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  1. No, Sam. You didn't do a great job. None of you did. Julius Caesar is rolling over in his ashes.
  2. I agree with this. I was at LSU and their fans repeatedly told me how impressed they were with our OL. That's a damn sight from where we are as a group now. Can't run the ball to save our lives. Me thinks Herman has lost the locker room. He'll get at least another year, but he's gonna have to make some moves on his staff. Injuries or no injuries, this year has been a miserable disappointment.
  3. From my understanding, it's because the 11am game is considered a national game, while the 230 games are considered regional. There are a lot more games on the slate at 230 so it is plausible.
  4. What's the point of this post? Are you on record here saying he'll never play QB at Texas? Because, I'm not doubting him for anything after seeing how he's transitioned to RB in such short order. I'm more of the mindset that you're waiting on someone to pat you on the back for saying something along those lines, which is a typical ETBF mentality.
  5. Umm... Y'all both suck **** through a straw never crossed your mind?
  6. Expect a 10 spot jump by aggy in the polls after this incredible win. In the $EC, it just means more.
  7. Where did the tweet originate from, wise guy??? Lulz
  8. ^^^ Funny, but there was absolutely zero DBU on that field last week from either side.
  9. I can dig it but I think RoJo will get his chance at QB again. Remember, Chiles should starts...
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