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  1. Hell, why not?!? lol. Fall right in with Texas Realtors not going to use the term "master" when describing any room in a house.
  2. Sports illustrated giving "props" to a Texas team. Laws have mercy!! we use the term "depth" alot as football fans, but when the backups are getting D1 offers. WTF?!? 😲 https://www.si.com/college/oklahomastate/recruiting/desoto-high-school-football-impressive
  3. 3 state tourney appearances. 0 state titles.
  4. Let's hope he can top last year's rushing tds (28) the most rushing tds in DAWG football history for a season. He scored 30 total. 2 were from passes.
  5. https://kfdm.com/sports/content/jaspers-sirvincent-rogers-sr-still-has-passion-to-play-football
  6. Lol. My friend I was just teasing at ya. Thanks for reminiscing with me, and don't hurt nobody u Booger Bear u!!
  7. Aaaaaahhhh the oh so infamous 3-0 Silver&Blue win late late in 4th quarter at the Alamo!! Mr. Randal Voss played qb and he threw an interception then turned around on defense and gave up the long pass to set that fg up. Ole Randal you damn Booger Bear You!!
  8. While it may not be close to MCM, to me when the DAWGS play the Silver&Blue it's a good rivalry.
  9. Hey P.I.T.A !! I see where someone quoted you "being excited about Jasper vs Silsbee " this coming season. You do remember the offer I extended to you? So what's up, gonna take me up on it or not?
  10. Finally someone else showing Bubba some love! I did early on in the thread. My older brother played with him in K-ville.
  11. Unfortunately Jorrie went on to be considered one of Texas A&M biggest recruiting bust in their programs history.
  12. Aaaaahhhh the acute nostalgia for mid to late 80's Jasper Bulldog football (Eugene was a little earlier). I was a freshman in '87 and we had the glorious honor (was actually brutal for us freshman DAWGS) of being live football dummies for the varsity about once a week. Ole Ray Adams had a secondary partner who was not to shabby himself by the name of (I going to refer to him by his present day name) DR. Michael Mcfarland. Then the beast looming in the middle of the field was a fella named Curtis Hafford. Those two went on to play for the Baylor Bears with both contributing a lot to their program.
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