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  1. Well, it’s time for the non rah rah post!! I have watched some scrimmages, and I will say this. I love the energy, and I love the fact they are getting coached up. The few moves Joseph made are interesting, mainly because Loftin at NG was done rather quickly, which shows me he has done some homework. I actually told his mom before it was made, he needed to be at NG, and it happened quick. The CB coming back that was suspended last year is a big help as well. He is the fastest kid on the defensive side of the ball. Am i expecting miracles? No. I do think we will see improvement. I also like Landon on defense as well, he brings swag. I think the hope, would be to sneak in as a 2 seed best case, and go in the playoffs an underdog and sneak up on teams. Tommy is getting a fresh start as well with BF gone, and if he can stay healthy he will have a good season at RB. Only time will tell, I think our non district games will help us out a lot. We are undersized in several positions, but I think the main goal is to tackle and do some fundamental stuff well, that we haven’t done in years. I’m not sure if we are going to be better record wise, but i do think you will see a better effort all around, versus years past. For the outsides, a lot of people had lost faith in BF, so I think a change will help motivate, and bring a new energy, as we seen in the inter squad scrimmages.
  2. I don’t actually know you. But you are in the know.
  3. You know, in all reality, with my Tecmo Bowl experience, I could make a few changes as the DC and make it a better defense. Just sayin……
  4. Everyone seems to be half glass empty on this hire. I think it might be a home run. He has a hell of a tree of communication. He has been around winning cultures. He is a phone call away for advice from several legit SC winning coaches. He is defensive minded, young, and bringing in a good OC. He came highly recommended, and due to the fact he was out of coaching a few years, was available. Versus what could have been, I think they possibly made a great choice. Time will tell, but i am not sure why all the unrest with all the rah rahs. Jump on board with this guy and you might all be surprised…….. What people seem to forget, is with RJ, if we would have had a defense, and not all loaded up on offense, we could have made a run. For all the BF lovers, all we heard was MB only made a run because of Dustin Long… Well he made that run when BF couldn’t with RJ…Are we SC contenders… nope…. But this could be a good hire. New blood, comes from winning cultures, and will get great advice from people in the know of TX HS Football. Maybe another Danny Malone here. BF is gone, let’s move forward.
  5. Brilliant move. Dodge is a guy If you read my original post from a few months back that I mentioned. He knows how to build a culture. And that’s what PNG needs. After all the negative publicity, I think after sitting back and looking at the big picture the powers that be got it right. Do I think you will see big names on the list? No… But I do think you can find another guy like BF, and with the help of a TD, change the culture. Just my opinion, and as you all know my only coaching experience is Tecmo Bowl..
  6. I did last night as well. Although I have many years experience playing Tecmo Bowl, I have decided I cannot handle the political aspects of the job. My Masters in TB was accredited if anyone is wondering!!
  7. This thing is going to be interesting for sure. The only public statement made has been by one school board member. And he stated this has nothing to do with anyone but Fairclothe wanting out. So the job is posted, time will tell. Everyone knows the 2 names that have been thrown around. At this point, IMO, the school board will do a diligent job and find the best candidate available, because in all honesty, if they don’t, re election will be difficult. The plot thickens!!!!!!
  9. 😂😂😂. We will keep it confidential via Text. But you know!!!
  10. Well, I can say It now. I told you so……. No need to argue on the next coach. The 2 finalists are names we all know. BF did his time, although I’ve never been a fan, I hate to see his kid not finish up along with 80% of the starters back. If anyone for one second thinks he is leaving because he wants to, your crazy. 80% of your team back, fresh off a 3rd round, with realignment in our favor…. Use common sense folks. Shout out to him for bringing in offense. Let’s see how this all unfolds now. If you want the results now, just read my old posts.
  11. Someone needs to talk to BF and see if he even wants to stick it out here, he’s been done pretty dirty over not wanting to say no… It’s a shame to be in a bind over trying to win, when winning is what should keep you employed…
  12. I figure if the Superintendent could call me out by name to Admin, he surely Would be able to comment to the public. Last I looked these are not lifetime political positions. Starting from the top. Tax payer money??? I’m all ears. I stand by what I said 100%… And I think the kids have spoken. So to all the school board members and Admin, the ball is now in their court. Everyone has a voice. It’s called a democracy. For anyone who doubted my original post, you can quit now. I was 100% on target using a source that leaked the news from their own camp. Maybe in the future the board will be able to shed some light on the situation. But in the end, it’s all about votes. So 8500 season ticket holders will have a voice on all new elections. Do the right thing is all the kids asked. Makes sense to me….
  13. I’ll call the dogs off………. I won’t post again. Remember my thread in a few months. Make sure you get out and vote for school board elections when they come up. To all who have hit me up, thanks for the info. To all that think I’m full of poop, thank you!! I guess in the big scheme of things, once it shakes out, that’s when citizens can speak their true voice. My posts are to inform you as well as entertain you. But it’s also a valiant attempt to keep BF around for another year. In conclusion, I’m not a fan of BF, but I think the dude should get a fair shake until his kid is graduated. But in todays world, things are different. The cheerleading squad has almost as many members as the football team, and the co heads are equal to an entire offense. Maybe I need to jump on board with this new mentality, or stick to playing Tecmo Bowl… I just hope my season tickets are not revoked due to my banter…. If so, I will need to rely on you fellow Internet warriors to sneak me into a mid County madness game if possible…
  14. So you have the avenues. Talk to Joe Dale Cary and Chuck Langston. Get back with all of us and let us know what the outcome is. Surely it will shut up a ton of people including myself, if they have no interest… Let’s see who has the better sources……
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