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  1. Jasper graduates just 2 seniors and will return Soph PG Jermario Thomas 6'1" along with 2 other sophomores(Jacquise Bell and Lamarion Bean) and 2 freshmen(Kameron Adams and 6'3" G Kameron Ferrell) who all played significant time on varsity this year.
  2. Jasper won 11 in row before Huntington got us there.
  3. Terrien Collins for Jasper has scored 401 pts so far through 16 games. 25.1 ppg He averaged 19.8 last year also. His gunnery mate Jermario Thomas(sophomore) averages 16.5 ppg Prob doesnt make top 5 scorers, but he's a mention as a top notch PG for our area for sure.
  4. Jasper 61 Livingston 55 Terrien Collins 26pts Jermario Thomas 24pts
  5. Jasper is also 12-2. Missing win is at OF tournament over Industrial. Jasper 68 industrial 52
  6. Jasper Scores from Tournament: Jasper 93 Ned JV 74 Jasper 60 WOS 74 Jasper 68 Industrial 52 Jasper 69 Liberty 62 Huffman Declined to play Jasper Saturday because of game again Tuesday.
  7. Because the "issues" DID spill into the other sports........ sheeze The other sports coaches don't want to walk out of the locker room to find out that our boys aren't just about talking noise in a safe place behind twitter..... or taking cheap shots behind plays. All of which is stupid. Kids need to just play. Has-beens just need to enjoy the rivalry. SAFETY and caution were taken in consideration of BOTH sides. I know "issues" make for good "news" stories, but it just wasn't worth it turning into something more. This horse died, and been dead. Let him RIP
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