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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldog92 in Jasper 41 Tatum 17/FINAL   
    Final: Jasper 41, Tatum 17. Nice win for the Dawgs that puts them in the driver's seat for the district title. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to fishcat in Jasper 41 Tatum 17/FINAL   
    JasperDawg you need to come to booster meeting Monday @ 5pm @ Fieldhouse  Told u we beat them by 3 scores
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    JasperDAWG reacted to WOSgrad in Jasper / Alexandria?   
    You're not the only one to have used maxpreps to try and get info on a team outside of the area (RAISING HAND).
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in Jasper / Alexandria?   
    Jasper might score 70. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Hupernikomen in Silsbee 20 Jasper 19/FINAL   
    This game was tough to watch.  I have no idea how many yards in penalties we had, but I know of at least six 15 yard penalties.  Five chop blocks (4 were Jasper's), 2 or 3 horse collars, and mix in a couple other personal fouls--that was just Jasper's, Silsbee had a few also.  There were numerous holdings, off-sides, illegal man down field, false start, etc.  
    Both teams have a lot of work left to get their offenses clicking...who knows what the score would have been without 30 something penalties.  Have to clean that up big time.  Please teach your offensive linemen what a chop block is..that was ridiculous.  
    Jasper has way too many weapons to be shutout for the last 3 quarters.  
    Jasper running the double wing and single wing??  Guess we are trying to be Newton now.
    Jasper defense needs lots of work.  LBs and safeties have got to step up against the run or this will be a one and done kind of year.  
    Lots of work to do.  Jasper does get much better as the season progresses and they sure need to our it will be an early exit from the playoffs.
    Might I suggest that we run a few plays where we try and get our speed isolated on the outside of the tackle?
    A toss sweep? The fake dive and pitch out?  Something..anything to give your speed a chance to do its things. That kid was untouchable in the open field.
    Congrats to Silsbee.  That had to feel good to be down 19-0 after 1 quarter and battle back for the win.  Those kids deserved that big win.  Hope it propels you guys to a fine season.  
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    JasperDAWG reacted to BMTSoulja1 in Jasper at Silsbee   
    Dang!  Tell us how you really feel..
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    JasperDAWG reacted to TEagle8 in Jasper 25 Little Cypress-Mauriceville 13/FINAL   
    Congrats Jasper on the win, I picked our district to sweep this week and our boys and ya'll are the only ones that didn't let me down.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to j_dog in Jasper's new stadium   
    This was/is a pay as you go project.  I am amazed that they got anything at all.  Hopefully they have plans to later pull out of their hats and put some parking perhaps on the other side of the stadiums.  Not sure how much land is available near the stadiums, if any.  As I remember the original campus site was 85 acres.  This is speculation only, have no idea if they have thought this out.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Bulldog92 in Hello, 8-4A DII   
    It's all good. Hopefully, we'll get another shot at the Lions in the playoffs. Who knows? Maybe we can get you guys on the schedule at some point...
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in Hello, 8-4A DII   
    Finley and Moye not walking back thru that door in Diboll. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to MossHill in LCM vs Jasper   
    Jasper wins 5-2
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    JasperDAWG reacted to 78Stang in LCM vs Jasper   
    Can't hit out of the park if you can't put your bat on the ball.
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    JasperDAWG reacted to T-daddy in LCM vs Jasper   
    The Jasper boys want to play the game in LCM !!!  That way they leave no doubt ... The only reason LCM is leading the district in home runs is the LCM short field!!! That very well could back fire on them tonight... So get the swamp ready cause the DAWGS are headed south !!!!
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    JasperDAWG reacted to rykerx144 in LCM vs Jasper   
    Why would they be good for Lamar on Wednesday but not thursday?   Don't believe that at all...
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in LCM vs Jasper   
    Yall better hope Mother Nature done being angry. Lol, yall might be playing on Memorial Day. 
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    JasperDAWG reacted to j_dog in Jasper 2 Carthage1/Final/Jasper wins series 1-0   
    Jasper has a nicer stadium!  No kidding!
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    JasperDAWG reacted to Mr. Buddy Garrity in ****Carthage vs Silsbee****   
    if so more schools around here should do it, it works ask Gilmer. 
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