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  1. Wasn’t sure. It’s not always that way.
  2. Is this for a Head Coach and AD position ?
  3. I’ll add Shadow Creek is 31-1 in their first 2 years of varsity football. Both years in the state finals with one championship.
  4. I wouldn’t mind it either but I can’t see it benefiting Crosby to schedule Vidor. Crosby will never have to play against that style of offense all year. Probably pointless.
  5. Maybe some kids don’t have good grades and they expect them back again next year.
  6. It doesn’t make any sense, but I see this a lot where I work also. If you can’t do your job, they just lessen your responsibilities, pay you the same, and give your work to someone else. Load the mule. SMH.
  7. That’s exactly what I was talking about before. What good coach is going to take the job without being the AD ? Not sure why the administration is doing that.
  8. Looks like neither team is playing much defense.
  9. Wow. Seems like no big deal. You’d never know if you left the radio off. I thought you guys were talking a lot.
  10. Should have bought a bunch of them. Those might be a one-time collectors item.
  11. I have heard this from a lot of people, but this has never happened to me. How much of a delay are y’all talking about ?
  12. No, but if it’s not your team, it’s worth the 9.95 spent rather than drive a distance fighting traffic, sometimes paying to park(NRG), etc.
  13. Only regular season Friday night games are not live. The playoff games will be live.
  14. I would think this is more probable. It might be difficult to hire an individual for just the HC position and not the AD in a one high school district. I would also think this would be more expensive for Dayton because they are paying two separate salaries. It’s definitely about time though.
  15. I find it funny that this site gives 14.2 so much crap for quoting stats to base his opinion. Then others like this give their opinion based on what they “thought” happened or what was “supposedly” going to happen. I commend you for correcting yourself, but now I wonder if you have ever seen Huntsville play ? If you haven’t, how can you say the QB was “clearly was not 100%” ?
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