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  1. From the highlights I've seen, it looks like they will play a bigger version of themselves. Look at their strength of schedule vs EC. Look at their offensive production. It could be an offensive battle if EC defense is not prepared.
  2. It happens more than you realize. I have friends who have moved their kids to those (HF HJ) schools. I didn't give it a thought until I heard familiar names being called.
  3. Let's just say you don't hear HF and HJ complaining about the Bmt residents playing sports for them.
  4. He did the same thing from lil league up. He would have been the starter at Central. They moved because it was a better environment (for older brother).
  5. Prior to the schools combining, both football programs were not successful. Both had new head coaches who were trying to establish a program. Compare that to their basketball programs. Both schools annually vie for 1st place. The current coach has a new staff. Most coaches from last year are gone. Practice time has been limited because of covid, and no one will accuse him of being a football savant. How r u going to win? It was already in the cards. You just had to read them.
  6. 1. Liberty 2. Silsbee 3. West Orange-Stark 4. Woodville 5. East Chambers 6. Hemphill 7. Kountze 8. Cushing 9. Goose Creek Memorial 10. Baytown Sterling 11. Galena Park 12. Marshall 13. Nederland 14. Port Arthur Memorial 15. La Marque 16. Little Cypress-Mauriceville 17. Madisonville 18. Brazosport 19. Jasper 20. Grapeland 21. Frost 22. High Island 23. San Augustine 24. Beaumont Kelly 25. Barbers Hill
  7. Lumberton had a couple good teams when they played the Bmt schools. That passing attack with the right QB was impressive.
  8. Only 11 players can be on the field at a time. TBH look at some of the better teams and you will find players playing both ways with a lot of players on the bench. The best man plays.
  9. Unless something has drastically changed in Lumberton, I think EC will make short work of them. They will not be able to deal with their run game. I expect Ceasar to have at least 3 TDs.
  10. EC had some errors at the beginning of the game. The made a heckuva defensive stance. Their offense look like they were just trying different plays to see what works.
  11. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. There where whites that help start this organization; The same organization that was at the forefront of women's rights. The organization does not restrict membership from anyone. They promote civil rights. Guess what? Even yours. Fact checker: Look at what briefs they have filed with the Supreme Court. Have they stood with Blacks in a lot of situations? Of course. The results: We moved from separate facilities(schools, bathrooms, restaurants). Have you benefited from their success? Think about your "civil rights" every time
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