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  1. Payton Jones have another brother, Jordan Jones he’s the youngest. You have Willie III, Jayce , Payton, and Jordan Jones.
  2. Lol, thanks and sorry tiger nation! Congrats on your state championship! Sorry cardinalbacker didn't mean to bring anybody in on this I shouldn't have mention anything about anybody wanting your #! These people can't defend themselves especially if they don't entertain it!
  3. If you don't know what your talking about you need not comment about people parents, Mrs. Jones wasn't trying to fight anyone she was getting her kids from some grown up using profanity toward them, now you're crossing the line because if Jones father was to read this I would think he would try and find out who you are and I know that for a fact! You just saw Jones and ran with it get your fact straight before you mention someone's name jack! Leave your number and I'll make sure he gets it.
  4. I know that right, protect your kid! Don't know why everybody has it in for Silsbee kids. Most of the altercations where started by the other teams! 95% of Silsbee, WOS, LCM and every other school have well mannered kids but it's unfortunate that 5% make it bad for all the kids and the grown ups start labeling children or Silsbee or Communities!
  5. Hopefully you guys get the correct information! Yes it was a altercations when Silsbee was walking to the podium to receive their gold medals the kids where talking about football and who's going where but the one kid was upset and was a sore loser and took a swing at Jones when Jones had his back turned! Jones family is very upset with the altercation and is more upset that the Silsbee kids are being labeled as trouble makers. Willie Jones III comes from a great family and has always been a well mannered young man, wanted to retaliate and who wouldn't when someone takes a sucker punch when your back is turned but he took one for the team and let the appropriate people handle the unfortunate altercation!
  6. Fact check, it was a WOS student at the track meet trying to pick a fight the kid is a known troublemakers, he doesn't play any sports and was looking for trouble!
  7. Silsbee have a couple of players that's doing track and after baseball practice come out and support your TIGERS that's running today at the District meet in Silsbee today.
  8. Good luck to both teams and we'll see who comes out on top.
  9. Ok, I hear that you guys have more team speed also. Good luck Friday night
  10. In what places is Silsbee different that make it right? Haven't seen them this year.
  11. Learned he's about 5"10 and that's not very tall for a kid that age and I say that because Tre' Jones have a brother about that height and he's only in the 6th grade. The 8th Jones kid is gonna be good and will compete for playing time next year as a Fr.
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