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  1. Idk, I’m sure we made playoffs because 4A lol but we’ve never been competitive on basketball.
  2. No Crosby still owns that. Livingston is on its way though lol
  3. If splendora isn’t that good but they beat vidor then what does that make vidor? Here I’ll answer that for you: as bad as Lumberton
  4. State semifinals two years in a row is pretty good IMO.. and AAW has been predicting Silsbee to get 2nd place in district since the beginning of the year.
  5. You mean you don’t wake up every morning excited to go to work?? Shame 😂😂
  6. The rain storm that affected basically nobody in Lumberton but left a few of us without power lol
  7. I bet Coach Smith has them running their butts off this week. He’s always been good on discipline from what I’ve seen
  8. Vidor went from expecting to dominate to now just beating Lumberton.. man how the mighty have fallen so quick...
  9. 14.2 said this would be Crosby’s most talented team...
  10. This is no brainer.. silsbee is gonna lose, probably much worse than the previous two years, but they’ll turn around and dish our their annual playoff spanking to the stangs 😂
  11. Lol if I was gonna stir the pot, then I would ask why did Vidor struggle with Brazasport and lose to Jasper if they were supposed to come down and dominate and make a deep run in 4A.... but I’m trying to not stir the pot 😉
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