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    JasperDAWG reacted to texas13 in Carthage 55 Lumberton 17/FINAL   
    27-7 Carthage 1:23 left in the half 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to BADSANTA in Jasper vs Bellville Area Round   
    Dawgs 38-13
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    JasperDAWG reacted to aTmfan06 in Jasper vs. WOS Possible Matchup   
    Did you type that with a straight face lmao 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldogs92 in Teams in our area that have a shot at a state title?!! Opinions   
    I agree with your assessment. Last year's team had a better shot than this one does. We don't get calls historically to begin with because we've usually had issues with penalties and turnovers in the playoffs. Those mistakes always hurt us in the end and unless this team grows up really quick, it's gonna bite us. We'll be fine against H-J, but Bellville showed last year that they can play with us. If they make it to next week, we're gonna have to play well to advance any further. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Woodshed in Teams in our area that have a shot at a state title?!! Opinions   
    Haha 😂 yeah I’ve been here long enough to know who’s posts to take seriously.
    We are looking good right now and I hope we are able to make some program history with a deep run. I’m pulling for them Dawgs as well and I hope Jasper and Diboll are both still playing in December. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in West Orange Stark vs Huntington   
    I'd rather go watch jasper in vidor.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Crawford in Jasper 51 Center 20/FINAL   
    Congrats to Jasper on winning district. The Bulldogs have a lot of talent and are well coached. Some of the best tackling I've seen in quite some time. Your defense was relentless. I believe y'all had 4 picks and held our very talented RB to minimum yards. Take away Horace 80+ yard touchdown run on the first play of the game, he may have gotten only 40-50 yards total. Again, congrats on the district championship. Bulldogs should go far in the playoffs. Good luck. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in 4A R3/D2 Playoffs   
    Sounds like a bottom feeder program that hasn't made at least a state semi run in the last 10 yrs. What steps is BC taking to make a championship run in football like these other programs? It's easy to snap on someone else til that mirror shines. I know, trust me. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in 4A R3/D2 Playoffs   
    Damn shame BC never in title talk as far as football. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to lumberjack2020 in 4A R3/D2 Playoffs   
    Some people are just cancer. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to lumberjack2020 in 4A R3/D2 Playoffs   
    coming from watching my sons hudl, your players are dirty I BLATANTLY watched your sorry defense twist our running backs leg while the play was over and watched the ref do nothing about it, and thats just one occasion, all Im saying is Jasper is not a bad team, and for our toughness I promise you wont find a team tougher, and you can take that to the bank. Im sure everyone here is in agreeance that Jasper is not a sorry team, but I guess you can watch from the stands during the playoffs since your team failed to make the playoffs once again, maybe come to watch Diboll too;)
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    JasperDAWG reacted to lumberjack2020 in 4A R3/D2 Playoffs   
    Cardinal Backer you do realize were in the top 5 in every poll right?  Jasper was a good game and the game couldve gone either way, but I distinctly remember going to yall's house beating yall, granted by a lot less then we should have but you know how dirty your refs and players are, no doubt in my mind Jasper will make it to the Regional Finals and maybe past that, are yall even in the playoffs this year?
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    JasperDAWG reacted to THE DUDE in Jasper   
    Silsbee has a history of kids in need of supervision.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in West Orange Stark vs Hardin-Jefferson   
    It is because he is a jabroni.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Rez Ipsa in Week 6 State Rankings   
    Rankings both mean “nothing” and “something” at the same time. They don’t tell you who will win the game on Friday, but they do give you a reasonable prediction of who might. That is, rankings mean nothing for some purposes, but they are helpful for other purposes, especially if you happened to not know much about any of the teams. I’d say being on the list tells us more than where on the list you are. Looking at the top ten, knowing nothing about any of the teams, you would be highly confident that #1 would beat nearly any team in the state in that classification. You would be less confident saying #1 would beat #2, because they are likely too closely matched to make a strong prediction. And, you would be more confident saying that #1 would beat #10 than you would be saying that, for example, #9 would beat #10. All that being said, everyone knows Huntsville is better than PNG, but Huntsville also lost two games in a row (albeit to really good teams) and rankings always punish losses. That’s a big way rankings are not helpful- they don’t seem to factor in who you lost to. On the other hand, most two-loss teams would drop out of the top ten, so maybe Huntsville is getting credit for its quality of losses. Just thinking out loud. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to chefkland76 in Jasper at West Orange Stark   
    Jasper with the win on a late FG 10-7 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to TxHoops in Hooks headed to the Texas HS Football HOF   
    Well deserved.   I’m sure Cornel will be joining him there.   WOS has been blessed for many years having those two back to back. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to kicker 2.0 in West Orange Stark vs Bridge City   
    I’ve always been a big believer in a system, or a rhythm. It has happens to us. The Jasper kids weren’t in the normal routine in game day, plus it was a completely different team they were facing than scouted. That all equals an off game. I’m not blaming the loss solely on that, however, it sure didn’t help. Jasper will be fine.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to hardcore in West Orange Stark vs Bridge City   
    WOS was down last year and they are down this year......I believe they will barely pull out a "W" against BC Friday night. WOS 49- BC 36. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to CCRed in Coach T shall sit up a game on the bye week for west orange   
    That’s bad when others have to translate your posts into readable material. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in Coach T shall sit up a game on the bye week for west orange   
    You should've been around when SNOOKS was on here, fun times during football season. 😂 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldogs92 in Diboll 14 Jasper 9/FINAL   
    Come on, man. That opinion is baseless and you know it is. Hunt is seldom used on offense and is getting less than 10 carries a game when he plays and he barely touched the ball when we beat BC by 51 a few weeks ago. Who knows if he'd have broken one on Diboll? Maybe? Those guys kicked our butts. It is what it is. Go worry about your own team instead of talking down about one that's a lot better than yours. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSdrummer99 in Bridge City Vs Silsbee - CANCELLED   
    Bc guy called him a bowling ball. There's always 1 over there that can fly.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to LC-M in Jasper 42 Little Cypress-Mauriceville 14/FINAL   
    jasper is good. The kids are just walking around and look unmotivated. I’d jasper has little more speed then WOS though
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldogs92 in Jasper 42 Little Cypress-Mauriceville 14/FINAL   
    I can't remember a Jasper skill position group with so many game breakers. 
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