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  1. Inquiring mind want to know. However, inquiring minds don't work for MSLSD, Clinton News Network, etc.....
  2. That needs to be known to members of the organization. Many teachers are part of those associations simply to have legal counsel when parents file suits. There are other associations they could easily join in place of TSTA.
  3. Why doesn't this get reported by more news agencies. Even those on the conservative side (I know it's a limited number) don't report things like this or bury it far down when scrolling stories.
  4. Many people claim they don't care what others think. This man lives it. May God Bless him for it! Fight the good fight.
  5. I phone, iphone? Do you mean your personal phone or the product named iPhone?
  6. Often wondered with such a large Christian population among African American voters, when will there be backlash against Democrats that constantly harass religious people. Many African Americans live conservative and vote Democrat. Things like this should change that to at least some degree.
  7. If you think a candidate with an R beside his name defeated a woman with a D by her name, then you can say that if you wish.
  8. In the state of Texas, yes any citizen eligible to vote in the general election may vote in either primary race.
  9. Example, I am not part of a party and vote Republican. I can vote in the Democrat primary in our beloved state if I so choose to do so. I truly do suggest you look at Operation Chaos set up by Limbaugh. Whether it worked or not is debatable. However, it reveals that "the party" doesn't always set its candidate. Well, at least until Hillary was beaten by Obama.....
  10. Citizens that vote in the primary elections. Nothing more, nothing less.
  11. Mine and LumRaiderFans statements support each other. They do not oppose!
  12. Primary voting in many states is open. Operation Chaos set up by Limbaugh???
  13. Thank you. I shouldn't have apologized though. Democrats never do.
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