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  1. Nah, that gets played EVERYTIME they make a first down.
  2. It looks like they have a good team coming back and should easily win district. Besides PAM, I think the rest of the district looks to be weak.
  3. Even if it means waiting just weeks before the season starts ? At this point, it may be better to promote within for this year. The season is not that far off.
  4. A guy once told me those aren’t “rental property” or “apartments”. That’s “athletic housing”.
  5. not sure what you mean by “real basketball”, but both these teams beat a lot of “real teams” to get here. 30+ wins for each of them with only one loss each. That’s about as “real” as it gets.
  6. I have my opinion who may be the good RB from Crosby but I will just keep it to myself for now. I’m not referring to either Jones or Smith. Crosby does have a LOT of positions open though. Next year may be down but I think after that they will look good. I believe the Eudy kid was the QB on the freshman team. He was brought up to punt when Dunn injured his ankle. 14.2 can clarify as to what position he played on the freshman team.
  7. NCAA D1 in the Southland Conference I believe. I could be wrong though and just ranting. 😜
  8. It’s also not a rant. Just pointing out the silliness of how the district does this. For example, how many of those kids on that list will get a D1 scholarship. Branch is committed to one and didn’t even make 1st team high school district. Now how much sense does that make ?
  9. Has nothing to do with “Crosby team”. I would look at it like this: If I was fielding a “first-team” from 12-5a, Reggie Branch would be starting on it. Again I understand how they do it but also think that is ridiculous. For example, if a player played OL and DL and was hands down the best in the district at both positions, he can only get awarded for one. Back to my point that “everybody gets a trophy”. Just saying.
  10. I understand that, too. But then how do you put Dunn at Offensive MVP when he only played RB during district, and didn’t make 1st or 2nd team at that position ? Like I said, they pretty much made sure everybody got a trophy.
  11. Yea, I knew that. I guess I should have asked, what are these people thinking. It looks like a list of “everybody gets a trophy”.
  12. Wow, who comes up with these ? Reggie Branch led his team to the state finals and the only accolade he gets is 2nd team all-district QB. Didn’t even consider him for what he did as a RB, not even 2nd team. Terrible.
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