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  1. I will continue to have hope that The UIL complete All of the athletic events when it is clear. My personal opinion, Please continue the social distancing and wash your hands. Please Be Safe
  2. I saw this on several Twitter Post UIL deputy executive director Jamey Harrison said in medical advisory committee meeting that if schools reopen at some point, UIL still has plans to complete all state championship events and will provide acclimatization period before games resume.
  3. The participating teams broken down by Region / District, 2020-21 Basketball. Not enough 4A Teams in the opener. 6A (5 Teams) 5A (6 Teams) 4A (1 Team) Region 2, District 14 Aldine Davis, Westfield Region 3, District 21 Beaumont United, Crosby, Fulshear Region 3, District 23 Yates Region 3, District 21 Atascocita, Summer Creek Region 3, District 22 Manvel Region 3, District 23 Shadow Creek Region 3, District 23 Sharpstown Region 3, District 24 Hightower Private / Other (4 Teams) Concordia Lutheran, Houston Christian, Saint Thomas, Westbury Christian
  4. The Season Opener is scheduled for Saturday, November 14, 2020 at The M.O. Campbell Center. Teams Participating; Aldine Davis, Atascocita, Beaumont United, Concordia Lutheran, Crosby, Fulshear, Hightower, Houston Christian, Manvel, Saint Thomas, Sharpstown, Shadow Creek, Summer Creek, Westbury Christian, Westfield & Yates
  5. Hope the boys are practicing and staying in playing shape together in small groups during this free time with No assistance from the coaching staff. Basketball you just need a ball and a court. I don't believe Houston has a curfew, just asking people to use social distance.
  6. My personal opinion, Yates 2010 team would be to small to compete against this current Montverde Academy, and this Yates Team played against some very good teams that particular year. I can't name one team from the Houston or surrounding area that also includes SETX beating this Montverde Academy Powerhouse Team.
  7. If the schools are cancelled, then All of the tournament’s which includes academic/sports will be cancelled. So sad if it does occur, but it is what it is.
  8. Jim Hicks with RCS Sports is reporting that his grapevine is telling him that The UIL is seriously considering completion of The State Basketball Tournament in May or June. Hicks indicated that if it occurs in May it might take place May 14-16, 2020. Hicks mentioned this particular dates a few weeks ago on tv (High School Sports Zone, Cube 57). Hope everyone is safe and practicing social distancing.
  9. Yates is not leaving the UIL, therefore they can’t complete after the regular season.
  10. Yates played those games without the Big Man so the transfer portal/recruits did not factor in. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see that Yates were going to loss those games. But at least Yates took on the challenge to complete and didn’t let those games affect their season. Those elite teams are not going away any time soon so why not take on the challenge and play them. I hear all of the criticism about those teams but don’t see too many teams on this thread taking on the challenge to play them. It’s sad these good X’s and O’s Coaches are not willing to challenge their teams ability to play above their level in a preseason game. I understand your team would loss similar to the way Yates lost, but give them the opportunity to complete against those teams.
  11. Yates Nation is fine with losing those games (4 games) against nationally ranked teams. Yes Yates was clearly overmatched and could not match their skill level. The talent level on those teams were overwhelming but fun to watch. I applaud Coach Wise for taking on the challenge and allowing his team the opportunity to play against superior teams. Coach Wise would prefer to play those teams and get an old fashion whipping then play anyone in 4A region 3 during the preseason.
  12. It would be difficult for the majority of players in 4A region 3 to make Montverde’s team.
  13. Please remember Coach Wise did not have All of the transfer/recruit kids available for the games in The Hoopfest but still played the games knowing it was going to be a beat down. Yates starting 5 was small compared to the 2 teams they played. Yates also took a beating by Nationally Ranked Sunrise Christian Academy, ranked #4 in The Hoopfest 84-47. Maybe Yates should have used China Springs game plan by playing stall ball after being down by 20+ in the 1st qtr against those teams??? What’s crazy is that Coach Wise will probably attempt to schedule a game against those elite teams next season.
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