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  1. So, why would Biden pre-select Beto to be his "gun czar" tasked with confiscating my weapons? The left is committed to disarming the right. That's what "gun control" is all about. If the left wanted to see a decrease in gun violence, they'd stick mandatory minimum sentences for crimes committed using a gun... say an additional 25 years sounds right to me. But then you'd be crying about how it has a disparate impact on the black community, lol.
  2. I think you're right about the Eagles being a good 3A team, but I'm not sure that WOS won't have problems out of the gate. I think it'll be a close game that really doesn't indicate what either team is capable of this year.
  3. In all honesty, the national forests aren't managed as they should be out west. Groups like the Sierra Club file suits that are heard by left-leaning judges and stop work indefinitely, then you get nuts chaining themselves to trees and destroying equipment when you actually do get to start work. Wildfires are nature's way of managing the forest. When we fail to manage the forest ourselves, we end up with wildfires.
  4. Barbers Hill.... We lost our Qb (Dishon) in that game, too, if my memory is correct.
  5. “I did NOT have sex with that woman... miss Lewinski.” Featured speaker at the 2020 dem convention btw.
  6. According to SETX, if an officer swears out a search warrant and comes up empty-handed, that’s shoddy police work and the officer should be charged with breaking and entering. If your doctor orders a colonoscopy and it comes back clean, he’s a bad doctor... and a racist bad doctor if you’re black... your dream world.
  7. She bailed him out of jail a few times for trafficking and was hauling him around to his “trap houses” (Her words) and holding money for him. She knew what was up. If he’s using her address for his banking, you can easily assume that money is possibly rolling through her place, too. A judge weighed the evidence and felt that there was ample reason to search her premises. So it doesn’t matter anymore. I knew a guy in high school that was always in trouble. I saw him 2002 or 2003 in a store and he’d OBVIOUSLY been in the joint. Like not even trying to hide the lightning bolts and swastika tattoos. I was like “hey, man... whatcha been up to?” He said he’d been locked up for six (or so) years and recently gotten out. Which he followed with “but it was bs.... they didn’t have probably cause to search my backpack.” You sound exactly like that dude.
  8. Why are you excusing the actions of criminals? You have no problem pointing blame at the police officers for firing indiscriminately, but completely excuse Kenny doing the exact same thing because "he didn't know who was kicking in his door." You and I both know that the police were trying to help save the community from people like Jamarcus and Breonna who were spreading drugs. That's a fact. Imagine that the warrants were served at the trap houses, but Jamarcus wasn't located. Police Chief : "So, you didn't get him?" Officer: "no." Police Chief : "Did you go by his house?" Officer: "no... he might not have been there so we didn't waste our time." The fact is this.... You see 1000 people who died in police involved activities and feel that 99.9% of the time the officers "got off" because only two of the 1000 were convicted. In actuality, in almost every one of those situations, the killing was justified, and you have a problem with that. You seem to believe that any time a person is killed by the police, the office should also be executed. Any time a person is shot by a cop, the officer should have just used physical force. Any time a cop gets beaten half to death, well.... he should have learned to fight better. You are part of the problem. If "bad police" are problem, it's a miniscule one.... Criminals are the problems, not those doing the best that they can to protect me. I'll be honest, you have a criminal mindset (it's always the cops' fault), but lack the guts to actually cross the line... which is really kinda sad for you. I wish you had the courage to break laws like the people you are so determined to protect. You seem pretty sharp. I have a friend who is also a police officer for a local school district. He was previously a deputy in Hardin County. Right before the job swap happened, he killed a man here in Hardin County. Ironically, I know the family of the slain man, too. He was going through a divorce and had called his wife and said that he was on his way to her new residence, threatening violence or possibly to commit suicide by cop. Hardin County intercepted him just north of Silsbee and he came out of the truck with a gun... My friend had no choice but to shoot the civilian. It's interesting because I've heard first hand both sides of the story. It's funny, because you don't even know what I'm talking about because the deceased isn't black.... in other words, no reason to riot. Secondly, this Godly family man would be crucified by you for his actions, when anybody that knows him knows that taking a life would be the last possible thing he'd want to do in any situation. If you'd even heard the story, you'd think that this police officer was untrained, unhinged, murderous, and a threat to the community who should be in prison today, instead of keeping kids safe as a school resource officer. He's one of that 99.9% who "got away with it" in your cowardly words.
  9. When Jamarcus listed Breonna's place as his home address as recently as February, he guaranteed that the police would go there if they hadn't already found him. Stop making excuses. Even Jamarcus and the rest of his gang understood the situation for what it was. Kenny got Breonna killed. Their words, not mine. Actually, Jamarcus said "If I'd been there that night, she'd still be alive because I don't shoot at cops." Boom.
  10. One of our better teams lost to CS 7-0 in the first round in 10 or 11.... that was one of our "good" teams that came up just short against WOS in District play (lost by four, turning it over on down in the red zone with time expiring) and then coming up short in the first round against CS.
  11. I really appreciate that you took the time to read that. Thanks. I just took from it that BT wasn’t the ex gf from two years ago, and was likely up to her eyeballs in the illegal activities. I knew a guy one time that called his Xanax as “footballs“ in passing and I mentioned to my gf that he calling his meds by their names... that was street slang. I kinda got the same impression when BT was talking about Big Doug being in the “trap.” It indicates that she’s a little more familiar with the drug enterprise than we would have preferred. The police didn’t know where they would find Jamarcus. He’d used BT’s address as his own within the last month... it was entirely possible that he (a dangerous subject, unlike BT) would be at her house. I’m aware that they had already arrested him a few hours earlier, so it’s possible that the police knocked at BT’s door before blasting in because they no longer felt that the danger was imminent. I’ll be honest... I believe the police version of “we announced” about as much as I believe the neighbor’s account of “they didn’t announce.” Kinda like when eyewitness swore that Michael Brown had his hands up when in reality that was just what they’d been told. I really wish we had definitive proof. I’m pretty sure that they were done executing warrants right about that time that the shootout happened. I mostly took from the report that Breonna wasn’t as far removed from the business as we were initially led to believe, and that including her place in the group of warrants was reasonable, not an error. I also saw where Louisville went on ahead and paid the family 12 milly before the investigation even wrapped up. That’s laughable.
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