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  1. They looked dangerous in predistrict. They couldn't hurt a fly once district started. They were senior heavy, with a very weak JV team. We'll have to see what in store for them with the drop down to 5A.
  2. You better hope WB don't 70 piece that great coach y'all hired. Lmao... You might as well start putting 0-31 by his name!
  3. If my team lost to a team 20+ years in row, I would probably say that to. What will be your excuse this year when United doesn't do well?
  4. You don't want the score ran up, play better defense!
  5. Dude we were complimenting him. We know no one plays high school that long. Dang...
  6. Yes, it seems like that kid has been tearing it up at East Chambers for like ten years.
  7. The Bruins start the season with three scrimmages against PAM, PNG, and United. lol...
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking. Everyone will go back to the old school two a days in August.
  9. Bud Manuel is a really good RB for the Bruins also.
  10. Foxall is a stud! Kid was pulling away from North Shore as a sophomore.
  11. lmao... I agree with you that she is full of it. But what's happening with the BU football coaching search has nothing to do with West Brook. The the BISD administration sucks at hiring football coaches! Your boy Jackson is horrible, period. What hire has he made that says otherwise? They got lucky when Peevey got promoted from within. Trust me, this administration isn't doing the Bruins any favors.
  12. Well if we're giving a dude that lost 30 games in row a pass, then I'm sure we can extend that same logic to a coach that always found a way to win some games.
  13. Not according to his record! You are what your record says you are. And he was losing games before he got Socorro.
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