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  1. Could it be that people expect old Hebert success in 2019 that's not going to happen because there's a influx of really good football in the Houston area at the 5a and 6a level?
  2. You think the reason Central, Ozen, and now United didn't have sustainable success is because every coach they've had wasn't good? That's the go to with everyone from The Pear and North End, it's always the coaches fault.
  3. Coach Lou was a coach at WB when I played. He was QB coach back then and was respected. At some point, folks need to look at kids as maybe not being as great as what thier parents think they are. Everybody hopping on WB like it's thier fault that Central, later Ozen, and now United aren't doing well? Come on, maybe kids aren't as good as what y'all think? Coach that left WOS was successful with WOS, Clayton and Lou we're good coaches at WB, now since it was Central, Ozen, or United, all of a sudden they can't coach? There's more to it.
  4. BH usually beats Crosby in every other sport, beating them in football is just icing on the cake. Lol
  5. He will play at next level, but it will be for baseball more then likely.
  6. Well....Pirates do wear a patch over one eye.😁
  7. You can't say anything about announcers, did y'all forget about the years going to Livingston and hearing "Reba" over the intercom? That was insane. Lol
  8. In the past, you couldn't go by what Ned did in pre-district. This year seems to be different. Not use to seeing Ned this bad.
  9. Looks like BH hitting on all cylinders and Ned is having penalty issues.
  10. It's my take on the games. I'll do as I please, but thanks for your concern. I probably won't go though, I have no dog in the hunt.
  11. PNG cruises in this one after being close in first half. Vidor will have a couple surprise passes, but PNG pulls away late.
  12. Crosby should win 35-0, but this game is usually a nail biter no matter records or strength of teams.
  13. Quality wins? Montgomery (1-3), KWP, and Dayton (1-3) are horrible this year. KWP (1-3) with a win over Waltrip could be stretched to a quality win if it makes you feel better. I think if BH hits on all cylinders, they are dangerous, but I've watched 3 of the 4 games and it's been very inconsistent and alot of unnecessary penalties.
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