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  1. Coach Carter is a great baseball coach and even a better man. He was hired at PNG to coach baseball and he has had much success. When I hear some of these post from people talking nonsense on PNG I just have to smile. In the past few years I have been approached by many people from southeast Texas and Louisiana about when will Coach Carter retire and there is several coaches in our area coaching at some of your schools that would love the opportunity to interview at PNG. I think coach Carter knows that he can stay at PNG as long as he wants and I can assure you the board supports that 100%. Go
  2. I was looking for updated standing in this district?
  3. Bottom of 7 2 outs - new pitcher PNG 2 bh 1
  4. Bottom of 7 Reinholt on the mound PNG 2 bh 1
  5. Bottom Top 6 Reinholt still pitching PNG 2 bh 1
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