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    JasperDAWG reacted to BMTSoulja1 in DCTF Chats with West Orange-Stark HC Cornel Thompson at THSCA   
    He say he been in the game 50+ years.  This guy knows a thing or two about what he talking about...
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in DCTF Chats with West Orange-Stark HC Cornel Thompson at THSCA   
    Oh, no.  You hit it verbatim.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in For grins and giggles   
    Boy, you are making me work today, LOL!.
    WO-S district losses 1986-2003
    Nederland - 6
    LC-M - 2
    PN-G - 2
    Vidor - 2
    Beaumont Central - 1
    Beaumont Ozen - 1
    Bridge City - 1
    Jasper - 1
    Port Arthur Jefferson - 1
    Port Arthur Lincoln - 1
    Which in calculating I might have misfigured the number of district losses for WO-S since they opened. They are 215-41-1 in district play, a .838 winning percentage.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to LCMAlumtiger32 in For grins and giggles   
    I assuming your saying LCM beat WOS was some of kind of way was a surprise?. Those two teams that beat WOS were very good teams. 1983 Bears played jasper that year. Jasper beat lcm with a late minute field goal to win the district championship 14-16. The 1994 team was faster and bigger then WOS that year. That has been the last time we really outmatched them on the field. The 1997 Team played them a tight game but couldn't beat them and we both ending up loosing to Lamarque. I just watched the 97 highlight where WOS lost the week prior to Lamarque and came to our pep rally to support us to beat them. Those were good years.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to purpleeagle in For grins and giggles   
    As for losing Newton's defensive coordinator, that did not happen. Our defensive coordinator is still there. He has been the back bone of the team. We will not be as good as last year but we want be a push over either. As for a team that has 296 kids compared to 784 for Silsbee I think we do pretty good. As for crying, that want happen, we will take it and move on. When we get to 3A-2, we will be alright. We will not meet anyone in the playoffs any better that Silsbee, WO-S, or Gilmer.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in For grins and giggles   
    The underclassman have been getting six weeks of extra practice. Plus invaluable experience against quality opponents during these long playoff runs. So don't put it all on the kids. What will determine newton's season is coaching. Losing a head coach, especially in this manner, and defensive coordinator will be hard er to replace. With 3 top notch teams scheduled for non district, they're not backing down at all. But I still expect a deep run in the playoffs from a perennial power like newton.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to griff in 4A D2 Region 3 predictions   
    Sure. No one was attempting to compare the two match ups/rivalries. WO-S has existed only since 1977. The truth is WO-S has never had a consistent one team rivalry in the entire existence of the school. In the earliest years, it was PNG. Some would say LCM, but the fact they are our neighboring school doesn't do enough for that one. LCM has barely shown up in the win column. A few folks might say Vidor, but most WO-S fans didn't view Vidor in that light. In order to be a rivalry, fans from both schools have to see it as a rivalry. That is definitely the case with WO-S and Jasper. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to griff in 4A D2 Region 3 predictions   
    Most WO-S fans have always considered Jasper our top rival (since the 80's) and the team we look forward to playing more than any other. It did not change even when Jasper had a few less than stellar teams in the following decades. Splitting the two games last year has increased the glitter on that match up. Jasper's #2 ranking is well deserved. It's gonna be fun to watch 4AD2 Region 3. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to GATA! in 3a Division 2 rankings   
    If it makes any sense, i think Newton may surprise some folks this season,
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Majestyk in dave campbell preseason 4a d1 & d2 top 10   
    Looks good Pleasant Grove probably where they should be. Could have gone back to back but they ran into the guy with the cape. Our big 3 will represent well probably look for the champion from this group. Regardless, there will be some hair put on the wall
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in dave campbell preseason 4a d1 & d2 top 10   
    1 of those 3 should go undefeated and play PG in dallas.
    Worst case scenario, 1 of the 3 teams loses the first 2 meetings. Then runs the table in the playoffs. Still a 2-loss team to play for state.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to prepballfan in dave campbell preseason 4a d1 & d2 top 10   
    Love seeing three of our teams up there. Very nice
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in dave campbell preseason 4a d1 & d2 top 10   
    DCTF tends to show lots of love depending on previous year's results.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in What 3 teams would you want your school to play in non-district after next realignment?   
    If his lil brother is on varsity next season they'll be fine. I need to find out what grade he's currently in. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to lionpride08 in dave campbell preseason 4a d1 & d2 top 10   
    Been waitin all day on these to come out... Ready for football
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in West Orange-Stark turf   
    Please no drive bys sir, our area doesn't need it.
    ( I know what you meant btw) 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to j_dog in Jasper 2019   
    How about the 1959 score?  Well if you are going that far back, may as well get them all....
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldogs92 in Jasper 2019   
    If we can just keep everybody out of the training room, we've got as good a shot at a title as anybody. This season is gonna be fun, friends!
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    JasperDAWG reacted to fishcat in Jasper 2019   
    Jasper quarterback looked pretty good got good arm accurate & lots of speed.Played Woodville in 7 on 7 this evening 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Hagar in Tx 6A 100M - White Lightning   
    Being an oldtimer, I immediately thought of, “can he catch a pass?”, like Bullet Bob Hayes did in the Cowboys early years.  Can’t imagine what a cornerback was thinking having to guard him with that speed lol.  And yes, the Georgia Coach is probably in a Church now, praying.  That right before he writes a letter to Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny.  
    Always wondered if anyone gave Bolt a tryout.  He was a phenom.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WO-S 89 in Jasper 2019   
    I can see us playing two more games next football season. I don’t mind going 1-1 with y’all as long as y’all win the non-district game. Lol 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldogs92 in Jasper 2019   
    Ben also punted and would kick 40 yd field goals just messing around at practice. He had a cannon for an arm, too. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldogs92 in Jasper 2019   
    I remember all of those guys very well. Just a ridiculous amount of talent for one class. Zack Bronson and Clyde Williams were on that team as well and both of those guys spent time in the NFL.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to chefkland76 in Jasper 2019   
    Can't help but think if we would have just stayed with the pass against wos we would of beat them. I know it's over and done with but dang when you have a state-caliber team you have to take advantage of it.
    But anyway GO DOGS!!!
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