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  1. I know that at least one moderator here has given out a name of a poster to a high school coach. Nothing that happens here surprises me. Changing the name here, takes little to know that it was a shot at conservatives. As a conservative college professor (yes a few of us exist), I make this my last post. May you enjoy your site.
  2. Read the article earlier today. Crying part is funny, but the rest of the article is simply maddening. He was released on a 2500 dollar bond while violating conditions of release on a previous arrest. The previuos arrest involved pointing a loaded weapon at a cop. You have to be fecal materring me!!!
  3. Collective good? Liberal talking point!
  4. Would love to see a few schools simply go independent and say to HELL with the UIL. NCAA is already struggling to keep Power 5 from walking away.
  5. Have cops at games due to masks? Just what cops want to do. I truly appreciate this site, but when that statement is made I question things. If cops are at games over masks concerns, we truly have a Caesar has spoken and all you subjects must submit. Cops have enough issues right now without being asked that task. I appreciate your passion for sport, but a police state over masks???
  6. I know 2 former HS baseball coaches that refuse to watch it. Like it or not, it is an endorsement of a Marxist organization. How about an anti-gang violence protest? How about a protest of NFL players that physically assault women? Nope, let's protest cops because of a very very small few that are bad. Media driven hysteria by the people that were once the most annoying students on campus.
  7. Kountzer, believe as you wish. I feel you are extremely wrong, misguided, and might I say gullible. May you someday open your eyes instead of accusing the right of the exact misdeeds made by the left. Feel free to quote me or respond how you wish. It will take more than a forum to educate or persuade you. God Bless.
  8. How can anyone that believes the Bible is the only book that matters (we agree on something), support a party that believes in and proudly supports abortion, leaves God out of the Pledge at times, and supports assembly in the street but not houses of worship during these times? I do not like that written words on platforms such as this can not have voice inflection. The question posed is not meant confrontational. Honestly, it is a true plea for clarity.
  9. What you feel, not what you KNOW. A perfect example of a liberal response. You make a statement, claim it as a known truth, and others that disagree or definetly wrong. Speak truth to power, that your side loves to claim is really speak your unproven claims and feelings as though it is truth. I utilize books you speak of everyday. Sadly, I am forced to dispute much related to sociology and politics. When the leading Sports Sociology text in America brags on Karl Marx on page 3 and demean people in this country that disagreeing with his views, I have little use for YOUR books.
  10. I wish party didn't matter. Take the votes on Trump's impeachment and voting straight ticket might just matter after all. Joe Manchin voted with his party not with those he represents.
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