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  1. “That Ol’ Pope is gonna be the most hated demon in all of hell.” My grandfather, circa 1985. RIP, Pop-pop.
  2. The native Americans aren’t willing to give up that title of “most oppressed” to the blacks quite yet.
  3. Now that the Cherokees have started coming across as whiny little _______s, their selection as the PNG mascot is more appropriate than ever.
  4. Racism has been an issue pretty much forever. It’s not just black and white, either. It’s just so much more convincing when it’s played with a Southern accent. The other side of your argument is this. Black America get uncomfortable when you mention that maybe things aren’t as bad in 2020 as people of color have been taught to believe. But you’re right... we’re all going to have to concede some or this thing is never gonna work out for everybody... but you do realize that you’ve got to come away from your beliefs, too.... right? You mentioned your education, your background, and your financial success. You also mentioned your wife’s success. I don’t know you, but I can tell that you’re an intelligent dude. You haven’t mentioned kids that I recall, but if you do, I’m confident that they are good kids. It sounds to me like you see yourself as a success, in spite of a biased system that holds your community down. I see you as a guy that’s made good decisions and is reaping the benefits of those decisions....Proving that racism isn’t an insurmountable obstacle here in the US&A. A guy that proves everyday that HE is the reason for his own success. An good example for young people who need some positive influences. Seriously, tho... is that ODB In your profile pic?
  5. Somebody ought to go to prison over this.
  6. I saw a commercial on tv a couple of weeks ago for the muffler shop that sits on the corner of Gulfway and Memorial in the PAT. Good for them. Good feelings. And at the end comes a screen that says “Support your local black owned business” or something to that effect. You’d get CRUCIFIED for saying “support your local white-owned business.” The idea that “I can do something but if you do the same thing, you’re a bad person” needs to go. That’s the actual fuel that’s stoking the fires of unrest here in 2020. I can say this word. You can’t . I can voice my opinion. You can’t. I deserve this... you don’t. And it’s all based on race. For what it’s worth, I don’t stop at convenience stores that advertise “American owned.” That’s not right, either. That’s an instance of “dog whistle” that I can agree on.
  7. Help me out here... you start by pointing out that I’ve made assumptions about you, and you know what? You’re right. I have made some. Then you turn right back around and toss some my way. You know, rebel flags on my truck. It’s no different when you do it. Why don’t we BOTH try to limit our insults to facts instead of assumptions? I’ll try my best to explain. Personal example that I hope to use as a parable. When I was in my early twenties, I had long hair and a lot of my friends and I raced cars on the street. It was not at all uncommon to find ourselves pulled over and sat on the curb with multiple cop cars on the scene. I’ve had my license ran numerous times even though I was just a passenger in a car. I’ve had my car searched multiple times for no apparent reason. I’ve gotten tickets I deserved. I’ve been to court in Galveston County and seen dash cam footage of a deputy telling my friend “well, I’ve already dealt with your long-haired friend (me) today... I guess now it’s your turn.” These weren’t just times where we were breaking laws... plenty of times they got us “just because.” The difference is that I don’t see those interactions as racist at all. It never even crossed our minds that race could have been an issue. Even if you had done nothing wrong, you were still paying a price for all of the knuckleheads that looked like me, dressed like me, and drove a car like me.... and actually did screw up a lot. At the end of the day, they weren’t stopping me because I drove a Mustang... they were stopping me because so many kids that drove Mustangs were complete d!ckheads who endangered the public with racing, got in fights, carried guns, got high and had a tendency to run from the cops. The HUGE difference is that I could get a haircut and a different car and those problems all would disappear... black kids can’t do anything about their race ... but like I said, it’s a parable. It sucks, but plenty of black kids who are doing nothing wrong get scrutiny because of the ones that ARE out doing wrong. The question is, do you blame the cops or do you blame the kids that actually are out raising hell and bringing all of the heat down on everybody else? I don’t know you well enough to make any assumptions about you, Santa. You claim to have gotten a settlement from your own interaction with the police in 2008, and you semi-boasted yesterday about getting a cop fired while you were on your HOA. No offense, but it kinda sorta sounds like you have a little bit of a hard on for police. Is it possible that your opinions are more adverse than a lot of ours, and if so, what can be done to fix it? And you’re not totally wrong about my truck. I call her “White Power.”
