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  1. 14-36 United Nederland played their bench for almost all of the 2nd quarter
  2. Yes they were forced to forfeit. Our district being so spread out makes it hard to get fair officiating traveling that far. Those officials know the schools in the golden triangle will never be contracting/paying them and they do show favoritism. Which poor officiating is what I heard was the reason for the uproar.
  3. Im not saying Nederland should of won this game, but the officials in this game should be completely ashamed. The calls were ridiculous, foul count was 11-3 at half and not any better in 2nd half. My daughters jersey was ripped from sleeve to middle chest but she was never fouled.
  4. Nederland gave the game away with very poor decisions down the stretch and PAM took full advantage! Congratulations to them
  5. Well volleyball lasted a lot further into basketball than previous years. We had 5 coming from vball. Two of those are starters, that was only their 3rd game in. The three sophomores contributed 39 of the 49 pts, and basketball is only the main sport to one of them. There’s still a lot of season left, don’t count them out.
  6. Congratulations to Nederland’s 3 freshmen and the rest of the girls!
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