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  1. Always fun to listen to the rah rahs duke it out after a loss. Rule number 1 of football, always go 100% and never let your guard down. This is not a participant ribbon sport. Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt, but it is part of the game.
  2. I never predicted our win, losses wrong. I did not think Nederland would lose to give us a way in.
  3. Whoaaaa. I said 6-4 or 5-5. I have been right on all losses, my only bad prediction was BH which we won. I even damn near predicted the half and final Crosby score!!!!!!!! I like my crow grilled though!!!!!
  4. I have to be honest. I would love to see PNG win. For a few reasons. I won’t put them out here, because it’s only my opinion. But I would like to see this group of kids prove a lot of people wrong.
  5. I’m not quite sure that was the hit. The hit was right before the half, and resulted in a personal foul. Although that’s a great hit in the video. It’s not seen on the full video of the game. But the opposing player was down for quite a while.
  6. Best DE I have seen is the first Schexnaider kid. No idea why he didn’t get a full ride. He was a book end. Mid 2000s. His younger brother was good as well. But he was a straight beast.
  7. Chris was the best safety I have seen by a mile. Back in his days I was on the sidelines. The only game I ever seen him think we had been outclassed was against Dayton his junior year. We were sitting in the Lamar field house and I asked him we are tied, do we have this. His exact words… I don’t know what these guys are eating, but they are strong and fast. We went on to lose that game. After, he said it won’t happen again. And he made sure to make a statement the next year when we scrimmaged Dayton. After the bench clearing brawl, he made a statement to his team. And that was a run to the SC.
  8. Most of the folks on here get caught up on statistics. A lot more is needed to be a GOAT. Athleticism, heart, god given talent, and work ethic, plus hardware. It’s hard to pick Ritchie, honestly because I never seen him play live. And his stats are mediocre I would imagine. But he has the hardware. And that’s all you need. If I would have seen him play I would probably pick him. The first QB I remember is Deny Duhon. But in those days we became a laughing stock under Butch. Defensively I have seen some great players. Maybe the best middle linebacker I have seen was a kid named Justin Smith, on
  9. I have been trying to tell everyone all year Crosby is on a different level. The difference between Crosby and most other schools, is they have the same talent level on both sides of the ball. Where as most of the schools are loaded up on the offensive side. Nothing wrong In my eyes with a little SWAG.. I would think Crosby should be favored to make a deep run again. They Will definitely be playing in December. A team like Crosby makes the rest of our district better. Some times you need a good beat down to see the truth!!
  10. I never seen him play, but I have been told that Wilson Weber is by far the best LB to ever wear purple. That comes from men who are legends in this town, so I take their word. For me, Shawn Lang at LB. We have had a ton of insanely good book ends. So that’s a tough one.
  11. No and I mean no problems on that. He has the hardware. Problem is I actually didn’t see him play. But if I did he would be my GOAT.
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