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  1. Now we have the same amount of "lose" (losses) as yall.
  2. For those that come and say it's all about not having #7 you don't know what you are talking about. A good team as an opponent and sloppy undisciplined play cost the DAWGS. I hate any loss but I think and hope this is a wake up call.
  3. Defensively I am really proud of the DAWGS (that may seem odd with the loss) but they played hard and not on much rest in between series.
  4. Not over yet. DAWGS score on a 92 yard pass play to Reggie Shaw
  5. I wonder why #2 Been at is not utilized more.
  6. Damn it. See what I mean with yet another personal foul penalty.
  7. I am sorry DAWG fans, ( and this is not meant to dis credit Diboll in anyway) but just from a discipline point of view (Coach even said it himself in an interview) we are not the #2 team in 4A DII. The facemask penalty on long run and the offside on kickoff are prime examples.
  8. Hey Woodshed! Long time no see. U been doing well? I hope so. Yes sir mr. Jerkerion Simmons (#21) it was.
  9. Lol and had we not had Alex fg kicking for us in 2017 who knows what may have happened. That game was for district championship. Walk off field goal Alex Mirjares made.
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