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  1. You’re right my bad,I done got to where I only read the last page or two of some threads cuz I know there is probably too much 💩scattered through them...
  2. That’s not including the ones that go to LCM cuz they won’t start at WOS and do nothing there either.
  3. PNG will be able to sling it around some but they will need balance...our offense overall didn’t impress but I believe everything is there and we just need reps....young secondary looked good against Bost and co.
  4. wo-s#1


    I just screenshot 1 but it’s too big to post I guess? Gonna try to pm you
  5. wo-s#1


    I’ve been dealing with the pop ups again lately since the update on the site.
  6. Wrong again...it got there late last night
  7. I believe WOS is “over it”,but if not you will see it on the first day of pads not 2adays
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