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  1. It’s not like we have anybody in consideration. Carry on.
  2. I can't wait to see how badly Silsbee gets "screwed over" this year.
  3. I wish I knew more.... send me a PM, ol' buddy!
  4. I just have a bad feeling that this could is gonna be one of those "coulda beens." No denying the talent and abilities.... it just seems like he can't get out of his own way. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. That was personal favorite... didn’t think it would make anybody’s list. Silsbee was stacked that year and it was back and forth all way. Last team with the ball should have won. Silsbee missed what should have been the game-winning fg as time expired. DC was on the line, AND I can’t stand Silsbee. I’m not saying that it was the best game ever, but I can’t think of one I’ve personally enjoyed more. We had another good one at WOS around 2012. We turned the ball over on downs on what should have been the go ahead possession in the red zone as the game was winding down. Closest I’ve ever seen us come to beating WOS (except the Dan Ray rainout game).
  6. I guess they’re the same.... except for maybe attendance. Stadium sizes. Merchandise sales. Tv ratings. Advertising sales. And that’s at all levels.... Pop Warner > Little Dribblers All of the way up to Super Bowl>NBA Finals. No offense... basketball is football’s little sister.
  7. Wow... the first time in YEARS that nobody’s asking the question “yes or no... does WOS make it back to the State Championship game this year?” That tells you how much expectations have slipped over there.
  8. The rightful Willie Ray Smith Award winning Jack Dallas?
  9. Coach must not ever wanna go back to Jerry World, EVER. Never ever. George Strait: “Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?” EP: “Nope.”
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