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  1. I'll be honest.... Neither Tom Landry or Vince Lombardi would win a game in the NFL today, regardless of the Larrys and Joes.
  2. Here's one from Texas.... Oh, wait... he's a Republican.
  3. Of course. I expect to see a lot of employers continue to require workers to wear them. Most places can't afford an outbreak that would close the business for 10-14 days, and they could also find themselves being sued for transmissions that might have occurred between employees in the workplace.
  4. I've worn one quite a bit, but I'm out and about a lot. I figured that I would have long since gotten sick, but I guess I haven't. I've worn mine mostly so that I don't infect anyone else, and also in hopes that I won't look like one of those old a-holes walking around with an angry look and MAGA hat, but no mask. I rank those guys right next to the ones that have their pants sagging below their butt cheeks.
  5. Wrong again.... I voted for Trump. But I’m also reasonable enough to hold the right people accountable for the loss.
  6. Trumps behavior is the reason he didn’t get re-elected. There’s no other reason than that.
  7. So let me get this straight.... Trump acted like a tool and the fact that he didn’t get re-elected is that “snowflakes” wouldn’t vote for him? It’s like you’re saying that if a wife cheats on her husband, the reason that the marriage ended was because he got his feelings hurt. Makes perfect sense to me.
  8. If decent people who were going to vote Trump had made it clear to him that they were not going to vote Trump if he kept being a jerk, he might have salvaged his campaign. But his supporters cheered louder every time he acted reprehensible and now we’re all screwed. It’s not snowflakes that sunk Trump... it’s his worshippers like the ones who stormed the Capitol.
  9. Actually, nobody said that. But a lot of people said “I’m not voting for that prick” and Biden won by default.
  10. “So what if he says some hateful things? Look at the economy!” Every single Nazi Party member in 1938.
  11. No.... It’s not. Hitler did wonders to resurrect post WWI Germany economy and rebuild German pride... by the late 1930s he was revered by his followers-he could do no wrong in their eyes. Nowdays sane people realize that Hitler was a horrible leader. But you couldn’t convince his supporters of that in the late ‘30s. Your fanaticism is like that of a late 1930s Hitler supporter.
  12. Hitler had plenty of supporters, too... and they were just as wrong as Trumpers are today.
  13. Anyone that still excuses his actions.
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