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  1. I think we were keeping it to talented kids that transferred to arguably better programs.
  2. You are either mistaken or a liar... I’m not sure which. Somebody else brought it up and I addressed it. That street runs both ways, my thin-skinned friend. And thin-skinned isn’t a racist dig, either, Missy.
  3. Earl Thomas III, for starters. Everybody knows that he was a band man at LCM back in the day. Anybody else wanna guess why he went down to the Cove? (And he's a pretty good example of why transfers CAN turn out okay... I'll concede that point). I can't remember why, but I was always under the impression that DT and Johnny Shaw were transfers, too.... But that could be entirely my imagination. If I'm wrong, lemme know. Thanks!
  4. Same as always.... somebody says something about WOS that isn't "Oh, they're so AWESOME" and those clowns lose their minds. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. It's okay to say "WOS loses kids to athletic transfers" but you can't say "WOS has athletic transfers in."
  5. I'm not hanging onto anything. Look at the ratings. https://rptsvr1.tea.texas.gov/cgi/sas/broker?_service=marykay&_debug=0&sublevel=camp&single=N&batch=N&app=PUBLIC&ptype=H&title=2019+Accountability+Reports&_program=perfrept.perfmast.sas&ptype=P&level=campus&search=campname&namenum=west+orange&campus=181906001&prgopt=2019%2Facct%2Fcampus_list.sas&subj=RE Your campuses scored: 61 ,61, 57, and 76 for all campuses. With your economically disadvantaged bonus points they averaged you up to 78%. And I'd be willing to bet that 76 from the HS is a bad number based on your past performance. My guess is that your super is trying one last ditch effort (like Beaumont ISD... Remember Patricia Lambert?) to save his overpaid position. WOS came about in 1977 and it won't be around much longer. Just another sad footnote in Texas High School History.
  6. https://rptsvr1.tea.texas.gov/cgi/sas/broker?_service=marykay&_debug=0&sublevel=camp&single=N&batch=N&app=PUBLIC&ptype=H&title=2018+Accountability+Reports&_program=perfrept.perfmast.sas&ptype=P&level=district&search=district&namenum=west+orange&district=181906&prgopt=2018%2Facct%2Fsummary.sas&subj=RE
  7. No, sir... You misunderstood. I wasn't criticizing you guys. But more trying to illustrate how a school (using WOS as an example) could be transferred into and out of for athletic reasons and defy scrutiny under the current ruleset based on different reasonings. I remember the qb that left for the 2015 season. I'm not familiar with the other scenario. It's happened at BC, too. When Dubois came in 2015 you had kids (starting WRs) wanting to move to their other parent's houses in other districts that run the spread. There was also a kid that just-so-happened to move to BC from HJ that season. His family literally rented a house and moved back out immediately following graduation. Kid never gelled with the squad... to the point of not riding the bus with the team, etc..... And you are mistaken. You guys were #1404 out of 1415 last year. No dispute there. https://www.orangeleader.com/2018/09/12/a-new-school-year-at-west-orange-cove/ https://www.12newsnow.com/article/news/local/parents-upset-about-west-orange-cove-cisds-low-state-ranking/502-584464636 https://www.orangeleader.com/2019/06/20/statewide-school-testing-results/
  8. You're right... there are actual legitimate transfers. The funny thing is how few of them there are for the not-so-elite football players. And they never transfer to worse programs. The problem is that it goes on everywhere and it guess it probably always will. And it typically starts with parents who are so concerned with Lil' Johnny's NFL career that they end up creating a monster who can't fit in anywhere. If you consider Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell to be role models, you'll probably disagree with me. The sad truth is that there are thousands upon thousands of kids whose parents ruined their kids' futures with their own self-serving behaviors. Kids whose parents transfer them around for whatever reason tend to believe that they are bigger than the team.... which is not a very good thing in a football, which is the most "team" sport that there is. I like the idea of the coach reporting whether or not he believes the transfer is legitimate. I don't know of any instances where a coach has tried to submarine a kid who didn't want to play on that coach's team anymore. Maybe y'all can point me at some instances. I also like the idea of the coach's report being subject to the district's EC... but I can see problems where district foes would approve a transfer for an ineligible player just to see him off of that initial coach's roster. It's hard to have this conversation without ruffling feathers. If you transfer to a high school that's ranked #1404 out of the 1415 high schools in Texas, your motives are suspect. Especially when there are plenty of other school districts in walking distance with better academics, better housing, etc, etc.... That's the one thing that nobody talks about when they discuss the qb that transferred to Houston before the 15 season. Was it for athletic purposes, or did he just want a decent education? And where does it fall in the grand scheme of things? I'm not singling my friends across town, out... I just used them as an example. We've seen it firsthand ourselves in BC. My problem is with football parents who see no problem moving their "future star" just because the grass is a little bit greener someplace else. How that is effectively controlled is beyond me.
  9. Ouch.... that’s really low for y’all, isn’t it
  10. Lol. Football is a team sport. It’s not about the individual. When kids believe (and it’s typically because their parents believe) that they are more important than the rest of the squad, you end up with a bunch of Tate Martells, John Franklin IIIs, etc. A kid that can’t commit to his high school football team will not commit to his college program, either.... if he even gets that shot. Same thing for the next level. A kid that can ball can do it anywhere. A kid who can’t will transfer, and transfer again and again every time they face adversity.He also won’t be able to commit to a job, a wife, his kids, or even his parents. It’s indisputable and can be proven with 100s of examples. Grayland Arnold played on some really bad Kountze teams and is now at Baylor. He’s also one of the few that didn’t break his commitment to the Bears when Briles got the axe. That’s a kid with character who will be successful at life.
  11. That’s funny... I read the messages Winters was sending to our players in ‘16.
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