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  1. Still doesn’t change the fact that Crosby won’t be playing football in December.
  2. I don’t come over here to the basketball thread too often, but I’m quite surprised to see our town making excuses for us getting whooped by Silsbee. Ain’t no excuse in the book acceptable except the fact that Silsbee is just way better. I thought that was common knowledge. Refs? Dirty play? Come on man! We could pay the refs off and pay Silsbee to play a loose zone defense and still get beat...
  3. Crosby playing in December? Basketball or football?
  4. I’ll take this years playoff meeting over last year between silsbee/wos
  5. Silsbee vs El Campo a few years ago... if we are talking about local and games that we’ve actually attended. If not, then North Shore vs Duncanville last year for sure
  6. Don’t y’all worry, it will get easier next year with Carthage 😉😂
  7. Hmm I think you may be a little wrong about Carthage.
  8. As AD? What about Crouch? I’m confused lol
  9. Yeah just Martin and Taylor. Which is about 90% of your offense, and a huge part on defense. Gotta be a realist
  10. I don’t think a team has ever been more happy for a game to end then this Wimberley team!
  11. I was very impressed with the fight to come back!
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