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  1. Congrats to PA Memorial Kenneth Lofton Jr. on being named All State. He has really worked hard to get to this point in his career.
  2. Congrats to all the guys that made All Region.
  3. Should have been Co-MVP with Kenneth Lofton Jr. from PA Memorial. Both were just as valuable to their teams.
  4. And Green has been playing Justin sparingly and Baker even less. He has been playing the freshman. Justin starts and Green sits him for long periods of time..wont be able to do that against Memorial
  5. You do know United doesnt play Baker and Pleasant together at all. Green usually plays with 1 big.
  6. Bmt. United vs. PA Memorial in PA @ 7pm. This is one of the best matchups in the state. This will be a good game to watch.
  7. Concordia Lutheran has a good size 6'10, 6'7, a 6'7 Shooter and a 6'6 off the bench
  8. JR. Had another monster game in the lost. 28pts 16rebs 2ast 3blks
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