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  1. I will sleep like baby. Ned won’t keep up with BH or PNG this season. I know all the sophomores thru seniors and unless some magical pixie dust is sprinkled on them then 3rd place will be yours.
  2. The two juniors this year have plenty of experience at pitching against quality athletes their whole baseball career. Moving to varsity shouldn't effect them to much if thats the case. Having a great defense and a strong lineup, you need pitchers that can throw strikes, which all 4 of these kids can.
  3. They will not be short of pitching. 2 Sr starters and 2 Jr starters. All four of these kids can pitch deep into games. Also have around 3-4 others that can give solid innings when needed.
  4. It's high school football. Anything could happen come Friday night. Good luck to both teams.
  5. PNG 14 Vidor 12 Just like in those Glory PeeWee days several years ago. LMAO
  6. I'm picking the "U", because Nederland sucks. 😁
  7. Truth hurts sometimes, I understand.
  8. I was just giving you my opinion based on myself knowing all the boys these three years of classes. You can make it sound stupid if you want, but when mid-county madness rolls around, I will be able to say, "I told you so".
  9. Is Nederland QB this season the young man who came into the playoff game last year when the starter was injured? If so, BigNed has a lot of work to do. Take them out of the ranking.....
  10. Very true, but this team of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be exciting to watch. Been waiting a long time to watch this group play together.
  11. I really like how PNG's defense is shaping up for this upcoming season. Should be one of the better ones they have had in a while.
  12. 16 days till the first scrimmage for PNG.
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