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  1. Will the slave trade auction the student at Aledo got busted for hurt their incoming recruiting class?
  2. Sometimes you just run into a team that is bigger, stronger, and faster. Couldn’t stop what looked like 2 or 3 plays lol. I think at the beginning of the year if you said Crosby will be playing for the Championship that everyone would’ve been thrilled with that.
  3. Once they get some chemistry they should be fine.
  4. Sooooo what about Tomorrow??? I hear there’s a game still to be played!
  5. Keeps getting closer with each site
  6. I would say run, but not the slot T lol. Personally I’m worried about the stud WR.
  7. Crosby FG kicker is solid you just worry about the snap and hold. Had some blocked, but he’s got leg enough to go from 50.
  8. Yeah the Statesman wrote in their article that it appeared the ball was recovered in the end zone!
  9. On your #2 LH had the bring in the back up to take that snap and it was a bad exchange. The QB got nicked up on the precious play.
  10. Did the whistle blow right before the kick? Also it was touched before the 50, but my son was at the game and sad there was a whistle and the Crosby players kind of stopped.
  11. Didn’t someone say Marshall just started playing football like last year? I’d like to see him matchup against D1 corners then give an opinion. Hopefully he can keep his emotions under control and just play!
  12. Man every time I see something like this on here I always go back to Lil Tex. We went and watched quite a few game and developed a bond over rival high schools. I know this is crushing for some that knew BigD92 and you all are in my thoughts!
  13. Those DFW teams have a huge advantage when it comes to travel. It would be interesting if the COOGS can jump right on em and make the game a dogfight just like they have the past few weeks. I just hope the travel, playing at Jerrysworld, and the aura of Aledo isn’t too much. It would’ve been nice to have had a game at NRG during this run. There’s just something about this team though and I’ll be there pulling for them. 5, 4, 3, 7, and up next is 2. Never seen a run like it!
  14. Looking at the game stats, penalties were the difference. Crosby only had 5 for 35
  15. Just saw a FB post saying there was only 56 tickets left
  16. I was able to select 1,2,3, or 4. Didn’t need more than 4. $8 a piece.
  17. I could see his passion for the WR, but also in the build up for this ejection as well. It was like he got the first unsportsmanlike flag then outta nowhere got the second one. Eerily similar!
  18. I don’t normally brag about education, but here you go. According to graduation rate: FBM 91% Crosby 89% reading proficient FBM 23% Crosby 40% math proficient FBM 35% Crosby 51% average Sat/PAT FBM 970/19 Crosby 1120/24
  19. Looks like it, but you gotta be perfect on offense and somehow get a stop.
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