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  1. Shepard to Carthage is really not that bad of a drive only 120 miles
  2. Looks to be true r at least Carthage playing Crosby there anyway
  3. Nope coach said no more pg still up in the air depending on which way they send us north r south
  4. Carthage has Marshall and new Caney scheduled so far sad when they have so many good 4a teams close but none of them will play us
  5. And that's the problem North Texas average fan is gonna show up if at at&t the same can not be said for folks in the south if at nrg
  6. But u had two Houston teams in it so sounds to me like Houston didnt show up. Here is my thoughts on it out of both areas people with no ties to any team more locals show up in Dallas then Houston
  7. Pretty sure it's more about the local folks not showing up rather then fans traveling, more dfw area football fans show up at at&t then Houston area fans show up at nrg
  8. Also small school get to start practicing early in fall then the 5a/6a teams so the practice times even out
  9. Will need to throw more then gilmer did last night if your gonna have a chance at pg never seen gilmer so one dimensional
  10. Yes soft Pali is a average team and y'all were supposed to be really good r least that's what was claimed with the undefeated record
  11. Lol why does Lumberton burn all 3 time outs at end of game just to kick a field goal down by 40
  12. Basic is all that's needed so that's all they r gonna show they prolly run the most complex offense in all of Texas
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