6'4". He is as tall as my son or maybe a little bit taller now. Doesn't matter height though, he is a very good talent and a multi sport athlete.
  5. I would think every sport will be played, just most would overlap. Sort of like basketball and baseball does every year. You can also throw soccer, track, and tennis in there too. I believe Texas would just push the start of football out about a month if any. It would coincide with the on-line schooling the TEA has spoke about. I'm just ready for something, because its boring without sports. My son has been playing summer baseball and its like a release for me and my family to actually get out. Stay safe!!
  6. A little birdie told me Big Ned was having a little football togetherness in the gym. They were practicing social distancing plays I guess. 😉
  7. If games pick back up early May there could easily be 3 game series. Plus three teams from each district might not even make the playoffs. So less weeks of playoff baseball. I’m sure the uil is working on the best for the kids if they are able to play again.
  8. Anything could happen in playoff baseball especially best out of a 3 game series.
  9. Louisville Slugger is sending vouchers as a reimbursement to purchase another bat. Just sucks because my son really like the 2020 Meta.
  10. Curtis, Roc, Porter, Abshire, Reinholt....Between these five over 11 innings only gave up 1 run.
  11. Friday night PNG scrimmage Lufkin. Another good outing for the pitchers. PNG bats started to come to life as well. Next Tuesday, PNG scrimmages Bridge City. Should be a good one.
  12. PNG scrimmage West Brook yesterday. 12 innings....PNG looked pretty good for their first action of the season. Kurtis was hitting 90-91 mph on the radar. Roc hit a bomb his 4th AB. One kid hit a 2 run shot early in the scrimmage for West Brook. Looking forward to Friday PNG vs Lufkin scrimmage.
  13. 21-5A 1. PNG 2. BH 3. Vidor 4. Ned 5. Dayton 6. Cleveland 7. PM
  14. They need to start now. That field is still in bad shape from the MCM game. AKA Mud Bowl.....😂
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