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  1. I didn't say Carthage was having a down year. Maybe I implied Gilmer is on an upswing which I believe they are. Carthage has played one game of which I was somewhat trying to make a comparison. Thats all the info I've got to work with other than they have 7 state titles in the past. We will know more Friday night
  2. The good thing about Carthage/Gilmer is that they are very familiar with each other. Where Carthage intimidates some, Gilmer will not be in awe. This group of kids are young. Lots of underclassmen that play a lot. Hopefully we don't fall behind early like we did to Hendo and Lindale. We scored 42 in the 3rd quarter against Lindale to erase a 35-14 halftime deficit. We can't do that against Carthage or we will get our hats handed to us. I like our chances. For what it worth Carthage beat Kilgore 27-7. Kilgore lost Friday night to a pretty good Gladewater team that we demolished. Gladewater
  3. Buckeyes look to try and get some payback over the Dawgs for the last few years. Carthage basically had its schedule canceled due to scheduling 5A teams and not being able to get anyone in lower classes to help them out. A 27-7 victory over Kilgore is there only game. Buckeyes come in with wins over Gladewater, Atlanta, Henderson and Lindale. Lots of firepower in the offense as Junior QB Brandon Tennison has already broken 2 team records for yardage and the Buckeyes have as a team broken their yardage record for a single game. Carthage stingy defense looks to shutdown the Gilmer squad. Its on
  4. Sorry guys I wasn't even thinking about that. I saw where they were 0-0 and was a little confused. Hope they get Fridays game in.
  5. We plan on playing them.........twice
  6. 6A Tyler Lee opened up today as Kurt Traylor is headed to UTSA with his brother Jeff. All reports are the leading canidate is none other than Art Briles.
  7. He learned well from Jeff Traylor. They both cut from same mold. Go for it anywhere!!!!
  8. Last to first.......WTH🤣🤣 The 3a guys got me. East Bernard and Brock
  9. I wouldn't say they play dirty.........but when you line up against them you better be ready for a brawl. They are rough and tumble for sure.
  10. Carthage about like the Patriots. Sometimes I be like, damn, can we just get somebody else!!! I picked LaVega from beginning of playoffs. When they got by Argyle I was pretty sure. I don't think Carthage has enough this time around.
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