  8. Joseph was a slave thousands and thousands of years ago. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt. But that’s nothing compared to the horrors that slaves faced here in the US during that 250 year span. Absolutely no comparison.
  9. “You guys?” Is that a trigger for you, too? I can’t remember exactly, but yesterday you said something along the lines of I was a racist, from a racist town, and had a rally to attend. And everybody from BC, Vidor, and a couple of other towns were all racist. And you repeated the story about the “sundown” sign in Vidor being around in the late 90s. Isn’t it crazy how there’s not a single picture of that sign in existence? Digital cameras existed in the late 90s.... but nobody ever bothered to snap a picture of the danged thing? Crazy, huh? I don’t doubt that such a thing COULD have existed in the 50s or 60s. Definitely not the 90s. But I’ve never even seen a single solitary old black and white picture of it. Not even once. Heard about it a lot, though. And as far as “us” and “y’all,” I had to go back and reread his post to make sure that SETX was in fact black before I wrote what I did. Lastly, people who yell “black lives matter” and scream “all lives matter is racist” probably shouldn’t get to offended by “us” and “y’all.”
  10. That’s interesting, considering that there were approximately 4 million slaves here at the end of the civil war. I guess by your standards, America has the blood of every old slave that died of natural causes on our hands, too, lol. But I’m with you. Dying of pneumonia, cancer, or during childbirth is exactly like getting gassed in a concentration camp. Wait. It’s WORSE to die from tuberculosis, errrrrrrrr.... because of “slavery” than to die in a concentration camp. If you can’t tell, I’m not impressed by your rationale. And I think you meant to say “Both were tragic but if you are going to sit here and tell me that anyone has had it worse than black people, you’re poorly educated.”
  11. I’m curious, too. I’m a “held my nose and voted Trump” guy.
  12. I’m generally trying to figure out which candidate will do the least damage while in office.... typically the repub. I’m not totally opposed to Biden, depending on who his VP pick is. Face it, the odds are stacked against either of the two pres candidates making it through their terms. I really wish that Biden wouldn’t pick somebody to be VP that would never be elected in a general election.
  13. Lol.... Let's not let the fact that 6 million Jews were exterminated in Europe overshadow that the fact that 8 unarmed black people per year are dying at the hands of police here in America. Sounds like somebunny's got a that typical touch of anti-semitism in 'em.
  14. Truer words have not been spoken, my friend. And you guys are absolutely as capable-that's not even a question. Don't doubt that for a second. Anybody that argues that the black community is somehow "less" than anybody else by nature or race is a bigoted fool. I know of older people (now gone on) that literally believed that black people didn't have souls. Seriously. Like dogs. Not going to heaven. No souls. There are so many positive things that the black community collectively has. I'm envious of the amount of faith that I see in your community. The positive body image that black girls have over their white counterparts. The list goes on and on. There's no doubt that your community has so much potential that just needs to be focused... Face it. Life has gotten better for each generation in my family. My great grandparents were impoverished... they had hard lives. My Grandparents were what would be considered typical middle-class for the 40/50/60s... they still had to work hard. My parents' generation had it even easier... less manual labor and a solidly middle to upper middle class lifestyle. My generation all benefited from post-high school education and jobs that really don't demand much of us physically. Our quality of life is not bad at all. We're so blessed. Our kids grew up blessed. I kind of think we're hitting the ceiling for what can be accomplished, though. I'm kinda thinking that my kids and future generations are gonna have a harder time outdoing us based on societal changes... student debt, stagnant job market, etc. This is the first time in probably a hundred years that it's possible that our kids won't have it as good as we did. On the other hand, you guys have so much opportunity to better yourselves over the next few generations. Genuine changes that create a tide that will raise all of your boats. It just won't happen if the plan to move forward is to "tear it all down."
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