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  1. I watched a bit of each game and enjoyed it. The new rules are interesting, and I’m curious to see how teams go about extra points. The QB for Houston is a ball player! I think I’ll keep tuning in and firmly believe this new XFL football is better than no football.
  2. ABC and Fox today were the channels
  3. So far it’s not too bad. Will it last more than a year though?
  4. Just saw the basketball district. Much more favorable in comparison to their draw in football.
  5. West Hardin Joaquin Garrison Timpson Shelbyville San Augustine Brutal! Doubt WH will get within single digits in any district football or basketball games in the next 2 years. Combine that with long road trips and that is just rough!
  6. Good for him! The security a win gives him on tour is huge.
  7. The documentary that Netflix released on Aaron Hernandez is pretty interesting. The dude will not get any sympathy from me at all, but I do feel for his daughter. Not so much the mother of his daughter because in my opinion and based on reasonable evidence, she was an accomplice and disposed of a murder weapon and lied under oath about it on the stand by playing dumb. Based on strong evidence and witness testimonies, he killed 3 people in cold blood and attempted to kill 1 more. Personally, there’s a special place in hell for people like that, but the documentary was very well done nonetheless.
  8. All time dumb move. Best gm in baseball and a top 5 skipper.
  9. It is nice seeing the Horns play well against a good team but it almost frustrates me more that they lost 5 games when they have the ability to do this offensively.
  10. Actually have never seen that show although I have seen previews and it looks awesome. Spent some time brainstorming over a few potential new hobbies and decided on blacksmithing. I figure it is something I can do for years and never truly "master" and hopefully can get good enough at it to make some pretty cool stuff for myself as well as gifts for friends and family.
  11. Does anyone on here tinker with blacksmithing or bladesmithing? Getting the essentials to start learning this as a new hobby. Would like to specialize in bladesmithing but want to learn how to make tongs, hammers, and other tools as well. Would like to pick some peoples brains that have experience with it.
  12. Guyer with the freshman qb coming in after Stowers got hurt... Bold move!
  13. Dixon puts Carthage up 21-14 with 3 seconds left in the half. Great game so far!
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