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  1. Minnesota beats Penn State. Great game btw. Winfield Jr. is a beast!
  2. Not a doubt about it. I’m not a Soto fan but do like Rendon.
  3. If you like starting pitching, this is the series for you. Looks like the following will be the first 3 matchups: Game 1: Scherzer vs. Cole Game 2: Strasburg vs. Verlander Game 3: Greinke vs. Corbin I think an under the radar thing to look at is Greinke being able to bat in game 3. He is a very good hitter for a pitcher and this may play a big role in the game. I’ll call starting pitching a wash, but believe the Astros have the advantage in hitting, defense, bullpen, coaching, experience, and an overall better team. Excited for Tuesday! Astros in 6!
  4. Just read Pressly found out some scar tissue broke off in his knee and he will be ready for the WS.
  5. And I can't help but believe that we all saw karma play out tonight. The baseball Gods did not forget the chants thrown Altuve's way in the Bronx!
  6. What a game and series. They jinxed Chapman by saying he had only given up 3 hrs. Altuve is the heart of this team and came up YUGE!
  7. Glad I've been watching the Astros. Happy Texas got the win but giving up 48 to Kansas is embarrassing.
  8. If Urquidy can keep it a 3-2 game and get thru the 6th I will feel good about Harris, Smith, and Osuna finishing it off.
  9. Just gotta ride the wave and enjoy postseason baseball. I would have done some unsavory things just to watch the Astros in a playoff series from 2007-2014 when they were a dumpster fire, so I am just gonna enjoy the now.
  10. Up 3-2 in a game at home when you're up 3-2 in the series with the best pitcher in the world in your back pocket for a if needed winner take all. I do not see a need to panic.
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