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  1. WOS is shut down AGAIN!!July 13 restart
  2. Once again you thought correct as far as I’m concerned(along with all the other opinions I know of)never even thought of anything else...people are just reaching these days and I just have to accept that!!
  3. My wife threw a name out to me from some of the fb mess...I’m not surprised
  4. It would be a big deal if you’ve been a WOS supporter or player or anything close to the program....oh and hate politics too I guess
  5. Look at there we agree on something...I’m with you,it’s pretty ridiculous!
  6. I heard who provided the name but not sure if it’s true...I’m more curious who started this political crap at home!
  7. I will be making the reference alotttt in my new gear!may be put out the game I guess but I have a feeling I won’t be alone.
  8. I will be getting me a new shirt for this season....”BLUE D” and Chain Gang,this is ridiculous!!Link It Up
  9. Grad,#2 Has to be 4 rounds at least #9 you missed,we lost to Carthage and Silsbee at the Butch! other than that you’re answers are on point...hoping #10 would change here shortly with all the new facilities,but it’s a bad location for most!
  10. Where’s the pictures?I haven’t seen anything with the gym or press box
  11. It was done before graduation
  12. Orangefield takes it 7-1 in 6...called due to fog!
  13. Orange County tournament is ..Anahuac,Huntington,Kountze,Shepherd,LCM and WOS.Teams will play at LCM and WOS
  14. Buna 10-6 in the night cap!!Great tournament this weekend
  15. LCM made it interesting in the 7th...Jasper wins 4-2 Last game of the tournament at 7...WOS vs Buna
  16. Today’s games are— LCM vs Warren WOS vs Warren LCM vs Jasper WOS vs Buna
  17. LCM over Buna 16-6 in first game WOS 2-1 over Jasper in bottom of 5th Good game here!
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