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  1. Oh man, you’re going to get a tongue lashing for your last sentence. Here it comes.
  2. That’s just ridiculous that a team gets into the playoffs with a one win season.
  3. How many years did it take him to get to 100 ?
  4. Can’t afford them. State made us turn them all back in last year.
  5. Any updates ? I heard Dayton is making a game of it.
  6. You won’t be able to. This is the first time in a while BH has won district in football. They will be talking about this for a while.
  7. Nice post! Atleast spell “paternity” right.
  8. Definitely not one of the cheap fans that just came along. Keep sitting at home, hoping another team will lose, so you can collect a handout.
  9. Nope, laid off half the district, got cheaper coaches, starting QB sat out the first 6 weeks, still likely to finish 2nd in district.
  10. These schools that couldn’t take care of business by themselves hoping Crosby will lose. SMH. Sitting around waiting for handouts. Hmmm....sounds familiar.
  11. That is if Crosby beats Lee. If Crosby loses it can change the seeding. A Crosby loss and a Vidor win puts Vidor in. (I believe)
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