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  1. I know that as white people we’re all inherently racist (lol), but you never hear white people demanding that the nfl rosters be made to more effectively reflect the racial makeup of the nations. Crazy, huh? But time answer the question posed “why aren’t there more black coaches.... for starters, a coach typically has to have at least a bachelors degree from a liberal arts field. For the sake of argument we’ll just talk about men, not women for the purpose of this conversation. More white men go to college than do black men. More white men finish college than do black men. Whi
  2. I guess what you’re saying is that if we move to West Orange, my kid should get to start no matter which position he chooses, because y’all don’t have enough white kids on the team? It doesn’t matter who gets benched, even your kid.. so long as CB Jr get to start? Some people are just dumb. Or racist. Possibly both.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think CT had been to Palestine as a HC and Tobey didn't have any HC experience... but I could be totally mistaken on that point... does anybody remember?
  4. Anybody that thinks that a coach's skin color should be prioritized at hiring time is not thinking correctly... whether they think a coach should be white, black, purple, etc.... Not trying to stir the pot, but the evidence clearly indicates that WOS needs another white QB if they ever want to win state again. See how ignorant that sounds? I've been hearing that same racist mess out of WOS faithful for years now. It gets old. And everybody is too timid to call it what it is.... sickening. I was blown away when PAM picked their guy a couple of years ago.... seeing as
  5. Actually, Jasper is like a remarkably average looking girl that you take out for dinner at the Cedar Tree and you realize that she can't hold a fork or a conversation. Then she mentions that her fee-yawn-say has been in jail since the Spring and that she's five weeks pregnant... but she's not worried about it... she can take care of herself. And all you want to do is skip dessert and drop her off at her bruncle's house and hope nobody noticed the two of you out on the town. I've given credit to Officer Barbrady and the Dawgs for renewing their matchup with Silsbee.... I also sus
  6. Ladybug's way of thinking will be the end of Mustang football.... It's all about putting the best team/coaching on the field. When you start skipping over qualifications to select based on skin color, sexual orientation, gender, etc,.... you lose something. According to Ladybug, the Lakers would be better if they started two white guys, Lebron, an Asian, a Gay Mexican, and had a female coach.... because our diversity is our strength. Dumbest thing I've ever heard. If somebody was to say "they need to hire a white dude at Beaumont United... they've only had black up until
  7. I’m still surprised that your numbers aren’t up with all of the recent success. Also disappointed that the SIL o-line isn’t a consistent powerhouse. I thought that was Coach Smith’s bread and butter. Hooefully it was just a rebuilding issue this year.
  8. What makes you think that the new unit is DOA? I haven’t heard that.
  9. I think it goes like this. Valero decides not to build that new unit (thanks, Biden) and enrollment continues to drop. Or, the unit does get built and there is an influx of new students... but they aren’t Mustangs and aren’t about to buy into the work ethic over there. All good things come to an end, and the Mustangs championship days are, too.
  10. That’s a long way off, I guess.... but some of us remember when WOS couldn’t even make the playoffs in the old 4A. It’s not a big deal... it’s just my opinion that unless something drastic happens, WOS has no realistic championship expectations. You’ll notice that nobody from WOS even bothers to make those “do you think WOS will go to state this year” or “I’ve already got my room in Dallas reserved” posts anymore? The same softies that were hurt by the “chain gang” moniker are running the show now. In the old days the Mustangs would have treated those positive Cov
  11. I wonder where the cutoff is? Im too lazy to look it up.
  12. How far from 3A D1 are the Stangs? I’ve got a feeling that they’re going to struggle until they can drop down a classification. And by struggle I mean not make it beyond a round or two in the playoffs.
  13. I can’t listen to them at all... I’m just not in that headspace anymore. I guess I’m just getting old.
  14. For sure.... the lead singer of the Gourds (Shinyribs) just played a music fest outside of Kountze about a month ago. He’s entertaining, no doubt. I think my problem with “country rap” is that most of it just isn’t any good. I say the same thing about the new hip-hop that the kids try to make me listen to these days. Freaking mumble rap. I really appreciated the staring outta Compton movie a couple of years ago because it introduced a lot of kids to genuine artists (even if you didn’t care for the format) from a few years back. “The game has evolved,” the kids say.... “no, you’re jus
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