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  1. Setxsports will be broadcasting this game, for those who can’t make it and most likely in the woods getting ready for Saturday morning 😁
  2. I actually had a headache before reading this, and now somehow my head feels better….
  3. Bad coaching? So either coach smith has given up, or he has forgotten everything he knows about football… which I don’t think either is true
  4. Broadcast is live. Pre game will be starting shortly
  5. First home game of the year for silsbee. I’m going with the tigers.
  6. No reason to apologize. Family should always come first. We appreciate it!
  7. We were on top of the press box in the open part so we were right there. And you’re right, it got loud
  8. All this talk has taken away from the excitement of that last drive for orangefield. They had a 3rd and 28 and completed their only pass of the game for 48 yards. All to have their FRESHMAN kicker kick the game winning field goal from about 30 yards out leaving 8 seconds on the clock. On homecoming night. You can’t make this stuff up, and no matter who you were rooting for last night one thing is true: this is why we are all FANatics of High School football
  9. WOSGrad did all that. They are working together and doing the best they can.
  10. When the play before ended I looked at the clock and there was 2 seconds and they didn’t stop. One ref ran onto the field holding two fingers up but I guess the head official overruled him.. it would have been a loooong kick so I’m not sure it really matters
  11. What number?? I go to church with several kids playing for Warren this year, and I think 2 of them are running backs
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