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  1. People can't talk about United's competition and not talk about those weak teams CE King has barely beaten. Laporte and Baytown are already eliminated. They are absolutely horrible. So that leaves North Shore, West Brook, United, CE King, and Deer Park. That King/Deer Park game should be for the final playoff spot.
  2. Its scheme and his adjustments or lack there of. WB has some kids on that defense that can play. Dude just suck as a DC and he was who I was hoping Peevey would replace.
  3. Wasn't he on the sidelines cheering his teammates on last night? Doesn't sound like a player that's leaving to me. And isn't Banks set to make his return in a couple weeks? I think the district is about to get a heavy dose of Zach Evans.
  4. Number 1 must have played QB for Nederland. They won't make the playoffs unless there's a change at that position.
  5. Lamar lost to Westfield and The Woodlands. A lot of teams would be 0-2 with those two schools as your first two games.
  6. Idk how good Longview is but John Tyler is horrible.
  7. No, I'm working days. So I'll probably end up in Port Arthur watching that T-wolves/Titans game. Dude is ridiculous. Kid has the offense averaging 58.5 pts per game and 825A is hating. Smh...
  8. I told you years ago that BISD owes your mom some of her tax money back! Yet again you post and prove me right. Smh... I know you're not trying to say that color ain't yellow.
  9. First of all that color is yellow! And secondly, if the color of y'all pants determine y'all outcomes then good luck with that. And lastly, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 😂😂😂😂😂
  10. That good QB must not have played against United.
  11. lol... lets just let the games play out and see what happens. lmao...
  12. lmao... I'm making you look like the bad guy? 56 points, 304 yard passing and 4 TDs last week and you say the offense wasn't good. So who's head is in their ass again? Whatever man. You're taking yourself way too serious. lmao...
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