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  1. My Silver&Blue friend you realize he was poking fun at the DAWGS. 49-47 was the final score in 2004 3A DII title game in which the pesky Buckeyes beat Jasper. 😕
  2. *ADMINISTRATOR (sorry my Silver&Blue friend. ) Personally I refer to you as MR. ADMINISTRATOR. 😊
  3. I will start with there is a saying about the word assume. Second if you have come to this website for any amount of time you may have seen that I post that statement at least a couple times at each season. It just seems to apply in general during the crazy period known as football season. Lastly, I have no interest in being involved in any back and forth that may be going on.
  4. A fanatic is someone who can't change their mind and won't change the subject.
  5. Just an old DAWG trolling here, but I can't help but think about some old history anytime I see Willowridge come up. The DAWGS had a season where they played 13 games, nine of which they shutout the opponent. As they cruised along having given up only 23 points in 12 games life was good. Then came game 13 (regionals back in that day) and they ran into the buzzsaw FB Willowridge lead by someone you all may be familiar with. A young man by the name of Thurman Thomas. Final score was 34-7. The following season they were again undefeated until game 13. Though it was a much closer game 10-6 That same buzzsaw got the DAWGS again.
  6. How you think these young men today would like that rule? LMAO
  7. Well it's happened. 1980 Jasper tied Beaumont Hebert 10-10 In district game. With that being the old "penetrations" days the DAWGS stayed home while Hebert went to playoffs.
  8. Yall ever seen a team go undefeated in pre district games and their district games and not make the playoffs?
  9. Even better/worse. Jasper has got to be (I would think) the only team to go undefeated in predistrict and district season games and not make the playoffs. In 1980 that is exactly what happened when we tied Beaumont Hebert 10-10 (the old "penetration" days). Hebert went to playoffs and the DAWGS stayed home.
  10. Poor ole Art Lay (Jaspers radio man) told me he bout froze a few weeks ago calling the game.
  11. In 2004 the UIL started allowing the 3 rd place team in district to go to playoffs. I know a 3rd place team in DII that year that made a run to the State Championship Game.
  12. I do have subscription but have not read the realignment predictions. UH ? WHat?!? I honestly thought the UIL was crazy putting us in reg. 2 a few years back but how bizarre if yall were to be placed in that region. I know it's just predictions but I am curious why Or what info they may have that would lead them to predict such.
  13. Hey Woodshed! How ya been my Lumberjack friend. Still rolling over there in Diboll I been seeing. I am pulling for yall to make a deep run. By now, I am sure you know that ole girl AEIOU aka back that thang up cardinal makes dumb football posts. All the while living up to her real name PITA.
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