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  1. We're undefeated in District. Don't sleep on us.
  2. It's the lead on Drudge.... Your last post was from the Gateway Pundit, soooooo.......
  3. At long last the auditing is complete... Biden won even bigger, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Despite repeated claims to "not raise taxes on American families earning less than $600/year," They're trying to find unreported income from people who make ANY amount of money. Everybody's gonna have have to pony up their "fair share" in our new Socialist Utopia.
  5. I'm pretty sure that God hates Newton County as a whole. Floods, Hurricanes, wildfires, more floods.... even their only Mexican Food Restaurant burned down. On a plus note, they did get the burned-down courthouse rebuilt. I actually had a place on Toledo Bend and Allstate was like "pass" when I tried to insure the place. They said that it was because there were no fire departments out there. I was like, "no way! I'm literally like a mile from the fire station at Indian Creek" and they just laughed and hung up.
  6. My understanding is that the vent is a treatment of last resort... they put the patient on a vent when they will literally die in minutes because of lost lung function. I mean, they could forgo the vent and just let them croak and that would help your 75% stat, but I doubt that the families of the 25% who do survive would appreciate that. That's a remarkable change from earlier in the pandemic when they thought vents were the answer. We're in much better shape now than we were in the summer of 2020 in regards to treatment. If we were still doing things the "old way" this summer the
  7. Social security is a pyramid scheme. Everybody just clenches their teeth and hopes that they make it to retirement age so that they can yell "it's my money!" when, in fact, there's nowhere near enough put back. If you hoped to retire, you'd need to put 10%+ into a retirement account that compounded with interest/growth to have any hopes of retiring. Instead, you're putting up 12.4 of your income (up to $142,800- you have social security withholdings above that number the wage cap used to be lower). When you go through the math, 12.4% of what you earned back in 1972 isn't going
  8. That stuff is DANGEROUS. Somebody gave me a chunk of a Nerds Rope/edible and I woke up with some strange woman's tongue in my mouth.
  9. Same.... like how does a 71 year old retired Pentecostal Lady end up feeling that Trump was sent here by God to save us from the Left? He's one of the most immoral presidents that we've ever had. So much love for Melania by the ultraconservatives.... you know, the ones who say Michelle Obama is really a man. Did you think we'd ever have a First Lady whose nudes are readily available on the internet? I sure didn't.... and I NEVER would have believed that her and her husband would be the darlings of the ultraconservatives! WTH? Bizarro World, I tell you.
  10. Don’t take it from me. Trump himself boasted that he could shoot somebody in broad daylight on 5th avenue and not lose any voters. My guess is that he (like you) believes that envy is the only reason somebody would vote against Trump.
  11. I guess that's the question... if the Feds gave 2m of the 1 bn dollars of texas' money for Beaumont's public transportation, then where did it go? Sorry... it was 6.26 million for public transportation improvements in Beaumont. PAT got 6.22 million as well. I'm just saying.. if you're still driving the same ol' raggedy buses and the drivers/contractors didn't get a bump, then where did the money go?
  12. Honestly? No.... to most people he's a cartoon character come to life, but somehow idolized by people who you'd expect to despise him. I know a handful of Pentecostal people who whole-heartedly support Trump. Despite the 8 abortions he paid for, confessed sexual assaults, foul language, infidelities, "Corinthians Two," etc..... I used to wonder how Hitler rose to power. Blind loyalty.... that's the answer, and there are a lot of people walking around with undying loyalty to Trump. Heck, a few thousand of them ransacked the Capitol back in January.
  13. In 2016, Hillary’s democratic voters didnt turn out and Trump’s supporters did. Trump’s supporters (and more) turned out in 2020, too, but he mobilized millions of other people to go vote for Biden. Die hard trump supporters overlook his buffoonery…. Moderates, undecideds, and lefties all went out and voted to get rid of Trump. And he only has himself to blame.
  14. The last number that I read claimed that almost 60% of Americans paid no income tax in 2020, partly because of gifts from the Treasury because of Covid. It's hard to exist when the people who don't pay taxes actually set the spending/taxes. It's like loading the family up to go out and eat, and the kids picking what we're gonna eat because there are three kids in the back seat and they keep out-voting mom and dad up front.
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