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  1. Type in “port Arthur ISD YouTube channel” in you browser.
  2. Nah, PA Memorial and PNG freezes up more than it is on. I finally gave up.
  3. I don’t recommend watching on nfhsnetwork. That camera guy films all over the place while the play is going on. Parking lot, highway, opposite end zone. I think he may have been having some cold ones.
  4. Yea, not the smartest play call at the time. Offense moving the ball, late in the game when you could have tied it up. I never like seeing multiple handoffs behind the line of scrimmage by players that don’t do it often. Should have just let Branch keep control of the game.
  5. Crosby just was outsized and outnumbered. Offense needs to clean up all the silly penalties
  6. Defense holds Aaaagain ! crosby takes over at own 27
  7. Crosby was driving and tried a double reverse and fumbles the ball. GR recovers. Bonehead call. Didn’t need to get fancy. Offense was moving the ball late in the game.
  8. Defense kept them in the game as long as they could against a bigger team. GR kicks field goal GR 31 Crosby 24
  9. Crosby has taken two timeouts this game prior to punting. Poor game management.
  10. GR touchdown. 28-24 GR Sure looked like the receiver pushed off to catch that TD pass. Refs arm might be wore out though.
  11. TD Crosby 24-21 Crosby The refs might have more total yards than both teams.
  12. More dumb penalties by Crosby to give GR first and goal. TD GR 21-17 GR
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