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  1. I read an interview with Adrian Peterson... He was in Palestine right after CT left. He mentioned that CT had kinda said that kids in Palestine couldn't handle the "Mustang Way" and that had a big impact on pushing Peterson to achieve. It's tough, man... kids have to be compliant with the program and if the kids have never been compliant (and possibly have non-compliant role models around the house), it's hard to coach 'em up. But you're right... winning fixes lots of that stuff.
  2. Nah... half of the team would have quit. It takes a special community to handle a tough coach. I know we couldn’t. Palestine couldn’t take CT. I’ve got a feeling that the community over there wouldn’t tolerate a no-bs football guy. I hope that I end up getting proven wrong.
  3. True in some cases... but def not all. Every school has athletes who never manage to contribute because of their personal “extracurriculars.” We’ve has our share over in lily-white BC. My GUESS is that there is tons of talent that never gets developed or sees the field at BU. That’s unfortunate. But I doubt it’s because anybody had to choose between football practice and sacking groceries at Market Basket. I also felt like BISD admin was more concerned with making a “statement” hire when they selected BU’s first coach. There’s something to be said about hiring the best guy you can get vs hiring somebody who has a lot of intangible qualities... of which being a top-notch football coach isn’t one. Personally I’d love to see BU roll over WB, but it hasn’t happened yet.
  4. What’s the average salary of a Newton household versus a Beaumont household? I know it would be convenient to try and blame “privilege” again, but you’re wasting your time. It’s coaching and parenting primarily in my opinion. Definitely not a talent issue.
  5. I invite everybody to visit the north end zone and admire the monument to our 1966 state champion football team. Then visit our newly renovated baseball stadium. Nice turf, huh?
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... There's no upside for a bigger school to play Newton. It's like picking a fight in a gay bar. If you win, you can't brag about it, but you'd better not lose.
  7. Give me a break.... Those teams can beat SOME teams in 4A and 5A. In some years. Newton wouldn't have a single ring if they played in 4a D1. That's a fact. But yes, they can beat up on a lot of mediocre 4A teams like ours in a lot of years. Lumberton would have had more success if they weren't always the small fish in the local 5A District.
  8. If you have time, go to Florida's Kitchen off 350 South.... Homestyle food. Well, not like the food we had at my house, but it's really good. Patron's in the Brookshire Brother's parking lot for Mexican. Shrimpboat Manny's is good seafood, but probably a lil pricey.
  9. If anybody can point me at a school with a worse district draw, I'd be glad to hear about it. Last realignment cutoff numbers for District 11-4A-D1 wasn't very kind to us. Bridge City 791 Huffman 1075 LiCk'eM 1009 Livingston 1078.5 Lumberton 1125 Splendora 1145
  10. Lumberton is that guy that always shows up at the drag strip with a primered Olds Cutlass and never beats anybody.
  11. Great football coach. Y’all should check out the improvements at our baseball field!
  12. Newton Turkey laigs... I like any stand (Huffman comes to mind) that has Chick-fil-A sammiches... it hits the spot. Jambalaya at the Superdome can't be beat, either.
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