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  1. yes sir, I will take a 5 year run like that anytime!
  2. I am gonna take a guess and say 2015 . they started off like 1-4(playing teams like 4a henderson, west orange ). they still went like 3 rounds deep in playoffs that season.
  3. really? the few times I looked at it, seemed to be okay.
  4. I'll be your huckleberry. Jasper does not belong in the top 10.
  5. dude, like I don't know that. nah we ain't played yall the past 2 seasons. & nah jasper is not in district with Carthage. LOL🤔 you Booger Bear u.
  6. but if a team from around here has to play them in playoffs that's a GOOD thing (means that u have made it to the title game). PG I am referring to.
  7. new stadium located by the highschool. (if you come to Jasper from the south via Highway 96) take a left at the very first traffic light you come to (Bulldog Avenue) and in a couple minutes you will have arrived. That "whipping" the Pirates gave Jasper in 2015 took place over at the infamous " Alamo"
  8. THEY DO! lol my friend KJAS started streaming the DAWGS game this year via voximo
  9. OH! so you are aka Physical Atmosphere. lol dude ya gotta remember what id your logged in with before responding to post. 😂
  10. hey fellow DAWG fan. lol my son and I had a debate yesterday (sunday). he is a senior in the band, and was telling my wife and I that this game vs Vidor is homecoming. I told him he "no it's not, homecoming is Carthage game on Oct. 16." So i pulled out my season tickets and schedule to prove it to him. this morning comes and low and behold Jasper Football facebook page has a post saying this is homecoming week and it explained how to get tickets. lmao.
  11. or watch it for free on KJAS which is Jasper's radio station.
  12. My friend which one of us Jasper posters have said anything to make you think that? the Silsbee game was a close one for the DAWGS. They were able to get the "W" 20>14.
  13. As easy as Argyle made it look last night beating La Vega 35-7. they looked better at every position on the field. yes, I know La Vega will be a tough out come playoff time........i am just saying 35>7
  14. in 2015 the Pirates had a qb that could flat out run their offense. Humble? maybe was his name? they whipped our tails that night 42-21 (it really was not as close as the score would lead you to believe). The DAWGS were lost all night trying to figure out where the ball was. at times it was embarrassing.
  15. which he did get tested @ Urgent Care in Jasper. I am sooooooo happy and relieved to report that Friday afternoon his test results come back as a BIG FAT (-) !! 🤗
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