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  1. United had two wins last season and has the chance to end this season 6-4. Not making the playoffs is disappointing but going from 2 wins to possibly 6 wins is an really good accomplishment for a team in their second year of existence.
  2. Cause he doesn't have a "magnet program" to get kids that live in United's zone to come to West Brook.
  4. West Brook was in this same position last season and went out and beat Deer Park. I see them playing up to their capabilities and putting the Deer away.
  5. That ain't my style. Tell that little person to make sure he keeps the camera straight when filming the game. We saw him standing in the gated area of the press box filming. Oh and tell him it's time to cut that head bald. That hairline is damn near to back of his head. And if we need information on what cameras are best to use when filming football games, we'll give him a call. That must be his expertise. Lol...
  6. Tell that midget linebacker, he's from Beaumont. That fool really acts like he played for North Shore or something. They probably won't even let his ass make the trip Thursday.
  7. Hold up! Where is the dude that posted all the credentials of the United coaching staff back when the record was 4-0?
  8. We know you're old arse ain't running anywhere. 🤣
  9. I don't even know you other than you're a loud mouth with a horribble conception of what a good high school football team looks like. I couldn't care any less about you and it has nothing to do with your skin complexion.
  10. Lmao... My 11 year old son is taller than you. It wouldn't be worth my time. But I figured that's how you would see it. Lol...
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