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  1. In 1921 the Waco Tigers scored 526 pts. The opposition scored 0. In fact, only one team crossed midfield once during that season against the Tigers. TALK ABOUT [email protected]!
  2. Yes sir. I agree. Imo College Station is TO CLOSE to home. Being farther away from "being the man" may have helped.
  3. *fun fact* Did you know the qb for Buffalo the day they had the above mentioned comeback is/was Frank Reich the head coach of the NFL Colts? Even more fun though is the fact that in 1984 Frank Reich while playing at the University of Maryland he lead the Terrapins to a win of 42-40 over the Miami Hurricanes. Maryland trailed 31-0 @ halftime of that game. Until 2006 that was the biggest comeback in NCAA DIVISION I football history.
  4. My team exited the playoffs 3 games short of the prize last week. That said, as Texans watching, listening to, or just hearing bout what was/is a f' ing embarrassment of a game Houston once again played today. Second in NFL history to only one other game. Of course 1st place goes to none other than Houston (oilers @ the time) in 1993 blowing a 35-3 lead and losing 38-35 to Buffalo in overtime.
  5. I think Coach Barbay's 2 year extension expires come the end of the school year.
  6. Off the charts with talent and skill. That said, it's a train wreck waiting to happen.
  7. What a momentary lapse of reasoning! *it indeed was NOT a 3 year run the Lady DAWGS made. It was an UNPRECEDENTED 4 year run to the State tourney. I stand corrected.
  8. Best name hands down(as far as football goes. I would never name my kid $) MONEY PARKS!
  9. Their 6th this decade. All the while during this decade compiling an ASTOUNDING 135 wins 8 losses 1 tie .
  10. I am yet to receive my tee shirt you were gonna send me. Mix up on my address?
  11. Lol. Live there or used to? Maybe family or friends that do?
  12. Of course that may not work out EVERY time as we all know. By doing that though it tells those 11 young men on the field he has the confidence in them to get it done. A small part of the chemistry that comes with a top notch coach, those young men give him their all due to such. Yes, Carthage has some talented players but nothing on earth can make me believe it's more than they had prior to 12 years ago when up til then had 1 finals appearance. Now 50% of the time they win it all. 🤑 The same applies I think there in Gilmer. Prior to Jeff Traylor going there what Gilmer had been to finals 1 time back in the 80s and few throughout the state had little knowledge of them as far as football goes. Once winning ways begin at a school the trickle down effect takes place and young men coming up take MUCH pride in keeping it going.
  13. Yes, it sucks for me as well. Dish network no longer has FSSW. I have loved the past years of being able to watch all of the title games.
  14. Jasper's Lady Bulldogs had an unprecedented 3 year run to state tourney in soccer!
  15. Texan Live should uh? Or do they not video broadcast title games because of the televised broadcasting?
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