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  1. I doubt it, Coach Wise usually doesn’t play teams In his classification (4A) during the pre-season, I was surprise when he agreed to play LC-M this year. Wonder if Silsbee and HJ will play this season sense they are in separate divisions. Those 3 games last year was must see thrillers.
  2. Yates have 1 starter returning with Chuks, and Latrell will be a starter off the bench. Yates also have several underclassmen that will be completing for a starting spot. I have not seen or read on any social media sites about any transfers at this particular time. I have read on Twitter about kids that have transferred to Summer Creek, Legacy School of Sports Science, Westbury Christian.
  3. BADSANTA, you have LCM actually scoring 61 pts, that's a pretty good offensive production on the road against a full court press for the entire game. Remember the Coach for LCM agreed to play in The Lions Den where the fan's demand that we bust the clock regardless who the opponent is, there is no sportsmanship or mercy rule in the Lions Den just FYI. Yes there is an entry fee (Cash Only) for all games at The Lions Den
  4. You have to try Cream Burger, another 3rd Ward Spot located at 3841 Elgin St and Scott. I would go there during my lunch period at Yates.
  5. I would say in the last 10 years, let me be clear when I say Wheatley folks have stop supporting the team as far as their fans attending the games, student athletics that are zoned to Wheatley are going to other local schools. The rich basketball tradition at Wheatley sadly does not exist.
  6. This is not the storied Wheatley Team, the community, alumni and fan base does not support this basketball program. You no longer hear that famous chant of Wheatley, Wheatley, Wheatley during their games. The full court press is non-existence doing their games. Ooo Ahh, Third Ward High All Day
  7. The majority of Yates Fans are probably not familiar with LCM or what district they play in. Good to see a SETX team play in the Lions Den. To be political correct, it’s going to be an interesting game for a qtr. If you think the fans are nasty in SETX wait until you visit 3rd Ward. Yates doesn’t have a student section at their home games at the school. After the blowout stop by Frenchy’s Chicken, it’s a 3rd Ward thang.
  8. LCM did not want to play the 2019-2020 Yates Team, trust me it would have been a one sided game.
  9. I was looking forward to attending the Thanksgiving Hoopfest in Duncanville, TX this year and other tournaments.
  10. Fort Bend ISD will start the school year with online classes, no extracurricular activities that includes athletics at the beginning of the school year.
  11. Keeping my fingers cross that their is a basketball season.
  12. Sounds like Silsbee is ready to make another extended run for a title. Keep an eye on your players, Summer Creek is building a team.
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