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  1. Payed at gate were same price actually was cheaper at gate cause you got those extra fees when you buy online at that stadium
  2. Well what's everyone thoughts on this game?
  3. Dang wonder why so much more were only $6 in our game last week I guess got to pay that extra holiday fee
  4. Think I'm going to pull for Bellville in this one if carthage wins this week would like to see a team we have never played before
  5. Katy runs a dumbed down version of a true prostyle offense very run heavy carthage will do it all from I formation to spread it out and throw it around thats why they win you may load up and stop the run but they will throw for 400+ or or same way with stopping the pass they have over 300 different plays how many highschools do that? Also the defense has only been dominate last two years prior years they were just a good
  6. You obviously have not keep up with carthage they have never had a dominant defense and has been known for there offense only highsvhool I know of that runs a true pro style offense. He was approached by texas before trayler but turned it down and has had numerous other offers . He will not be going anywhere till his son graduates then who knows he could own records they may never get broken if he stays
  7. Carthage over 400 yds of offense rusk -8 rushing and think 100 passing carthage ended everydrive with either a score or a turnover defense bailed em out alot last night almost every turnover was in carthage end of field
  8. Well centers defense is absolutely horrible so I think they can score on them only unknown is Madisonville and they would have head to head over rusk so that would put them ahead of them
  9. I think jasper o is worse then center center at least had a little bit of a passing game and did score on carthage
  10. Jasper will end up 2nd in district 10
  11. Pretty sure out of all the lvls it's usually the jv that loses think they have 3 so far this season and had several last year too
  12. Easy now just cause they whooped up on a overrated rusk don't mean they are at carthage lvl
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