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  1. Faith Family Non - Conference Schedule is very good. Faith Family will be battle tested before the playoffs this year. Nov 14 Red Oak Nov 17 South Grand Prairie Nov 20 Lancaster Nov 24 Dallas Madison Nov 28 Desoto Dec 01 Summer Creek in Houston Dec 04 Shadow Creek In Houston Dec 08 Dallas Lincoln Dec 11 San Antonio Cole Dec 12 Austin Westlake Dec 15 Sulphur Springs Dec 18 YPSI Prep in Ypsilanti, MI Dec 28 Ft. Worth O.D. Wyatt Jan 23 Houston Legacy SSS
  2. I ready like your prediction, but Yates Lost by far All of their Scoring. This year's team will struggle to score and defend. I see Yates having no problem winning the division (HISD WEAK) but it will be a fight once the playoffs start. The transfer portal was down this year at Yates, I guess the transfers wanted to play 5A & 6A ball this year.
  3. What lucky school in district 22 will be able to celebrate that district win over Silsbee, I see Silsbee going undefeated in district play this year.
  4. How far into the Regionals, I have Silsbee (W22) beating HJ (W21) in the Regional Quarterfinals.
  5. Paris 72 - Carter 63 was in the Regional Semi-Finals
  6. I ready like this district, 6A Region 3 District 21 North Shore Atascocita Kingwood Summer Creek CE King
  7. If they are giving Silsbee respect with a young team #10, why are they disrespecting a veteran HJ team at #14. Carter should be ranked ahead of Stafford.
  8. Correction TABC has Shadow Creek ranked in 5A, but they are in 6A Region 3, District 23
  9. UIL has Shadow Creek ranked in 5A, but they are in 6A Region 3, District 23
  10. Will The UIL decide on the attendance for basketball or will they allow the school districts to make the call on games at the schools and stadiums.
  11. Game 1 - Private School Powers St Marks vs. John Paul II (6PM) Game 2 - Defending 6A State Champs Duncanville vs YPSI Prep (8PM) November 28, 2020 - American Airlines Center | Tickets on sale at 1PM CST at| Guarantee to SELL OUT!
  12. Tickets for the Thanksgiving Hoopfest will go on sale tomorrow, Friday, October 16, 2020. Glenn Smith with T-Hoopfest will announce the other 2 teams that will participate at this year's event tomorrow morning (10-16-2020). You can find the information on or their twitter page. The doubleheader is scheduled for Saturday, November 28, 2020 at the American Airlines Center. Limited seating do to the pandemic for this event. 2nd Game will feature: Ypsi (#1 Player Emoni Bates) vs Duncanville at 8 p.m. American Airlines Center.
  13. It took me a few years to convince my Yates alumni that Joseph Young, Brandon Peters, Darius Gardner, Alexander Davis, and Elton Roy wasn't walking through those doors again. TxHoops: Who do you think will be Ranked #1 in 4A to start the season ??? I'm thinking Faith Family due to their returning players
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