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  1. Yeah just Martin and Taylor. Which is about 90% of your offense, and a huge part on defense. Gotta be a realist
  2. I don’t think a team has ever been more happy for a game to end then this Wimberley team!
  3. I was very impressed with the fight to come back!
  4. Hey it was horrible that last play. So let’s do it again and get horrible field position yet again.
  5. That STUPID reverse on the kickoff hasn’t worked all night... so why??
  6. After the rain storm that they had last year when y’all played wos and AAW still went, I don’t think anything would keep him home.
  7. I haven’t even taken the time to read it, but at a glance I see the Crosby people commenting so that doesn’t surprise me 😂
  8. As long as the conversation stays civil then it’s not against the rules to keep talking about a game. It’s also not against the rules for you to tell them to move on, so proceed if you like lol
  9. Lucky break for our local 5A Division 2 district. With Lumberton out of the district it’s anybody’s to win now 😉😂
  10. They do. They will being a good crowd to Katy.
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