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  1. Y’all do realize that Lumberton has two of the top 5 4A D2 teams on our predistrict schedule right? So yeah we may not be playing world beaters every week, but this idea that we schedule a bunch of chumps to get wins is kinda ridiculous. And before anyone says anything about Kirbyville, yeah I agree they aren’t a very good opponent but doesn’t Newton have them on their schedule as well? Nobody says anything about a yearly state championship contender playing them.
  2. Silsbee can put Tom Brady back there, but until they start blocking better then results will be the same.
  3. Where is statrax at? Maybe out littering in Lumberton...
  4. You got that last part right... 😂 just kidding!!
  5. Well y’all can’t use the rain excuse because you always bring the umbrellas 😏
  6. You are correct, and the only reason I brought it up was because literally at one point all three backs were on the sideline cramping. I just found it odd. Of course Taylor has been out all year so that’s expected with him.
  7. Oh lord, you’re missing the point of what I’m saying. Playing against bigger teams doesn’t cause cramps. If they are cramping next week against Newton what will you say then? My point is, conditioning would be a concern of mine going forward.
  8. I was the one who started the conversation on the qb battle, and I asked the other day about who would step up at receiver. Both questions were answered last night for sure.
  9. I’ve watched wos play teams like PNG/Nederland and they didn’t cramp as bad as Silsbee did last night. And it wasn’t just one player, it was several.
  10. Because the team you are playing has nothing to do with your own guy’s cramping on the sideline. Silsbee players will play the same amount each game regardless of how many the opposing team has.
  11. Well I came back to Silsbee since our game got cancelled. My two cents: Silsbee run offense looked good as expected, passing looked pretty good as well. Defensively they need to tackle much better. And when they put Matin/Arline/Taylor in the secondary in the second half it helped, but seemed to hurt them as well (cramps for all three late in the third quarter and fourth). The strength of this team coming in was the fresh legs at running back with the three headed monster, but that’s not gonna happen when they are all playing defense. im sure the coaching staff will work out the kinks. I don’t think they will see another QB like Bost for a while.
  12. I’m almost to jasper, seems like it’s clearing up some.
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