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  1. Don’t speak that way Mr. Buddy Garrity, these folks will get upset with you
  2. This is good conversation after a good beat down, when HJ can only score 11points Q1, 11points Q2 for 22 points at the half compared to Yates 24 points Q1. I will be reminded that it was the turnovers and not Yates defense for the low scoring qtr
  3. You can type on this thread until your fingers are blue, UIL has stamped their approval on Yates and their transfer portal
  4. Funny you would mention the players next year, they should be in coming freshman to our Baccalaureate Program.
  5. The Baccalaureate Program enrollment is increasing next year for International Students (Players)
  6. I don’t know the HJ Coach nor have I ever met me, but I can state that Coach Wise would have been in that players ass if he received a tech regardless if it was his 1st or 5th foul. This is my personal opinion.
  7. Without sounding like a racist, the population growth around the school are of Caucasian Race and they are not sending their kids to an All African American High School that’s the reason for the low enrollment. Those kids are being bus to Lamar and Bellaire High School.
  8. It happened and was approved by the UIL Executive Committee with no problem esp for 1. Yates and the transfer portal isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so SETX and the HJ Coach can get use to it or move down in classification. That’s right if you move down to 3A you will have the same issues with Dallas Madison and there transfer portal kids. There was a rumor going around the neighborhood that Yates might become a Prep School and remain in UIL similar to the prep schools in 4A Region 2 District 10. With the recent Population growth around Yates and the school being located between 2 universities makes Yates an ideal candidate for a Prep School. The transfer portal will be in full effect if that ever happens.
  9. Yates has only 1 middle school that feeds into the school and coaches did call out other coaches on their athletes and the transfer portal. Maybe the HJ coach is upset because he is 0-4 against Yates and the transfers. This is my personal op WOW, transfer portal worked for 2 rings for Silsbee Tigers 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
  10. Your theory would not work in Houston, Kashmere would have to move up to 6A and that would not be a pretty picture to see them loss to a 6A school by 100 points a game
  11. The AD is making those statements because Yates is making money for the district. Don’t let politics fool you, if HISD was so in love with Yates why is it they didn’t schedule one game for Yates in the New Delmar Field-house. Yates game attendance is greater then Bellaire, Lamar and The Heights but those schools gets to play at Delmar.
  12. HISD Athletic Director denied the transfers, Yates had to file an appeal with UIL. HISD has been working behind closed doors to sell the property that Yates is on to The University of Houston. HISD doesn’t care for Yates, they prefer Bellaire, Lamar and The Heights. The transfers those schools get justify my statement. HISD ran the clock in the second half of Yates Games in an attempt to stop them from reaching their record 100 point streak.
  13. The comment the HJ Coach made (Probably have to go recruit some players,” said ClayDavis on preparing for Yates) was very disrespectful toward Coach Wise. I have never heard Coach Wise disrespect any coach after a loss. This is my personal opinion
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