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  1. The word Factual seems to be alien or "The Boogie Man" to some people. They live in the Entertainment world and not reality.
  2. Sure you can I have no issue with saying what ever you want, it's just the same old stuff about Black people all the time. It gets annoying and boring. Just FYI teachers in K-12 do not teach CRT we teach to the test. 90 minutes of reading, 90 minutes of math, only 30 minutes of history and science is taught though out the day. CRT is not allowed in K-12 curriculum period. 45 minutes more of math and reading in the afternoon. SMH when do we have time. It's not important to me. People need to RELAX!
  3. I do not like every thing Sharpton says however he is entitled to say them even if people do not like them. Same goes for Trump!
  4. What ever you say, don't ask for proof and say it's not.
  5. This SH*t is too easy at times. Here you go!
  6. No to your question about Trump no I do not know him personally, I was expressing an opinion. You know my papa used to say that "A mouth can say anything that does not mean that whatever comes out of it is true". Saying Trump is a racist solidifies that it is an OPINION and i an entitled to say it.
  7. It's all opinioned since we don't know these people personally. The biggest racist of all was Trump IMO.
  8. SMH! Not true on all counts but ok
  9. The sad fact is that most people who are truly racist, do no believe that they are.
  10. I really like how your coach speaks so positive about his players; it is very refreshing. You guys have a strong backfield for certain.
  11. There are some people who have tried to define the word Trumper. Here is a nice one I read that may explain what an INDEPENDENT may describe a Trumper. Trumper Generally, a gullible person who idol worships Donald Trump. Not to be confused with a Republican supporter. A lot of Trumpers, throughout their life have always considered themselves rebels and support anything anti establishment, especially any conspiracy theories. Feeling left behind by main stream politics, Trumpers align themselves with Donald Trump, based on his claim to be unlike all other politicians. They idolise Dona
  12. I'm excited about the Rockets up coming season. With the #2 pick I hope they pick Jalen Green, or trade up to get Cunningham. If Mitchell from Baylor is still available at # 23 that would be a steal.
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