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  1. The election won’t be overturned. The Dems are much to devious for that. Any proof of fraud has long since been placed in landfills and wiped off any systems. The glaring mathematical facts convinced me the election was stolen. The numbers, though mathematically possible, are so improbable that it’s illogical to think otherwise. Just like Armstrong winning 7 straight Tour de France while being drug free. Possible, but highly improbable.
  2. Old Joe wanted his name in the history books. It’ll be there. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-crises-pile-up-as-presidents-approval-plunges
  3. I’ll go with Silsbee. To much potential. It’s going to bust loose someday, and Friday may be the day.
  4. The local 4A-D2 is a very competitive District this year. As usual WOS is the one to beat, but OF, Liberty, HF and Silsbee will be in the mix. WOS OF HF Silsbee
  5. Hey AAW, no problem. Everyone should realize you’re pulling double duty. Hopefully y’all can get someone to help out. We all appreciate the effort of you and Mrs, AAW.
  6. Referees For Dummies. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I didn’t know it either…..
  7. This’ll be my “game of the week” since the Pirates have a bye. Also suspect it’ll be one of the better games in the area. LCM is kicking into high gear and Jasper’s season, expected to be stellar, has been frustrating due to Covid and two close losses to PNG & Vidor. They’ll want to take it out on da Bears, but this ain’t no gimme. Good luck to both.
  8. But that Dawg Defense is little short of awesome. Can’t see anyone putting many points on them. If Carthage can manage to get 21 points (between O & D) I think they win against any 4A team.
  9. Lol, may be the first time I’ve ever heard of a team scheduling their HC against a good team they’ve never beat before. That took moxie.
  10. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned, the impressive way the OL for the Pirates blew out Jasper’s DL on the TD & extra point. I saw a video of those and it was an awesome display of power and determination. They knocked them back about 3 or more yards.
  11. So many advances in technology. So many folks laud these advances, but you’ve pointed out one of the glaring downsides. It’s great for out of area news, but local coverage suffers. Yes, this is a good news/bad news scenario. Sad because we lose so much local background and color, be it sports or a crime scene. Cest la vie.
  12. I remember the “good old days” when Saturday’s Beaumont Enterprise had articles and stats for all area games. Sure miss that.
  13. I’m still trying to figure out how Orangefield does so well running an antiquated offense like Vidor does. How could they be 4-1 and Vidor 4-0? It’s a mystery folks…. 😂😂😂
  14. Not sure but based on the Pickums, between Vidor, Orangefield and maybe Nederland, there’ll be a crow shortage at the stores. 😂😂
  15. This District looking more and more impressive. District record is now up to 22 wins and 5 losses, with all 6 teams having a winning record. As usual, Huffman leading. Huffman 5-0 Vidor 4-0 Livingston 4-1 LCM & Splendora 3-1 Lumberton 3-2
  16. Been watching/following area HS football for many years. For you young folks, in MCM throw out records or rankings. When these two go at it, it’s something special.
  17. This should be a great game. LCM showing a good offense against a very good Jasper defense. Reminds me of what the old man said before getting in a fight, “Here boy, hold my teeth”. 😂
  18. Sadly the officiating (a necessary evil, & hats off to them) in several sports seems to have dropped off somewhat. But bad as they may be, there’s no game without them. I saw video of one play where the Jasper QB went back to pass & started rolling to his right. #99 was bulling passed the center & right out in the open the center wrapped both arms around him in what looked like an attempted tackle. Couldn’t believe there was no flag. Anyway, proud of the Pirates. As posted before, no quit in these guys.
  19. On the plus side, sounds like the “lot to clean up” is all fixable. I really think y’all will see much success.
  20. No - wasn’t much lead changing going on, LOL. But got the best part right. 👍
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