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  1. As a non-believer, would you want your kids taught religion at your publicly funded school? That's the same way that Christians feel when schools indoctrinate kids with lessons on sexuality that run opposite to the Bible. My guess is that you wouldn't say "If a parent chooses to let their children watch it that is their decision, I my grown children allow their children, my grand babies to watch it, NMB" in regards to a mandatory Bible study period in public school 3x a week.
  2. Could be... It's on the front page at Drudge, though.
  3. Stop labeling people... here are at least 52 confirmed genders, and all are welcomed into the armed forces as long as they don't have a rebel flag tattoo.
  4. 1/3 of Republicans believe Trump will be "reinstated" by August..... That's scary.
  5. I didn't take it mean that homosexuals were more likely to prey upon children than a hetero is to prey up on a child of the opposite sex. I think (or at least I hope) he's talking about outsiders trying to impress kids with their own views on sexuality before most parents would be willing to have that type of conversation with their own kids. And as Christian, I think labeling peoples' Biblically based beliefs as "offensive" or "hate speech" a little over-the-top as well. I think you should be free to do whatever you want and I the same... as long as we're not trampling each othe
  6. I just find it comical that people who don't want their kids exposed to Christianity at school also believe that my kids should be exposed LGBTQ indoctrination/programming at a young age. My point is this... I have my beliefs on homosexuality and what it means to me. I don't need people blasting my kids with "God hates gays," and I also don't need anybody blasting my kids with "you can pick your own gender," either. True story.... when i was a kid I can remember adults being really put out that Jack Tripper was pretending to be gay on "Three's Company." They didn't have a prob
  7. EDIT.... another reason that I know that there is no gender-related pay gap. Women can literally pay their rent by selling pictures of their buttholes. I can do no such thing.
  8. There is no pay gap. Women just tend to go for lower paying positions like female doctor, female lawyer, female banker, etc.....
  9. This explains the pay gap.
  10. I apologize if I've mischaracterized you... I talk with a lot different posters here and sometimes I can't keep straight who all says whatever. There are multiple posters here who are incapable of thinking outside their own "box." I have looked into critical race theory a little and am totally opposed to it as well.
  11. No doubt... I've got a neighbor kid who was going to a church school before the pandemic. I asked him a while back if he's been keeping up with his lessons and he said "No! I'm homeschooled?!!!" He's literally 12 years old and can't read. I have a sign with the number "27" on it and he looked it and said "two seventy?" I was like "no, it's twenty-seven." He stared at it for a while and said "two seventy" under his breath. He literally doesn't know how to spell his dog's name. That dog is named "Butter." I don't think he'll even be able to work at McDonald's... he can't read the order
  12. Oh, absolutely.... I'm just afraid that there are more kids walking around wearing skinny jeans, smoking tons of dope, and disagreeing with America "just because." I strongly suspect that those hippies protesting in the 60s will seem like nothing when MOST of our young people believe that we are the enemy.
  13. No offense, but I’ve noticed that you also might lack some of those characteristics. There’s nothing more ignorant than a person that can’t see any perspective other than their own because they whole-heartedly believe that they are “right.” I always go back to the gay marriage argument. When a straight Christian just says “no” because their Bible condemns homosexuality, they are refusing to see anything other than their own point of view. A few years ago Kountze ISD went through the courts over the rights of the students to use scriptures in their pregame rituals. My guess is th
  14. You're exactly right.... but can you imagine if we had to do something similar today? I'm telling you... our kids are so brainwashed that they'll join sides with whoever jumps on us next.
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