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  1. Nice prediction! Hope it makes you feel like a BIG Man! Dang your good! Kid has a broken collarbone and needs surgery...but glad you feel good about it! And yes, the officials loss control of the game. When that happens, usually after the play injuries happen. The QB was 3 yards out of bounds when the cheap shot happened. Watch the replay as all of his teammates rush #13 to their own sidelines to hide him because they all knew... Good luck on your next prediction...and hope it makes you feel good.
  2. Yes sir!! And deserved! Cheap shots are not a part of this game and never should be. Don't hide behind a curtain....that doesn't make you a tough guy.
  3. That was the play. The kid from PNG had been a thorn in the side of your #1 WR all night. Words were said on previous series by the kids and he coaches group Texas High. Then this happened on next series. No room for it in High School Football. Period! And if that is what it takes to win a State Championship, so be it. Enjoy your great season! Very shallow....
  4. Rule on Targeting: Defenseless Player; Head to Head Contact and Launching. If you want the slow motion replay, I have it. Private message me and I will send it to you. Thanks for your concern on the injured player. But an ejection was warranted and the officials loss control of the game early! Period
  5. Big Difference from Standing over the RB after a clean hit and a flat out targeting unnecessary after the play blind side hit. The kid suffered a broken collarbone from it.
  6. One observation I would like to make to what could have been a great game to watch. The Official Crew should be reported to the UIL for their poor performance in keeping this game under somewhat of control. The late hits with no flags was obvious and ridiculous. The late hit by #13 after the play was over with 5 minutes left in the game was targeting and should have been ejected. Until the officials make the right calls, Players will continue to get injured and certain teams and players will continue to take their shots. Good luck next week Crosby and tell your kids to keep their head on
  7. Again picking the Indians. Their strength of schedule and being battle tested proved on point last week. Kids were never phased throughout a high scoring back and forth TD Game. With that being said, going with a 38-28 Indian Victory. Scalp Em!
  8. This is unheard of....Totally put the team on his back when Koby Trahan went down!
  9. Ok Aledo that Isa fair statement. But don't underestimate a team that is peaking at the right time...You know there is ALWAYS a Cinderella story in Texas High School Football Playoffs! This PNG team has had to believe in each other since day 1. Nobody else gave them a fighting chance to even get out of the toughest district in 5A Football. We will see next Friday!!
  10. Well Well Well....I called it! Aledo jump in here!! I am sure you were picking us as the 1 loss in our district! I said 49 - 35 Indians! Missed it by 1 TD... You missed it completely!
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