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  1. That’s exactly right. Crosby played in 31 games in two years. That’s more than a lot of schools play in 3 years. Great season Crosby !
  2. It amazes me how many idiots that have been playing basketball for the last several weeks make stupid comments.
  3. Hopefully Crosby gets it done. Either way, the Cougars have proved a lot of people wrong on this site that said the “stars just aligned right” for them last year. They’ve definitely done better than I was hoping this year after losing so many starters. Next year should be exciting.
  4. They all are General Admission tickets and no they won’t specify home or visitor. But if you want to sit with the good guys, we are Visitors.
  5. Well, it’s no secret what Liberty Hill’s offense is going to do, it’s just a matter of stopping it. MaxPreps has them 9 for 27 with 190 yards passing all year, but rushing for over 5,000 yards. I just hope the coaches have a game plan to stop them.
  6. I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but the State semi-final games have 3 head coaches, former & present from Crosby: Flannigan (Tomball) Rio (Chappell Hill) Prieto (Crosby)
  7. If Saban was available, Barbers Hill would have already paid him.
  8. Yep, and at the end of that video clip, #15 does one of his 3 flops of the game.
  9. Karma is right. When it comes to flops to get a timeout, Karl Malone and Lebron James don’t have $hit on Texas High ! With all those fake injuries, they got about 20 timeouts.
  10. Crosby offense needs to clean up the penalties. I don’t know how many false starts we’ve had. SMH.
  11. You could buy them at the ticket booth last time. Just make sure to take cash and debit card as I have seen some stadiums only take one or the other.
  12. The AMC RB is not a power back. He was a small quick back that ran around the corner that the o-line sealed off. Once he got to our secondary, he was taken down by one of our defenders. Sometimes having to run him down. But definitely not a power back.
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