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  1. I saw on the news that the motion was voted down and the stadium won’t be renamed. I think that it’s a positive for most of the community and I hope that the ISD and community can get back to basics with supporting education and hopefully BOTH sides can look forward instead of always looking to “right the wrongs” of the past.
  2. I do appreciate your perspective, though.. I know it has to seem like 30 to 1 when you weigh in on this subject.
  3. Man, it’s close…. But he left in 2004 and the berry center wasn’t named after him until 2006. It’s a small distinction, but a truth nonetheless… we just don’t typically name facilities in our own honor while we’re still in charge.
  4. I don’t think that you and I are that far apart. I have no doubt that there is plenty of history of which I’m not aware that could motivate people to act like the trustees are now. Doesn’t make it right, though. Can you point me at an instance where a district has named any facility (not just a stadium) after a sitting super? I’m not aware of any. This is me being honest… I can’t WAIT until they start naming things after President Obama… There will be some folks losing their minds, lol… even though the guy deserves it. But the fact is that it didn’t happen while he was still president, and it typically doesn’t happen during his lifetime, even. It wasn’t Dan Hooks Stadium until after he retired, etc.
  5. I agree with what you're saying with the exception of these two points. 1. Changing from Thomas was removing the name of a disgraced former leader from a place of honor in the community... at least in the eyes of the detractors, anyways. Nobody on either side has expressed that "Memorial" is somehow not fitting or improper as a name. 2. A private donor paid to have the name changed... the school didn't pay for that. In fact, Corey Crenshaw claims that the school will not only be responsible for the cost of renaming the stadium back to Thomas (unless a donor for that side shows up), but also responsible for reimbursing the original donor from the last renaming. Unless somebody steps up to foot the bill, BISD is voting to pay double to rename the Stadium after Dr. Thomas. I guess my questions are: How can people who don't want to see Dr. Thomas's name up there be racist if they're offering up other possible candidates to be honored who are also black? AND Can you give any reasons why Dr. Thomas should be honored in spite of what been proven to be a remarkably bad period of leadership? Do you recognize the hypocrisy of demanding that schools and streets be renamed and even statues be torn down in this very city because it offends the black community, but then the black community is seemingly determined to name this stadium after a guy who has a ton of skeletons that no closet can hold? Nobody is ready for that conversation, either.
  6. Just for an instant imagine that the races of the parties were reversed… would you have a hard time identifying racism then?
  7. Well, you could start with the fact that they haven’t had single white board member vote to name (or rename) the stadium after Dr. Thomas. The thing is this. I can’t recall a single time that a district anywhere has named ANYTHING after a sitting super. Ever. Then you add in the fact that he was the highest paid super in the state… think about places like Dallas, Houston, etc…. This guy from Beaumont was out-earning all of them. Then you add in the indisputable fact that the district was hopelessly corrupt and required the state to take over operations. The fact that his administration was a corrupt disgrace where numerous fellow administrators were imprisoned for corruption that occurred on Dr Thomas’s watch and ultimately led to state intervention says the guy probably doesn’t deserve the honor. And if he cared about the children of Beaumont at all, he would drop a letter to the Enterprise saying “it’s an honor, but no thanks.” So having said all of that to say, since there’s obviously nothing to honor about Dr Thomas’s time at the helm of BISD, why do black trustees keep trying to rename the stadium if not because of animus which is likely racial in nature?
  8. I'd be curious to see if any of the bigtime Beaumont fans on the site (Soulja, etc) have an opinion on the subject. I think at this point it's just people like myself without any skin in the game that are here complaining.
  9. It's so dumb because the people in charge should be able to see that crap like this is the reason that so many people make a decision to relocate to Hardin/Orange/Chambers County... or even out to HJ or HF. When you make it abundantly clear from the highest levels that you are mostly uninterested in improving any aspects of the educational process, but would prefer to redress the "wrongs" of generations past, folks are going to leave... but then they'll blame "white flight" as the reason that the community/schools are abysmal when that time comes. Just look at Port'll tell you everything that you need to know about your future. That's the thing... I can't think of another school district in the area that is as poorly managed as BISD. There's not another community (excepting Port Arthur) that would not immediately move to run off a board/super that was determined to do something this.... out of the scope of what a board should be focused upon.
  10. I don't remember him being the highest paid employee in the state... I'd assume that the head coaches at the college level would win that award. But I distinctly remember him being the highest paid super in the state and the second highest in the whole United States. Which I don't hate on the for... but when you're clocking them dollas and then the state has to come take over the district because of mismanagement and criminal activities.... it just seems kinda dumb to be re-re-naming buildings after the guy. It's not about him, it's about who will be agitated by renaming it after him. Anybody that says any different is kidding themselves.
  11. It was just a bad scene... when the allegations of impropriety started rolling in, the board moved to name the stadium after the then superintendent who would best be described as "embattled" at that point. It goes back to the Civil Rights era.... when the bond issue was passed, Thomas and others moved to eradicate all traces of the old "white" schools that were folded into BISD. It's been back and forth ever since.... and I'm sure that the school demolitions weren't the first salvo in an ongoing war. The initial naming of the stadium after Thomas was a great big middle finger at this critics, then the Board of Managers appointed after Thomas left moved to have the stadium re-named something neutral.... but it is also seen as big middle finger back at the black community. As soon as the BOM handed power back to the locally elected trustees we have now, they continuously return to the issue of re-naming the stadium after the disgraced former super. Thomas left about a year before the state had to take over. So basically the school board wants to re-re-name the stadium after a guy who either (a)rebuilt BISD and got them great new facilities or (b) name it after the guy who was in control when millions of dollars were stolen, testing fraud ran rampant, things got so bad that the state had to come and take over the district and numerous administrators went to prison.... and you'd be talking about the same guy.
  12. My guess is that even if the naming rights are sold, some future board will vote to put Thomas’s name up there. My understanding is that an anonymous donor paid to have it renamed “memorial” last time and that the school will have to reimburse that person’s contribution as well as pay to have the thing renamed after Thomas. It is what it is… the black community throwing up a big middle finger at whitey. “It’s our time now.” Yeah, and we all like what you’re doing with it, lol.
  13. It's the parents. I saw a post recently where Silsbee Parents were INCENSED that their kids wouldn't be allowed to have the cellphones in class because Mama NEEDS to be able to reach Johnny, and there isn't a any old school that's gonna tell her child any different. I'm of the opinion that is the instance where administration should dis-enroll Johnny and let Mama get down to homeschoolin'. You know, "I don't beat my child and I'll sue the pants off anyone that dares to harm a hair on his head." There's something about getting drug out into the hall at a young age and trying to hide hot tears when you rejoin your classmates that will alleviate 95% of the behavioral problems that we have in classes today.
  14. This stinks... I hate it for him, his family, and the community. Sometimes it just isn't fair.
  15. He was charged over a local election that occurred in 2019...nothing to do with Trumps collapse in 2020. More specifically, he is charged with showing up at the homes of voters with absentee applications and ballots-which is a violation of their state law(s). But honestly, nobody is complaining that their vote was stolen or cast fraudulently. Who's to say if these people would have voted differently (or at all) if the candidate/fraudster hadn't dropped by and broken their election laws? He broke the law (allegedly) and for that he should be punished if convicted. But pointing at this as somehow proof that Trump won is wishful thinking at best.
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