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  1. Maybe your district should consider voting in new board members, the Dallas Area does it weekly, join us or get left behind. Rules are meant to be changed lol
  2. Yates has a more aggressive defense, Yates will press for 32 minutes with a 18 Man Roster. It's the only way they know how to play defense, give up easy baskets to keep the flow running up and down like a track meet.
  3. I do believe your district has a rule that doesn't allow reschedule games during district play, "I could be totally wrong". Rules are written to be circumvented and changed (College Sports, NBA, NFL, MLB) It's the America Way lol
  4. The UIL wants Silsbee to beat the brakes off Yates on the basketball court, Breaking News small town throws the hammer on the Big City Recruiting School lol
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT! Basketball Game changed to Friday at 5:30 at Dayton high school.
  6. Silsbee Tiger Nation Twitter Page indicated the following "Stay tuned for Silsbee Basketball Area Playoff rescheduled. Dates and times will be posted as soon as they are finalized'. Don't know if this is accurate or just Twitter Talk, it was posted at 10:35am this morning. I have not heard anything from Yates about rescheduling the game.
  7. Turnovers will be the key to the game, team that cuts down on the turnovers will be in good sharp and Free Throws
  8. Don’t fall prey with the final score from Yates, end of the first qtr Sat it was 31-11 then Coach Wise plays with the line up through out the game. It’s no secret Yates will pressure the ball and Chuks will guard the paint. I observed a few Tigers tonight breathing a little heavy, it will definitely be a track meet Thurs
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