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  1. Where did the tweet originate from, wise guy??? Lulz
  2. ^^^ Funny, but there was absolutely zero DBU on that field last week from either side.
  3. I can dig it but I think RoJo will get his chance at QB again. Remember, Chiles should starts...
  4. Again, I had a great time and experience with the fans that were there. It's the 3 days post game that has me pissed off along with a lot more UT folks. Talk about some lying titty babies! Imagine what it would be like had they lost!!
  5. And you think this would prevent him from saying it? Have you not been paying attention??? Lol
  6. https://www.tigerdroppings.com/lsu-football/heres-why-tickets-for-lsu-vs-texas-are-so-limited-for-tigers-fans/85161360/ See link above for the reason on why the band and LSU section was in upper deck. We'll have the same arrangement next year. http://www.lsusports.net/PhotoAlbum.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=5200&PALBID=2206989 All these pictures of the LSU locker room and not one blower in site. Nor is there a single coach dripping with sweat, nor a player. I guess they have their sweat glands removed as part of their LOI. All this with 100+ degree heat, and I was there and I was sweating my ass off. And I'm skinny.
  7. And how many La Tech guys cramped up? How many LSU offensive guys cramped up? Where did Skip Holtz say there was no air? That was Ogre putting those words in his mouth. But you guys keep crying about your win.
  8. Nobody cares, that's the whole point. Y'all won the game and still cried all the way home. Then your fat freakin excuse for a coach lied to everyone, so I'd expect some weird stuff to happen the next time we play. You guys harassed our QB and coaches the night before, for Christs sake. You guys expect to hit below the belt and cry about your band sitting up top, visiting section in the upper deck, having to guess the coin flip, and wearing your visitors jerseys. What a loser program you have. Worse than aggy. I hope we play y'all again in the bowl game.
  9. Again, do some research. Just a little bit would inform you that DKR's visitors locker room AC chillers are tied to both the North end zone suites AND other areas of the school. So, it can't just be switched off without taking the entire system down. Do you think we would do that to our entitled big money donors that paid for said suites just to pick on little ol' LSU? If you believe that, you're literally too ignorant to post here. Not to mention, Ogre would've had the major meat sweats coming out of the locker room. Like he just ate a whole pot of possum and nutria gumbo meat sweats... This is just a flat out lie to cover up all those soccer style dives you guys had in the second half. Nothing else to see here.
  10. You are seriously never gonna learn, are you?? Good grief. See also, Hoops post above.
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