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  1. In 2012 didn't the pirates win a couple playoff games?
  2. Knock them zebs off, green Eagles.
  3. There is a such thing as a good down year!
  4. The second half will be a tell tell for jasper. If jasper can keep it close it will speak for its self. Good ball game
  5. Man Hemphill wasn't to convincing to me but I'll be on the look out next week.
  6. But yall put 60+ on Newton i heard?
  7. I think it would of been a competitive game.
  8. Naw, newton suited out 24 last week in WOS
  9. They came real close to knocking us off in 2015 I believe.
  10. District has begun. Will the lions take down the Eagles?
  11. 82-6 sealy 1996 @Huntsville's Bowers stadium
  12. Well they are definitely better than Newton this year thats for sure....never know we still have a half left to play.
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