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  1. Next year will have a lot of new faces on the field for Crosby. If I am correct, there was 23 seniors on the team and 21 of them were starters. I believe McCoy Casey is the only returning starter.
  2. It was a dumb play call by the coach to call for a pass on 2nd and 2. Shouldn’t put your QB in that position.
  3. Crosby 32 Huntsville 29 Crosby 37 FBM 28 Looks like they did just fine. LOL
  4. The difference in the team that lost to Nederland and the current team is that Dunn and Branch have switched positions. Dunn is a better passer and moving Branch to RB/WR gives him space. Dunn can look down field for a receiver, dump it off to Branch, or scramble for yards. If Branch gets space, he is tough to catch.
  5. I think selling tickets in pods and limiting attendance is ridiculous. We were pretty packed in against LH. If people are scared they should stay home.
  6. Nah, you’re here supporting Crosby and we appreciate it. Maybe I can get a Code Red shirt for you.
  7. I hope you are wrong. That’s the same advantage you gave Liberty Hill, and I hope for the same results.
  8. I’ve been going to Crosby games faithfully for 44 years. Needless to say, I’m a little pumped up after last night. I hope they don’t limit the number of tickets sold, or I’ll be “storming” the stadium to gain access.
  9. He does jump early. They called it a couple times but let it go about 1000
  10. No. The game has been sold out for days.
  11. All you would have had to do was pick Crosby. LOL
  12. It’s kind of amusing, cause the guys he is arguing with aren’t even from Crosby. The game is over.
  13. You don’t. If you never purposely schedule a school that runs those offenses, you probably won’t play against them twice in 10 years.
  14. Aaand here come the Vidiots jumping on the LH bandwagon cause the only offense they’ve ever known will be competing against Crosby. How about all that “noise” y’all made dropping down to 4a ? I personally don’t care to have your support anyway.
  15. LH should line their defense up like they do when they defend the PAT kick. Seems to work then.
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