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  1. I think he did a typo and meant “horrific”. Atleast that is what I was thinking when I saw him post that. Lol
  2. Great game by that kid. I’m assuming he had to play all 4 quarters. Most starters haven’t gone past the 3rd quarter or the first half against Kpark. Maybe they have gotten better.
  3. This is not a game BH can lose. They have to win out the rest of the games to make the playoffs. PNG already holds the tie-breaker between them, and can’t have Ned owning that on them either.
  4. I got to be honest, I thought this 30 point prediction was a little ridiculous, but…….
  5. I’m surprised KPark scored 40 points. They are only averaging 14 points in district play and haven’t scored 40 all year.
  6. Not sure why we ran two pass plays when we are up by 29 with 8:00 left in game.
  7. Starting safeties for us are night and day different than our two’s
  8. It was a Carthage fan that started that myth and another Carthage poster corrected them later and stated it was only one offensive lineman. Some people are like the media and only report part of the story.
  9. Even if he has to sit out the entire game, I think they should be able to handle Santa Fe.
  10. 👆 He’s right you know. We are trash, although BH has struggled the last two weeks with unsportsmanlike penalties. Hmmm…..
  11. Nah, they will say the ref made a bad call or they were just retaliating.🙄
  12. ALL BH FANS NEED TO WATCH THAT VIDEO. Watch how the PNG player scores the touchdown, then two BH players hit the blocker in the back who did nothing to instigate that. That is how Chicken $hit BH is this year, and Karma has got them twice. And no, I’m not hijacking the thread. Good win PNG. I was hoping for this.
  13. Aaaaand, another BH unsportsmanlike conduct penalty !
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